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Seven Steps to Making Yourself Attractive

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It was a dark and stormy night. My thoughts tended to be diversionary in nature. Which brought me to the lovely idea of what makes some people attractive, while others are… ehhh….

Not everyone was born to be a beauty queen or a handsome hunk. Yet, many have the ability to parlay their appearance and personality into positivity-plus. How do they do it?

By these simple steps….

-Put on a Smile. This is not a trite suggestion. Smiles attract, whereas frowns repel. Consider this in your home, office, while out and about. Look at the people around you, actually look at them and give a little smile. It need not be a full-on, toothy grin. But how about a pleasant upturn of the corners of your mouth? If you care about others, make it evident.

-Positive words and outlook. Consider this your mission in life: to be lighthearted and lift both yourself and others. Yes, there are reasons to view school, relationships, health, careers and finances with a realistic eye, but limit that critical view to maybe 20% of the time. For the 80%, be positive and look on the Bright side! It doesn’t cost you any more and makes you a whole lot more attractive….

-Giving attention to your appearance. If you’re in an industry where you might wear bright colors, give yourself a power boost with a red or blue tie, jacket or blouse. In serious industries such as banking, investments or politics, a dark suit or dress could be your best bet. You know the routine no matter what: clean and well-pressed clothes, non-scuffed shoes, the right length pants which should touch where the heel meets the shoe in the back. Skirts touching the top of the knee or just below the knee. For ladies, if the shoe is so high that you walk in an unnatural, hunched-over position… ditch them. You want to look your best and dress for success.

-Ask questions and be others-oriented. Not rapid-fire, intrusive questions, but show your interest in someone other than… yourself. People love to talk about themselves. Share some insights into yourself, but then become a good conversationalist and listen to those around you.  Make others feel at ease.

-Wear an appropriate amount of makeup. If they see your makeup before they see you— green eyeshadow, bright red lips, painted-on eyebrows— you need to rethink and scale back. But everyone needs a slight bit of color. Even a man can wear a tinted sunscreen or bronzer and chapstick. Women need a neutral or light lipstick, some mascara and a bit of blush.

-Don’t forget details – men with trimmed and clean nails, women with a light or neutral manicure. Uber-long or fake nails are out. Understated jewelry – one to three rings max, do not wear earrings – necklace – bracelet, choose two out of three if you must.

-Leave them wanting more. Cut your conversation short. You should never, never, ever cut off someone as though you don’t have time for them. That’s rude. But after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, two hours, you should be able to ease away. If you’re the main conversationalist, make a few great points and take your leave. Have them looking forward to next time!


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Seven Steps to Making Yourself Attractive


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