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BetterBack Review: Effortless Perfect Posture or Scam?

BetterBack Review. Does it work as promised?

What is the BetterBack?

The BetterBack is a portable harness used to secure your lower back while you sit. It claims to help improve posture, ease back pain and improve your health with just 15 minutes of daily use. Does it live up to the claims? Read on and find out.

The Kickstarter connection

The BetterBack was a product I discovered on Kickstarter, back when I used to visit the site daily to look at all the new products that were being crowdfunded on the platform. It was the second product I backed after first supporting my buddies project, the awesome compression socks by Top & Derby. I ended up getting an early bird 2 pack so that I could give one to my dad, who also spends a lot of the time sitting in front of a computer like me.

BetterBack on Shark Tank

The crowdfunding campaign was a huge success and raised over $1 million buckaroos. They were also on Shark Tank. This was over 2 years ago so my memory is a little hazy on all the details, but I do remember getting screwed over by BetterBack (at least that’s how I felt at the time). When they were ready to ship the products I was traveling in Asia and asked if they could hold off on shipping it. They said no and instead shipped it to a non-early bird backer. Then they put me on a huge waiting list. So I ended up having to wait another 4 months and lots of back and forth emails before I finally got them. At the time I remember being frustrated, but over time I’ve come to realize that this is par for the course when it comes to crowdfunding campaigns. There are always delays and customer support generally stinks to high heavens.

In the end the most important question for me was, “Did I get what I paid for?”.

At the time I ordered the BetterBack, I was having frequent bouts of low back pain. Off and on pain that plagued me for years. Stress, sitting, deadlifts, and jiu-jitsu could trigger back pain seemingly at any moment. So if there was a low-cost, easy to use solution like the BetterBack that promised to reduce the back pain, I was willing to give it a shot.

And so the question is, does it work? For me, the answer is a resounding yes. And it works quite well. As soon as you strap yourself in you realize how good it feels on your lower back. It instantly makes it easier to sit up straight and harder to slouch. Now I don’t know about their 15 minutes a day claim, because I use it pretty much all the time when I am sitting, but I do know that after some time my low back pain has improved dramatically. I still get low back pain here and there, usually from pushing too hard in the weight room, especially after a long day sitting in front of the computer, but the BetterBack has most definitely helped.

A colleague was also complaining of low back pain and when I got her a BetterBack it all went away.

They had a second successful Kickstarter a little while back, but I didn’t support that one. It seems like a slightly improved version that also has hot/cold therapy.

There are knockoffs you can get now, as well. I can’t speak to how good they are but it might be worth checking out if you are bargain hunting.

my betterbacks!

BetterBack Review Conclusion

As far as crowdfunding campaigns that I’ve backed, the BetterBack is one of the best I’ve backed and I’m quite happy with the product.

I would definitely recommend the BetterBack if you have low back pain and are looking for a low-cost solution. The BetterBack really does help keep your low back secure while sitting. It may be able to help if you suffer from low back pain and sit a lot. I recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this BetterBack review. If you think you’d like to find out more about the BetterBack, you can get it here.

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BetterBack Review: Effortless Perfect Posture or Scam?


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