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Sunshine: A Good Day Despite The Worry

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The sun shone all day today! What a mood lifter! I was up earlier than usual, which felt good, and had a bit of energy. Perhaps the B12 is helping, along with the sunshine. In addition to cooking a lovely spaghetti vegetable soup for the chickens and washing the dishes, I was able to accomplish a few non-routine things in the kitchen before sitting down to rest and get online. For our lunch I surprised Toad with large four-cheese ravioli from Costco, boiled then simmered in marinara sauce, and served with Parmesan shavings. Yum! Later I boiled a large sweet potato, which we ate with a bit of butter (and brown sugar for me) for dinner. It was very filling.

While my ravioli meal digested and my take-with-food meds did their thing(s) I did the daily jigsaw puzzle and my French practice on Duolingo. After two strengthen past conditional verbs exercises I was thrilled to find that ten new French interactive stories have been added! I read the first one, Deuxième chapitre, which had two parts, and enjoyed it very much. I also kept the home fires burning, literally, while Toad slept most of the day. He did manage to bring in half a wheelbarrow's worth of firewood very slowly throughout the afternoon, though he was awfully short of breath. He didn't even feel like monkeying online the way he usually does.

If his shortness of breath gets any worse I'll take Toad to the ER this weekend. Shit. We'll be exposed to the flu and whatever else is going around. When my dad, who has been diagnosed with heart failure, gets short of breath he goes to the hospital and they treat him to drain the excess fluid from his lungs via diuretics. Toad probably needs that, although I doubt that our branch hospital will do the treatment. He may be sent to the city hospital or even further away to the main heart treatment hospital for our province. I don't know how I will cope with the cold weather and fetching firewood, taking the dog out on leash to do his business, or feeding the three remaining chickens. The cold air is rough on me. By the time I had walked from the parking lot to the pain clinic Tuesday, despite using my Ventolin inhaler twice along the way, I was literally gasping for air. People were alarmed, asking if I was okay. No, I was not okay. I was still short of breath by the time I left the pain clinic. It sucks to have this horrible asthma--cold-induced and exercise-induced. Combine the cold with exercise and I'm a goner, nearly. Sorry to complain so much. I'm worried about Toad and, consequently, about my ability to cope the rest of the winter should he have to be away for any reason.

It was so good to see and hear Toad laughing a lot today when I read an article to him and showed him the associated video about an inventor and his bear suit. He is deteriorating so much lately that it's scary. Between his worsening dementia (and associated temper) and what I believe is heart failure (symptoms: shortness of breath, dry hacking cough), he can hardly go. He says that he is stressed by it but that he is doing the best that he can.

More goodness brightened my day, though, when a Skype visit with my brother became a group call that included my daughter and grandsons when they Skyped soon after my brother did. He was happy to see the boys and was surprised at how big they are now. He had just showed me the Superman pajamas he was wearing, and I had just said that the boys would like to see them, when my daughter Skyped. So the boys did get to see their great uncle who asked them what he was wearing, fishing for "Superman". Grandson T said "Looks like pajamas!" and we had a good laugh at T's wit and accuracy! The boys didn't know what to think when my brother showed them the bald top of his head, but Grandson C said "Looks like Mama hair. Dark." referring to the black fringe around the bald spot. My brother was amused at this and said that he should get some black shoe polish to rub on his head. He bowed out of the Skype group call, asking me to call him after the call with my daughter and the boys ended. I did call him to keep him company while his SO was away from the house; he gets lonely. Unfortunately my diuretic kicked in during the call and I had an URGENT need to void my bladder. Fortunately my brother's SO returned at the same time, so when I told him that I needed to go pee he said he would just say goodbye and go upstairs. Unfortunately the few seconds it took for all this talking was too much for my bladder to handle and when I turned to set the laptop down and get up, it was too late.

So I did accomplish one extra thing this evening by changing the sofa cover (fortunately a thick one, not penetrated through) to a fresh, cheerful striped cover sheet. I had intended to change the sofa cover anyway and had brought the clean sheet(s) into the living room yesterday morning, just hadn't made the effort to do it. Well, it's done now.

Toad has been in bed all evening except for when I woke him to come take his evening/bedtime meds and remove his nitro patch. He has the radio playing loud enough for me to hear its tinny sound in the living room. The Beatles are singing "Twist and Shout".

I am about to pick up my Italian detective mystery to see how Commissario of Police, Guido Brunetti, solves the murder at the opera house, La Fenice, in Venice.

I'm Reading: Death At La Fenice, by Donna Leon
French Lesson Sentence of the Day:  Il ne me croyait pas. Meaning: He did not believe me.

Photo(s)/Capture(s) of the Day:

Sunshine on snow this morning and all day!

Blue skies all day!

Sunshine & blue sky seen from living room plant window
Tommy & Foxy snoozing on the sofa this morning: Ginger's gingers!

Deuxième chapitre
Today's jigsaw puzzle

Grandson T (on far left) said "Looks like pajamas!" to my brother

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Sunshine: A Good Day Despite The Worry


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