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News Sensory Overload

crNo wonder so many feel stressed-out and exhausted, the weight of the world on their shoulders. We hear too much news. There are wars and rumors of war. Kidnappings. Cruelty to animals. You name it.

But what catches my attention even more: the bizarre stories.

Case in point: the Nutella riots in France. For some odd reason that boggles the mind, they discounted the yummy hazelnut-tastes-like-chocolate but-is-better-for-you spread by 70%. Rioting in French supermarkets ensued.

Which causes me to ask: 1) why in the world would something so delish as Nutella need to be put on sale? and 2) why would you riot to save a couple of Euros?

And if you think you’re having a rough day….

Then there’s the case of the California man smuggling venomous king cobra snakes— in Potato Chip crcans— through the mail— did we say— in potato chip cans!???

One more time: potato chip cans. In the mail. With highly-poisonous snakes. Talk about nightmares.

I mean, don’t you think that could be dangerous to your local mail carrier??? There’s some poor employee, driving the truck, and out of a package slithers… A KING COBRA??? Never mind if they’re adolescents— the snakes, not the driver. Who cares if they never got out? The smuggler was just sentenced to five months in prison… not nearly enough in my opinion. Hopefully, his cell mates includes the slithery creatures.

Bristol UniversityI will never look at Nutella… or potato chips… the same again.

(Note to tech support: please do NOT post a photo of a snake with this blog post— potato chips would be much preferred. Really.)

Then we arrive to very concerning public interest pieces: eight seemingly-unconnected student suicides at Bristol University in the UK over the past 18 months. Really? Makes your heart break. I’ve written before about college being one of the most dangerous places for a young adult to be. The pressure over grades, the pressure to perform, the pressure of peers, the pressure of looming student loans.

What’s being done about this? Is anyone changing the campus culture? Is counseling available?cr

Or the 12-year-old who committed suicide because of internet bullying. And on and on it goes.

People with time on their hands. Folks not focused on actual, here-and-now family, friends and goals for life.

This kind of stuff is enough to overwhelm. We’ve never had such access to non-stop news, so take it in small doses. Most of all, be more concerned with relationships that are not governed by online messages, pressure, stalkers.

Unplug, relax, get back to roots or priorities that matter. That, and one teaspoon of Nutella, just may transform your day!


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News Sensory Overload


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