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Not only does the government want to go after clubs patches. Now it’s members jobs. Hillsborough County fires an employee for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Seems to be pretty simple doesn’t it? “Congress shall make no law to interfere with the right of the people to peaceably assemble. I see no where in there ” The Government can pick and choose which organizations have first amendment rights.” No, the first Amendment applies to ALL peoples right to assemble with whomever they choose to assemble with. Obviously the federal arbitrator didn’t get the memo. I guess the federal arbitrator didn’t get the memo about the part of “Freedom of Speech either!”

Clinton Neal Walker, 35, was fired from his position as a firefighter because he was a member of the Outlaws M/C. Clinton Neal Walker is a veteran of this countries military. Serving in the Marine Corps and received a Bronze Star. In other words. HE FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY AND THE RIGHT TO JOIN ANY ORGANIZATION HE DAMNED WELL PLEASES. Oh wait, because LEO’S say the Outlaws do not represent the image county employees are supposed to represent. Thus they have the right to fire someone. Why? Because Leos say motorcycle clubs like the Outlaws are a criminal organization. Again, what organization is safe? If Leos don’t like an organization. They can now cost someone their career? Is this America or is this a Police State?

The United Police States of America

We are living in a time where the police state is on the rise. Stories after stories about the abuse of police powers are in the news every single day almost. Stories which are starting to resemble the ones that came out of the old Soviet Union. If you didn’t conform to the state then you were arrested, persecuted and sometimes even worse.

Today in America you hear about the police shootings where LEOS shoot people in the back. Then get off because they claim the “I was Afraid of my life crap. You hear the stories all the time of police brutality and forced interrogations. Again, something a Soviet State would do. Worse yet? The government using wiretaps and NSA creep programs to listen in on your phone conversations. Something Ed Snowden brought to light many years ago. Let‘s face it. If we do not start fighting back against this government now, it will cease to exist.


How many rights will you give up before it’s too late?

The government in California recently brought a RICO trial against the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The intention of the trial was not to convict any one member of the organization or send anyone to jail. Its intention was to convict every member of the Mongols without the right to due process and take their trademark logo. In this country every single citizen has the right to defend themselves. Every single citizen has the right to face their accuser. In the recent Mongol trial, this didn’t happen. It was quite the opposite. The prosecution instead put crimes former members committed in front of the jury. Interesting to note. Counts the Mongols were found not guilty on were ones after Doc the rat was thrown out bad. The counts the Mongols were found guilty on were from the time Doc the rat was in charge. Again, how is the government able to bring up charges from over a decade ago and apply them to those who are Mongols now? We will find out on Feb 28th when the judge hears from so-called experts on this issue. Either way it’s going to be appealed so everyone get ready for a roller coaster ride.

The federal arbitrator supports Hillsborough County’s right to fire an employee for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

Leo are no boy scouts either

I always find the hypocrisy of Leos to be funny as hell. On any given day I can pull an article from the net where a cop was arrested. Most of the time on some freak sex crimes; but also some hard-core felonies like murder, attempted murder, etc. Talk about hypocrisy when they go label a motorcycle club a criminal organization. Actually, it’s a proven fact cops commit more crimes than members of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. A bonafide study was actually done on this subject. Leo’s response? “We have more cops than bikers so that study isn’t all representative of police agencies as a whole.” I call bullshit! If anything, it’s freaking worse and downright scary for the public to know there is so many dirty ass cops out there. Nice try spinning that one.

It all comes down to power and control with Leo. It’s the reason most of them became cops in the first place. They wanted power because they had some kind of daddy issues growing up or they just can’t get laid. You have to admit. The reason why they play dress up and want to wear three piece patches is because they have to feel like a real man. They already know it’s hard for their ole ladies to lay next to them, wondering what a real man is about. So, they go play biker on the weekends and try to gain some resemblance of self-respect. But just like any other psycho-path they can never fully get their fix. They always know in the back of their heads they will really never be considered a real biker. Always shunned for wearing that tin piece of metal on their chest. So they lash out at bikers for being who they are. FREE!!!

If we do not start fighting back against this government now, it will cease to exist.

