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1. You Feel Alone In A Crowd
Introverts often feel like outsiders in the middle of social gatherings and group activities even amongst people they know.

2. You Prefer Writing Than Speaking
Introverts express themselves better when writing than speaking because they are very

3. You Live In Your Head
This happens all the time, you Love to daydream and sometimes imagine the impossible and it might take a while before you come back to reality.

4. You Frequently Have Inner Soliloquy
There's constant converstion going on in your head and sometimes flashbacks of happenings when you were your Younger. The thoughts of your past haunts you, making you wish you would have done certain things better.

5. You Are A Good Listener
Introverts don't like attention so they would rather give someone else the means to shine while they sit back and listen. Also listening helps them observe and understand a situation better, that's why most friends would rather voice out their problems to an interovert rather and an extrovert.

6. You Are An Old Soul
Most introverts tend to think before they talk or act, they tend to observe, reflect, analyze and discover deep meanings behind certain events thus making them appear wise and carry themselves a certain way. All these can make them tagged an "old soul" even from a younger age.

7. You Would Rather Netflix Than Go To The Cinema
Introverts would rather stay home and watch movies so they can be all up in their head and feelings rather than go out to the cinema because being in the midst of too many people make them uncomfortable.

8. You Have Been Told To "Loosen Up"
Because you love to be by yourself, un-socialize and many more you have been told many times to un-wind and be less-intense.

9. You Have A Small Circle Of Friends
You are close with just very few people (4 at most) and everyother person is just an aquaintance because you have less energy to be friends with lots of people.

10. You Shut Down Easily
Socializing can be tiring for everyone because you have to mingle, get to know people and details about them. While an extrovert can handle this for a long period, an introvert's energy level begins to drop and most of the time they have to zone out or go to a quiet area to recharge. 

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