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What We Don’t Know About the Past

crOn the Isle of Skye, paleontologists are uncovering prehistoric dinosaur Fossils, dating from about 170 million years ago. Now that’s a long, long time ago.

With an archaeological background, I can comprehend old things. I mean, I just have to look in the mirror upon occasion…! Keep in mind that a number of issues with chronology, evolution and the history of mankind are not entirely proven. As soon as one problem is solved, another couple of issues spring up. You have the Beringean land bridge that’s now questioned, you have the breeding across species question, it goes on and on.

And now we have dozens of fossils in a muddy lagoon. They were running around there, in and out of the crwater, growing to be about 50 feet long (!) and weighing around 10 tons (that’s 20,000 pounds for those who are math-challenged). Yikes.

The long-necked ones ate plants (herbivores), the short-necked ones ate meat (carnivores) and they all lived together at the beach when the area around Scotland was much warmer than it is today. So now we need to consider global cooling, as well. (Sorry for making it so simplistic, we’ve homeschooled since a rather young age…!)

crLooking at their Footprints made me chuckle: the herbivores’ fossilized footprints were the size of car tires and the carnivores’ prints the size of a basketball. So much for vegetarianism! And so much for trying to understand much of the past.

Any scientist will tell you, even as much as we can put together the pieces of the past: there’s a lot that we simply don’t know.

And that’s okay with me. I mean, it doesn’t keep me up at night. How about you?


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What We Don’t Know About the Past


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