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Intro to Veiled Truths of Jawaharlal Nehru

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Tomorrow is birth anniversary of India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru and this day is celebrated as Children's day in India, I also celebrated this day in my school days, and read about his leadership qualities and his ability to give impressive speeches, but as I grew up and read the stuff other than my course books, researched facts, and went through the history of Nehru era my opinion completely changed about him, I realized that Indian children are presented a completely different and false Image of Nehru.

In India Nehru is described as an impressive leader and great politician, but facts and events which took place in history speaks a different story, and tells us that Nehru is the root cause of number of problems our nation is facing today.  

It was Nehru who forced Gandhi to agree to the partition of nation so that he could become PM.

Not many people know that Nehru wasn't a democratically elected PM of India, in 1946 a meeting of Congress working committee was held in Delhi to elect the president of Indian National Congress and the elected president was suppose to be the first PM of India and it was Sardar Patel who won the poll getting 13 votes in his favor 2 votes in favor of Jivatram Kriplani and just 1 vote in favor of Nehru, but Nehru was so power hungry that he went to M.K Gandhi and threatened that if he doesn't become PM then he will split the Congress and in that condition British will never leave India and because of which Gandhi asked Sardar Patel to step down for Nehru and withdraw his nomination, and Patel did so because of his respect towards Gandhi, so in this undemocratic way and because of nepotism Nehru became first PM of independent India.

Kashmir issue which we are facing right now is actually a gift of Nehru to India, it wasn't the Pakistan who is entirely responsible for creating Kashmir problem Nehru is also equally responsible for creating Kashmir problem, it was because of the personal differences of Nehru with King of Kashmir "Hari Singh" and because of Nehru's friendship with "Sheikh Abdullah" and due to the blunders committed by Nehru at that time is the result  that even after 64 years Kashmir is still a burning issue, at the time of accession of Kashmir Mountbatten put a unique clause in the agreement that even after accession people will have the right to decide with which side they want to be with, and surprisingly Nehru didn't objected to it though no such clause was put in accession of any other princely state, Sardar patel successfully merged states like Junagarh and Hyderabad into India along with 600 other princely states, but merger of Kashmir was in hands of Nehru and he failed to handle it. In October 1947 when Pak army entered in Kashmir and committed atrocities against women, children and innocent people, Nehru who was in deep Impact of Edwina Mountbatten didn't listened to the advise of Sardar Patel and top army commanders of India where Indian forces were fully capable and were about to push back Pakistani troops out of Kashmir, but he did exactly what Edwina suggested him and he took Kashmir issue to U.N and as a result LOC was formed, and its our land of Kashmir which is now called as P.O.K where Pakistan prepares terrorists to kill innocent Indians, this all happened because of inability of Nehru to take firm and right decision.

During Nehru's tenure he was his own foreign minister and as a result India's foreign policy was rested on intuition of only one man Nehru himself, whose foreign policies were not strategic conception but were merely some abstract ideas.

Its been quite some time since India is trying to get a permanent seat in United Nation Security Council, but actually in 1955 U.S offered India the same, but Nehru refused to accept the proposal and said he didn't want U.S to marginalize China, and suggested to offer the same proposal to China, now this step reveals how concerned Nehru was towards national interests of India.

It was Nehru who sacrificed India's interest for his own personal glory by betraying Tibet and its people and allowed China to invade Tibet. 

India lost 1962 Ind-Sino war to china because of impotent foreign policies and dubious approach of Nehru and his lack of understanding and inability to take decision because of which India had to go through such humiliation, Nehru was in dilemma that China can not attack India, so he never bothered to strengthen army and so Indian forces were completely unprepared in that region without any proper infrastructure to deal with such situation (India's strength in that region was only 10,000-12,000 whereas China attacked with strength of 80,000), and the result of the war proved that the foreign policies of Nehru were flawed and because of those stupid and impotent policies only, a part of India is now in control of China.

Nehru let Pakistan and China capture parts of India and gave a very lame excuse that we want friendly relations with neighbors and don't want to indulge in any sort of conflict with them, he willingly gave Tibet to China knowing very well that Chinese will commit atrocities against humanity.

It was Nehru who first sowed the seed of Nepotism monarchy and dynastic politics in the name of democracy. 

  Apart from these blunders there are also some incidents which put question-mark on the character of Nehru as a person,

Private secretary of P.M Nehru, M.O Mathai in his book "Reminiscence of Nehru Age" revealed that there was an intense love affair between Nehru and "Edwina Mountbatten" the wife of  "Louis Mountbatten", and Nehru's daughter Indira was quite embarrassed of this affair, Nehru also had an affair with "Padamja Naidu" daughter of Sarojini Naidu, Nehru also appointed Padamja Naidu as Governor of Bengal.
Nehru also had an affair with a sanyasin from Benares called "Sraddha Mata" M.O Mathai further reveals in his book that there are documented facts which says that "Sraddha Mata" conceived because of their  illicit relationship and when she asked Nehru to marry her, Nehru declined as it would have cost him his political carrier, then she went to a convent in Bangalore and gave birth to a child on 30th May 1949, and then she left the place leaving behind the child and some letters which were written by Nehru to her, those letters were sent back to Nehru, and since then no one ever heard about the woman and identity of child was kept secret by convent.

Now isn't it ironic that we celebrate birthday of such person every year as children's day and we refer him as "Chaha Nehru" who is root cause of many problems in our nation, we portray a completely false image of Nehru in front of children, and by doing so we are actually miseducating the children of this nation by presenting them a contrary Image of a power hungry and failed politician who was so selfish that he sacrificed national interests number of times.

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Intro to Veiled Truths of Jawaharlal Nehru


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