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Toad's laptop was simply unplugged. Sad, isn't it?! Even sadder is the fact that when I told him to plug it in he did not know how and sat there holding the plug in his hand. Helpless. He got all flustered and swore at me when I spoke, telling him where to find the power strip and how to plug the laptop into it. He simply could not understand what I was saying. I had to do it.  Five minutes later, seeing his face lit from the glow of his laptop screen, I said "You're welcome." He looked at me blankly. I said, "For getting your laptop working again." "Oh", he said, confused. He didn't remember that it had not worked all day.

I read all night, finishing both books by the time dawn's early light illuminated the windows. I was still awake when our snowblower pro drove in and began clearing our driveway and paths to the woodshed and chicken coop. We had at least a foot of snow fall last evening and overnight.

After the snow-blow-pro pocketed his well-earned $30 and left I tried to sleep and keep an eye on Toad at the same time. Not easy. He's been short of breath and coughing a lot, a short shallow dry hacking cough that I associate with heart failure, since he had that same cough prior to having five stents put in eleven years ago. He's also been complaining a lot about his back hurting him. His heart doctor says they can do no more for him surgically, and he is on heart meds and a blood thinner, so I guess his condition will just continue to deteriorate. Combined with dementia, he's in bad shape.

Before I got around to cooking for the chickens Toad went out and fed them laying mash at 1pm. That makes two days in a row that I have not cooked for them and I feel bad about that. I had intended to make them a nice hot meal around the time that Toad fed them, but c'est la vie.

Routine stuff that I did accomplish included French practice via seven Duolingo exercises to keep all the units on my French tree gold. For some reason Duolingo had 'ungolded' six of my units since yesterday and I was determined to strengthen each unit and return all back to gold. This I managed to do, though weary and making silly errors. Today's jigsaw puzzle was a lovely iridescent blue-green butterfly feeding on a red flower.

In addition to supplying them with fresh water and seeds, including peanuts for the doves, I cleaned the birdcages with a bleach wipe to freshen them. The old newspapers I put in the woodstove to try to get it going. It's been a bugger today; fortunately there is not much wind so it does not feel as cold as it could at -9C (16F) sans wind chill, -12C(10F) avec wind chill at 6pm. Still, it would be lovely to get more heat in the house. Tommy is resting on my lap, wrapped in my arms as I type this, his belly full of Friskies salmon pâté. These cats are finicky and will only eat pâté, not shredded or in gravy style canned food.

It is 7:02pm and Toad has gone to bed after getting the stove going the best it has been all day. I hear him cough, cough, coughing that shallow oxygen-grab cough his poor old heart demands. It's scary. I'll have to get him up in an hour to take his evening/bedtime meds and make sure that he removes his nitroglycerin patch.

I'm hoping to go to bed earlier than usual tonight, as my eyelids are drooping. I'm behind in blog reading, which I greatly enjoy; I have several library DVDs, including series, that I want to watch; and I want to start reading a different library book tonight. There is no big hurry on the library items, as none are due until February 20th, but I would like to distract myself from my worry over Toad, my own health problems, and my inability to accomplish what needs to be done in the house, by watching a movie or episode of a series this evening. It doesn't solve anything but it relieves some of my stress. Temporarily.

My daughter and grandsons Skyped around 7:45pm, so I was able to see the boys cavorting about before they were put to bed. They were really full of energy, running around. I heard my daughter say "Don't move that bed. Your brother's head's under there!", and Grandson C say "I'm okay!" after falling onto his crib mattress, and Grandson T say "No, it's my bed, C!", and my daughter say "No fighting!", and Grandson C say "Okay, Nana!" and Grandson T count as he jumped, "One. Two. Three. Uno. Due. Tre." I was allowed to sit in as my daughter read them two of the three library books she promised them: Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger  (and C read every word of this title out loud before she began to read!) and a book of hats, whose pages unfolded to form different types of hats (cowboy, chef, fire chief, Viking, pirate, etc).  T's favorite is the Viking.

I'm Reading: Death At La Fenice, by Donna Leon

French Lesson Sentence of the Day: Vous êtes très sympathique. You are very nice.

Photo(s)/Capture(s) of the Day:

View of snowblower from front window this morning

View of snowblower in backyard from back door

Our snow-blow-pro, with Foxy & Toad

Renard Le Foxy on the sofa beside me this evening.

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