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On Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Group of happy teenage friends having fun

Our kids don’t date. They range between from 20 years old later this month, to 16 years old next month. With four teens in the house, hormones are sure to run high. All the more reason why not to date, lol.

It’s not that we’re against dating.

No, I take that back.

Who am I trying to kid?

I like group settings, where the kids are around others and not subject to the pressures of too much one-on-one alone time with a significant other. Our sons and daughters know that. And anyway, there haven’t been many, if any, persons of interest.


And now, our oldest son is out to break that record. It turns out that he has two friends who happen to be girls. On teensopposite coasts. And both will be coming to visit soon. To our two different houses in two different locations.

I somehow feel like he’s suddenly a sailor with a girl in every port-!

Something had to be up when he invited himself along on my Coffee date with Benedetto.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Everything okay?”

“Sure,” he said. “Didn’t you mention that the three of us should go for coffee sometime?”


teens2And everything was going along just fine until, toward the end of our coffee together, he dropped the bomb: there was a person of interest. A girl. Just a friend. But still. He wanted us to know.

Thank you.

“What about the other one?” I wondered.

“She’s a friend, too.”

It could be that he was facing the fact that a five-hour drive was better than a five-day drive. Or a 1-hour flight versus a 5-1/2 hour flight.

Details, details.teenagers3

Both young ladies were top-drawer. Good families. Educated. Polite. Spiritual. Grounded.


Oh my.

The latest one spoke Hebrew and Russian.

TeenagersGroup2Oh my.

I could already see her at family dinners.

“Maybe she could visit us sometime at the dacha?” he ventured.

“Isn’t the other one coming soon to the other house?” I asked, since his father… had called her father… at my insistence… a couple of months back.

Everyone was on the same page. No dating. Just friends. I reviewed again for our son that he would not be marrying before the age of forty or so.

“So no kissy-kissy, okay?”teen-friendships

“Yes, Mama….”

“No professing lifelong love.”

“Yes, Mama….”

“Side-hugs only, no full body presses.”

“Mama, that’s a little weird….”

“That’s the idea.”

“No holding hands until you’re officially engaged.”

happy group of young people at a university college

“No holding hands…?!”

“And your little sister will be your chaperone, so start saving money now. You know she likes to eat a lot, not to mention talk a lot. I hope you can get a word in edgewise….”

“I have to pay for her, too?!”

It was one of the most interesting coffees we’ve had to date.

“I’m glad we’ve had this talk,” I nodded. “Can’t wait to meet them….”


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On Boyfriends & Girlfriends


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