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January Thaw

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We had nicer weather today, warm enough to melt more of the ice and snow. By the time I woke up today at noon a lot of thawing had gone on. I hurried to cook for the chickens and had Toad let them out of the coop to enjoy the day. They were happy to get out and have their meal in the yard, after coming onto the back porch to look for tidbits while their food was cooking. I always fix them a nice soup with potatoes cut into little chunks, frozen mixed vegetables, and spaghetti. Boy, do they ever love spaghetti! If there are other scraps, such as apple cores or mushroom stems, etc, I add them to the soup. I add any pieces of tomato just before the soup goes out to them, to warm the tomato for them. Today I put in the unpopped kernels of popcorn from last night. They eat well.

Today I went outside into the backyard to stretch my legs and take a few photos of the chickens and our lovely trees and sky. It was still pretty nippy, temperature-wise, but so wonderful to be able to walk outside a bit and not be gasping for air.

I cannot get the hang of the cell phone I bought nearly a year ago. I very rarely use it; it is mainly insurance against being left stranded if I have car trouble. I never give out the phone number yet receive lots of text messages that I refuse to open. I don't know how to get rid of them. I have made maybe three calls on it, two of them home to ask Toad a question while I was out shopping, the other to see if our home landline was working. Originally I bought this cell phone to leave with Toad so that he could carry it when outdoors while I was away. If he fell or got hurt he could call an ambulance or one of the two neighbors whose numbers I programmed into the phone. He could not figure out how to even unlock it, let alone use it, even though he had used an android tablet previously which had to be unlocked in a similar fashion. He can't use his tablet now either. So I keep the phone in my purse in case of emergency or to use for taking photos. It did come in handy to check the weather when our power was out during the freezing rain a few weeks ago; luckily it was charged enough for that.

So many of the screen images are tiny or indecipherable to me. I figured out how to take photos, just barely, but getting them from the cell phone to my laptop is frustrating. My fingers are not large yet they too often hit a neighboring icon rather than the one I am aiming for. I accidentally deleted a good photo today because the damned trashcan is next to the share icon. Grrr. There was a pop-up that offered "Undo", which I thought I pressed, but the photo did not come back. There is one year left on the contract and then I plan to give it up unless I learn how to use it. It is a significant expense at $58.11 per month.

Yesterday I missed doing the daily jigsaw puzzle online, so after I did today's (Tulip Inside, 240 classic) I did that one (Number Cube, 184 crazy) trying to get myself to focus and not feel so jittery. Afterwards was French practice via Duolingo--3 review/strengthen skills lessons and re-reading one of the stories. I do wish they would create some new stories.

Today I sauteed mushrooms in butter, some sliced, some left as caps with butter inside. The sliced mushrooms I put onto the pizza I put together using naan, organic marinara sauce, sliced tomatoes and shredded Tex-Mex cheese. Delicious! The caps with butter served as an appetizer. A pleasing meal. The oven helped take the chill from the kitchen after we let the woodstove fire go out. It has been a devil to get warm again this evening, though.

This evening I read aloud to Toad from Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire, starting the last chapter titled Desire: Control  Plant: Potato. We made it through twenty-three pages before I had to stop at a breaking point in the chapter to rest my voice. This book is so interesting and well-written that it is a pleasure to read and to read aloud. And, according to Toad, to hear being read aloud.

Tonight I made myself some popcorn and watched the first two episodes of Wycliffe, Series One after Toad went to bed, with a break near the end of the first episode when my daughter Skyped me. It was fun to watch a British detective series again; this one features Detective Superintendent Wycliffe, played by Jack Shepherd. It was even more fun to see my grandsons and hear my daughter tell of a witty thing Grandson T said to her today. She was trying to get him to eat some applesauce and he kept refusing. She got a spoonful and said "Open up little bird!". "No!" Then she asked, "How would you like a nice juicy worm?" Without missing a beat he replied, "How about a nice juicy Mama finger!" and grinned at her. He is such a comedian, that kid!

I'm Reading: Bad Feminist, by Roxane Gay

Photo(s)/Capture(s) of the Day:
Vern on watch as the hens eat 

All three eating now; Beatrice working on spaghetti "worms"
Enjoying their picnic lunch during the January Thaw
Our sweet Owl in her favorite spot, a box six inches from (NOT touching) the woodstove

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January Thaw


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