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You’re HOW Old-?! Self-Destructive Behavior

crI recently saw a celebrity whom I incorrectly calculated to be much older than she was in actuality. Then I heard her real age.

A shock-!

It wasn’t only outright wrinkles. It was a variety of influences. But yes, smoking and alcohol were right up there with the rest of the factors.

She looked OLD. Ancient. Leathery and droopy and just… harsh… before her time.

And she was otherwise beautiful.

She had a good Diet. Most oldies who are youngies have diets poor in fruits and vegetables, crbut not her.

She had plenty of stress with multiple businesses. And not much sleep. All of that could really mess with one’s looks… and wellbeing… which affect one’s looks… and leads to aging… and disease… and death.

Often, it was reported that she was in conflict with those around her. That could do it, too.

I don’t know— is it just me? Life is too short to self-destruct and manufacture drama.

A life of beauty and peace can be for anyone who chooses wisely and takes responsibility for their own life.


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You’re HOW Old-?! Self-Destructive Behavior


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