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Deliveries, Packages and Online Packages

cr“Alexandra and Benedetto? This is your next-Door neighbor…” the message started.

The neighbor was a sweet person, someone we waved to whenever we might rarely glimpse each other. She Contacted us in a roundabout way on social media, since all of us came and went with fast-paced careers and kids. Nobody possessed the other’s phone number.

Turns out that an unnamed delivery service reported that they deposited two packages for her, one by crthe door and one in the mailbox. Now that some carriers were cooperating together, she didn’t know if perhaps we had received them by mistake?

By the time I saw her message, it was several hours later, already nighttime. So I wrote her back immediately upon arriving home from my evening meeting. Problem was, our family was not in town; we were at our other house in another city.

“No,” I recalled, telling her the date and time of our departure. “On that day, we departed early in the morning and nothing was by any door or in the mailbox….”

crI suggested another couple of nearby neighbors, those who generally used their garages as entries on a daily basis in lieu of front doors. Perhaps the packages were on their front steps, unnoticed? Since we wouldn’t be in town until the next day, had she checked our front porch or mailbox… or theirs?

Check on the front steps, the mail she had left up to them.

I told her several of our delivery stories and how one box had ended up delivered to a home a few miles away for no rhyme nor reason— different house number and different street address. So her packages were probably out there somewhere! After several backs and forths, she thanked me for my ideas and would contact the delivery service.

When we arrived the next day, one of her packages sat at our side door, and another in our mailbox-! crNumbers had been crossed out and it appeared to have been redelivered— a Christmas miracle.

I contacted the neighbor and we both laughed. She confessed that she had just contacted the company, they had refunded her money and reshipped. We left her packages on her steps and knew she could handle it from there.


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Deliveries, Packages and Online Packages


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