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Do we have a genuine reason to celebrate this 15th August

Toady I asked myself a question, do we really have a reason to celebrate this 15th August? I am not trying to demean the sacrifice of our freedom fighters, but is this the sort of freedom they would have wanted for their Country ?  which I think is a very relevant question in present scenario, because after 64 years of Independence people of this country are still not free to have their say people ain't free to express their dissatisfaction towards system, is this what true freedom means ? and if this is so, then we surely need to redefine this word. 

If a common Indian nationals ask questions from political class they are being labelled as undemocratic and dictators, we all witnessed yesterday how people of ruling government put fake allegations on a person like Anna Hazare, and yes the language they used could neither be forgotten nor be forgiven, but its really shameful that this is the typical orthodox ways of ruling governments in India to deal with such scenarios and political crisis. 

Today we are facing rampant corruption in our daily lives, taxpayers hard earned Money is being robbed and looted by the members of ruling government and instead of trying to recover that money we just feel satisfied by setting up an inquiry or putting the scapegoats into prison(that also only happens when Supreme court intervene in the matter) just leaving real culprits walk free, I don't care what happens to people like kalmadi, A.Raja, Sheila Dixit etc(I can't mention every name here because if I do so then this article will be too lengthy for you guys to read), I just want to know the solution how can we bring back the money these traitors looted from our country ? It doesn't make any difference weather we slay these people or we hang them, I just want every penny of the money they looted to be recovered from them, even if we have to sell each and every damn organ of their body, lets do it and recover that money. 

Why is it that entire nation still bows head in front of one family, as if they are the kings and they can't be questioned, like why didn't anyone asked questions about special liberties given to India's fastest multi billionaire Robert vadra and the immense wealth he generated in such a short span of time, why did Ottavio Quattrocchi was allowed to walk free and his Swiss bank accounts were  de-freezed on 22nd December 2005, what was the reason behind the sudden change of stand of Indian government? why there is no election for the post of chairperson in the biggest political party of India, how long this dynastic politics will continue? and is this how a true democracy functions ? is this the real freedom and the real democracy ? 
It is also a fact that Nehru-Gandhi family costs poor Indians five billion a year which is almost double to what British royal family cost to Britain, when less then 81% of Indian population lives on less than 2 dollars a day is such thing justified in country like ours ? 
Why nobody discuss the incident which took place on 21st September 2001 when Rahul Gandhi and his girlfriend were detained at Boston airport by FBI for carrying 200,000 dollars cash about which he failed to explain what was the source of that money from where did it came? whom did that money actually belonged to?  
Why doesn't someone questions why all the cases of disproportionate wealth against Vincent George(secretary of Sonia Gandhi) were closed when UPA came to power? 
what happened to charges against Digvijay Singh as we all know in 2001 during an income tax raid on illegal liquor manufacturer in Bhopal IT authority seized a diary maintained by distilleries owner which listed bribe money given to officials and politicians, and which also included the name of Digvijay Singh, which said Digvijay Singh had been paid the bribe of 100 million rupees, In 2004 M.P police registered a case against Digvijay Singh in a land scam under prevention of corruption act, to probe allegations of corruption and criminal conspiracy against Digvijay Singh, On 12 February 2009, a case of cheating and corruption was filed against Digvijay Singh, but due to his connections with the Nehru-Gandhi family he managed to get away with all those cases, this all happened in a free and so called "democratic nation" and nobody dared to question these things isn't this strange?

64years have passed since Britishers left our Land, but still poverty prevails in our country, and it is also a well known fact that expected black money of India stashed away in foreign countries is 7,280,000 crores(USD $1.4 trillion)  and yet no steps are being made by government to bring that money back which proves that this money belongs to very powerful people, and definitely those people are part of government directly or indirectly
Its also a matter of shame that political atrocities keeps taking place here, politicians use dirty trick to enhance their vote bank, they still divide certain sections of society for sake of their vote bank sometimes on the name of cast, sometimes on the name of religion and sometimes on the name of language, they have spread so much hatred in our society that people of different communities consider themselves as rivals, because of this divide and rule strategy(which they have learnt from Britishers), every community demands special rights for themselves, what about those general candidates who doesn't fall into these categories aren't you depriving them of their rights ? democracy means every one has equal rights, then why this different set of rules for different people?

Even after 64 years of independence still there are large section of people in our country who are deprived of their basic needs like clean drinking water, proper sanitation facilities, proper medical facilities, a source of income, proper education, and above all a dignified life, now isn't that ironic that this is the condition of the so called world's largest democracy.

we call ourselves the next super power now isn't it hollow boasting, and with so many problems prevailing in our nation. Now I ask you the very same question which I asked myself some time back, do we really have a genuine reason to celebrate this Independence day?

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Do we have a genuine reason to celebrate this 15th August


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