The only way LEO knows how to fight back against bikers who are free

Leo will forever hold bikers in contempt. The faster people within the biker community realize this the better they will be. It’s always been cops on one side of the fence and bikers on the other. This has been a notion among bikers in recent years certain new riders cannot comprehend. LEO will never look at you as an equal. They despise you and everything you stand for. Thankfully some are starting to come to this realization with all the motorcycle profiling happening around the country. Clubs have known this for decades, now independents are finally waking up and seeing it. It doesn’t feel all that good when cops harass you just because you’re on a bike, does it? This is something club members have to live on a daily basis. Next time youre at a biker rally. Check the cops out running around with their little cameras. Taking pictures just because someone is wearing a patch. This is America? No, it’s police state tactics.

Now Leos have taken it up a notch. Now they can get someones career taking away for being apart of a motorcycle club. No crime needed, just belonging to one they deem “Criminal” looses your means of living. Think about that for a second. Your career is in the hands of LEO and what they deem an acceptable organization you’re allowed to be apart of. Time to wake up America before it’s all too late!

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The federal arbitrator supports Hillsborough County’s right to fire an employee for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

By Anastasia Dawson Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — A federal arbitrator says Hillsborough County was justified in firing a Fire Rescue medic who belonged to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, noting the negative attention his membership brought the county.

Clinton Neal Walker, 35, of Bradenton, was fired a year ago after an internal investigation concluded he had “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws, long considered the state’s dominant motorcycle gang.

He was the first Hillsborough employee to be investigated for gang activity under a series of county ordinances that prohibit membership in any organization the state or federal government considers criminal, including the Outlaws St. Petersburg Chapter where Walker was a member.

Concerns over possible outlaw motorcycle club moving clubhouse into town

Arbitrator Charlotte Gold released her ruling in mid-January, ending a year-long fight by the local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters to save Walker’s job. Her report provided new insight into biker gang culture within the county’s fire department and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

“HCFR employees, including chiefs and a fire medic, attended MC (motorcycle club) events,” Gold wrote, and “many of its members were ex-military.”

Walker earned a Bronze Star, among other medals and awards, while in the U.S. Marine Corps. And as a county firefighter he was awarded a Medal of Valor. But Walker also had a long disciplinary history and “conducted himself in a manner that was detrimental to the department,” Gold wrote.

“The conclusion is inescapable that he affected the county’s standing in the community,’’ Gold wrote in her report. “His behavior ultimately reflected poorly on the county and his profession in general.”

“Operation Bread, White and Blues.” Fire Lieutenant, Ex-Police Officer Among 29 Arrested In Drug Ring Crackdown Involving Biker Clubs In Rockland, Orange Counties clubs

Walker testified he had resigned from the Outlaws in October 2016, before the county issued a directive prohibiting all employees from “being a member of or voluntarily participating with any outside gang, as defined in the FBI’s 2015 National Gang Report.” The ban came two months after Walker was arrested in Key West for throwing the first punch in a bar fight that left two employees injured and involved as many as 15 other Outlaws, one wearing a T-shirt with a swastika on it and others who used racial slurs.

READ MORE: An Outlaws motorcycle club leader’s assassination adds to Tampa Bay’s bloody biker gang history

Walker ultimately negotiated a plea deal for the Key West fight and received a paid suspension from the county for 30 days. He was still serving that suspension when now-retired Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Captain James Costa, then president of the Outlaw’s St. Petersburg chapter, was shot by members of the rival 69ers Motorcycle Club while riding his motorcycle in south Hillsborough in July 2017. According to the report, Costa fired back. The shooting has since been tied to the shooting death of another Outlaw, Paul Anderson, in December 2017.

Walker was one of about 10 Outlaws who got a call from Costa and another Hillsborough County Fire Rescue medic telling them that Costa was being taken to a medical center in Manatee County with bullet wounds. Though he wasn’t on duty, Walker dressed in his Fire Rescue uniform and accompanied Costa into the hospital, taking his motorcycle vest with Outlaw insignia and initially refusing to turn it over to law enforcement.

Source Tampa Bay Times

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Not only does the government want to go after clubs patches. Now it’s members jobs. Hillsborough County fires an employee for his “unwavering loyalty” to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.


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