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Pledge Brothers - Where Are They Now?

A few days ago, I received a message on LinkedIn from one of my favorite, Fiji Pledge Brothers.  Mr. Steve Hurst!!!! While at Wabash College, I loved that dude!  He was as witty and as funny as anybody I had ever met!  Today, though, his witticisms of old would land him in some hot water with the PC police. To them, he would have been viewed as a college-age Archie Bunker!  Haa!

I was the object of any number of his racial jokes. But truth be told, I received them just as he meant them: jokes. I was never offended by anything he said to me. Or about me. Not even once.

Anyway, reconnecting with him made me think about all my other Pledge Brothers.  

Where are they now?

Who are they now?

As a pledge, I had to memorize my Pledge Brothers' names (first, middle and last) in alphabetical order, and recite them before a lighted match stick I was holding burned my fingers.  I'm proud to say: I was never burned!

As I recite their names this very moment, I'm going on a Google search to see if I can find out where each of them is in his life.

This should be a BLAST! :)

Wabash College's Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (FIJI) Pledge Class of 1982:

1.) Rick Batesky

Rick is a man of honor and integrity. No ambulance chaser is he! And he makes a hella thoughtful commercial, too. :)

2.) Matt Beebe

Back in 2005 or so, Matt was the US Brand Director for Cialis. A drug I had absolutely no use for then.  Goodness, how the tide has turned! :)  Apparently he has since moved on from that miracle drug, though! Dangit! :)

3.) Joe Bevelhimer

Well, I'm fully up to date on this one! I adore him, his lovely wife and his terrific kids! And I know if anybody in Indiana needs great insurance, he's the man to make sure they get it! :)

4.) Wayne Booker

From Wabash College to 181 ISS Commander, Air National Guard! Go 'head, Wayne with your bad self! 

5.) Will Christensen

I remember when he depledged and moved out of the fraternity house. We pledges were shocked. I can't say that I remember seeing him much around campus afterwards. And I can't find a darn thing online about him except that he has been a donor to the college. I suspect from the college's point of view, that's all that matters! :)

6.) Karl Cooke

It looks like Karl is living somewhere in the Northeastern region, working for global security company Northrop Grumman.  He looks great! He sure does! :)

7.) Charlie Feehan

Last I heard, Charlie was a franchisee of some joint called Shane's Rib Shack.  I see on LinkedIn that he has since moved on from there.  Now, he's listed as a Partner in a company that manages law firms. From barbecued beef to conniving pigs. Haa! Interesting. ;)

8.)  Chris Ferris

Chris is a gastroenterology specialist in North Carolina. Heck, I always knew he'd be a doctor. Actually, I knew he'd be whatever he wanted to be, because the man is a smartie. It's no surprise to me that he and his running buddy back then, Zaheer Shah, are as professionally accomplished as they are. No surprise at all.

9.) Eric Harvey

Eric passed away in March, 1994. Just eight years after we had graduated. He was 30. I will always remember him as a bundle of energy. May his kind soul rest in eternal peace.

10.) Steve Hurst

I live here in Southern Cali and Steve's up in the San Francisco area, working for a biotechnology corporation. I have lived in L.A. for 18 years and have never visited SF. Not even once! That's crazy. Well, now, I'm gonna do it, just so I can see good ol' Steve!

11.) Jeff King

Jeff is a badass cop! And I mean, badass! In the pic above, he was the supervisor on a narcotics detail. I'll always remember him as an athletic, fun-loving cat with the hottest damn body I'd ever seen on a dude. And I really liked his mother, too! :) 

12.) Rich Lapehn

Rich is a pastor in Barberton, Ohio, and used to be a city councilman. As quiet as the man was, who knew he was born to lead? God bless him.

13.) Ross Marburger

Ross is an orthopaedic surgeon in Evansville, IN. I always got a kick out of him!

14.) John Miner

John is a dermatologist in Western Michigan. He transferred to Wabash from another school, but wrapped up his undergraduate work with us! Cool dude.

15.) Charles Montgomery Jr

My FAVORITE fraternity brother without question! :) He works a host of different gigs (eg., voice-over, screenwriting) that afford him more freedom than DOLLAR$! :) :) :)

16.) Tim Oakes

Tim is currently the Presiding Judge of the Executive Committee of the Marion Superior Courts in Indianapolis. The man pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made his mama proud.

17.) Chris Potee

Chris, the stud of the Pledge Class, is now an outstanding Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon in Noblesville, IN. And he has a gorgeous wife and daughters to boot! Just sayin'! ;)

18.) Mike Reding

My dear, beloved Brother Mike is now Father Michael to those who attend his church in Minneapolis. Even at 18 years old, I knew he had an inside track to the big "J."  :)

19.) Jim Riddle

Jim is an architect extraordinaire! His design firm is responsible for designing the current Fiji House at Wabash College.

It blows me away that he lived in our old house, then came back to the college years later and designed a new one. He must be so proud of that accomplishment.  I know I sure am!

20.) Zaheer Shah

I don't know where to begin with this one. Suffice it to say, Zaheer epitomizes sheer, mind-blowing BRILLIANCE! The man is a medical doctor AND a freakin' lawyer!  What!!!!!  And he still manages to be a present husband and father! Of TWO sets of children! I reckon he does everything in twos! God bless him. He's one helluva role model for excellence!

21.) Adam Smith

Adam is a retired, college, physics professor, married with two sons, and living in Michigan. What does he do with his time now?

He builds beautiful guitars, of course. Why not? :)

22.) David Starr

LinkedIn states that David works as the Head of Regional CPS Planning & Supply at Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis. Whatever that means! :) And just like me, he staunchly believes in volunteerism. Good for you, David. Good for you!

My FIJI PLEDGE BROTHERS, I wish you all well.


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Pledge Brothers - Where Are They Now?


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