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Women and Guns and Hunting?

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Let me state from the start that I believe in women’s rights. As a matter of fact, I believe in women’s superiority in many ways, lol: multi-tasking, handling pain, balancing friendships/family and career… all while looking good.

Real good.

Men should try it.

There’s Hair, makeup, manicures, hair removal, pedicures, hair coloring, eyebrow sculpting, teeth whitening, exfoliating… don’t want to give away too many secrets, but it’s a lot to tend! This is in addition to taking care of family and work responsibilities. We also engage in a whole bunch of nurturing and soothing for anyone desiring a soft place in life: mates, children, pets. And of course, some resent this synthesis of superiority and try to fight you and make your life miserable, which adds another layer of interesting dynamics to the mix.

But none of this is my point today. Instead, I’m talking ‘bout Guns.

For me, guns are a right of self-defense. I don’t own a gun and I really don’t care to own a gun. But still, I concur that it’s an important right to have. I grew up doing archery and riflery and those summer camp activities that are now replaced by… computer animation classes. Aiming for a target, learning to readjust, change the trajectory and anticipate the speed of a soaring skeet— all result in life lessons of value.

Which brings me to a viewpoint that may not be shared by all: I don’t like the idea of women who hunt. You know, blowing away Bambi.

I am not a vegetarian. I understand that slaughterhouses are not pleasant places. I realize that deer and raccoon and coyote and rat populations need to be kept in check.

And I say: Let the men do it.

If you’re a woman and you like to hunt, go at it. Nothing intrinsically wrong should you be interested in the meat or the pelt. It’s not just a drive-by killing.

But for me? Hunting? I mean, anything you can do, I can do better, as the song goes. Give me a paper target or a clay bird any day. But blowing away a living creature who’s not specifically threatening me?

Not so much. I’ll pass.


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Women and Guns and Hunting?


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