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Despite all the bad news that comes out- There is many benefits to being apart of a motorcycle club. Research and hanging around is important factor in choosing the right club .

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By James “Hollywood”Macecari

First off we just spent some money on a better editing program. Hopefully it will be a better one then we had. The last one would put stuff into the article or change stuff around that wasn’t suppose to be there or touched lol. Programs are as useful as those damned spell checkers on smartphones.

There are often times it only seems like the bad is being reported on Motorcycle clubs. This is true and cannot argue with that position at all. What I can do is try and give the other side of the story. Specifically answering the question we get often. What is the benefit of joining a motorcycle club? Let’s take a ride and see what we can find out about that question.

1.It depends what kind of person you are and what kind of club you’re looking for in order to get a positive experience.
2. Research, Research and after that- More Research
3. The Hang Around Period- The most important process of a motorcycle club
4. Brotherhood
5. Avoiding the Politics &Making the most out of the Patch.

What kind of person you are and what kind of club you’re looking for?

One of the most important things you have to do before even considering a motorcycle club is determining what kind of person you are. This might sound weird to those who do not what I’m talking about but let me give you an example.

Are you a person who considers himself someone who can give and take a beating but in reality, you’re more of a person who is more diplomatic and shies away from confrontation?

The first thing you have to do is be true to yourself. Motorcycle Clubs are made up of all walks of persons with a different set of skills. To be apart of a motorcycle club you don’t have to be the pretend billy bad ass. First off, the motorcycle club members will see right through the act, second off, you will find yourself on the outside looking in because members of clubs do not take kindly to someone acting like something they are not. This is especially important if you’re trying to gain entry into a 1%er club.

What Kind of Motorcycle Club are you looking to belong to?

Everyone who ever wanted to join a biker club wants to be apart of one of the Big 5- 1%er clubs. Sure, they are some of the best brotherhoods on earth, but they are not for everyone. The time – effort and work you have to put into becoming a member of one of these clubs might be something you cannot do. One has to remember that 1%ers live and breathe the club life. They go to work, come home, then right out with the brothers. Most of the time family comes 2nd in the life of a 1%er.

These clubs are called 1%ers for a reason and you have to understand the commitment before even getting to the research stage of a club.

Most people out there will fall into the 99%er categories or riding club category and there is nothing wrong at all with that. Actually, the best time of my life in a club was when I was Vice-President of the Dupage County Black Pistons. Sure, we were the official support club to the AOA but we were not 1%ers and got to enjoy the 99%er lifestyles while at the same time being close to 1%ers.

We would party with the AOA but at the same time, we were our own deal. We had our own parties, made our own money via those parties and had a tight knit group of brothers that were always together. 99%ers are some fun times let me tell you. It’s actually more of a lifestyle aligned with what most people consider to be the old school traditional way of things. The best party I’ve ever been to besides the AOA Atlanta Pumpkin Run was the Fugarwe Tribes summer picnic in the woods. Beer broads and bikes- Everything a biker club member could want.

So be true to yourself when looking for what type of club you would be a successful part of. If you truly think you would want to go to a 1%er club then I suggest becoming apart one of their support clubs. This will get you up close and personal to see how everything works.

Four arrested during fight at motorcycle club in Brooklyn

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Research, Research and after that- More Research

After you have determined what kind of club you’re interested in then it’s time to turn to the research phase. What I mean about that is what area are you from? What clubs are in your area? Are those clubs apart of the COC? Are the clubs out and about? And so on and so on.

Where you’re from is how you’re going to look at things politically as they say. If you’re in Texas for example. The dominant club out there is the Bandidos. With the Bandidos being the dominant club you will have a lot of clubs who are 99%ers who support them and not say the Hells Angels. It’s quite funny when you look at it actually. We all have the same love for biking and brotherhood. But it all depends where you’re from if you base your opinions on other clubs. Even if you never had contact with any of them before, you still will base your opinions on who the dominant is.

I remember when I was doing the interview with George Christie. He is a former Hells Angels and here I was apart of a support club for the Outlaws M/C. I would’ve never thought I would ever have talked to him because he uses to be considered the other team. We use to call 81 Maggots, Candy Cane and so on. After leaving the club scene some of those I put confidence in being apart of the Red and White world. Let me tell you as apart of your research depending on your location and dominant, you will hear all the stories, all the legends about the other team. Don’t believe in it. Make the decision on the man and make the decision based on facts. If you do just that I can probably bet your journeys will lead you to a riding club if you’re being true to yourself.
The Hang Around Period- The most important process of a motorcycle club

You did all your research and found a club you’re interested in. Hang around, Hang Around. Did I mention to hang around? This is going to be the most important period to help you make sure you are around the right motorcycle club. The most successful and an informed potential member will put in at least 1 year of hang around time. This enables you to get to know every single member of the chapter you’re interested in personally. It allows the club to get to know you as well. If you’re truly looking for brotherhood then don’t sell yourself or motorcycle club short by taking the hang around for granted and jumping straight into the prospect.

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Brotherhood and what a motorcycle club offers

The first thing you have to realize about brotherhood is what it is. Brotherhood is about sacrifice. Meaning if you have something and your brother does not, you make sure to find a way for him to get at least half of what you have. This could be as simple as making sure he has half of what you’re having for dinner to giving him half of the $20 spot if he is short. Brotherhood also means that you cry, bleed and sweat with your brother. You’re no longer an individual when it comes to being a member of a motorcycle club. If you’re apart of a true M/C then you’re apart of a cohesive unit watching out for each other. Making sure you’re always there for the club just like you would be for your own blood family.

This is what a motorcycle club truly offers if it’s based on true brotherhood. Get past all the bullshit you see on the streets. All the hugging and bro bullshit. It’s all behind the acts and proof in the pudding if someone is a true brother. Just because you wear the same patch doesn’t mean necessarily he is your brother. For example, in the larger clubs, you will be hard-pressed to actually know everyone by name. For example in the Pistons. I would say “What’s up Bud” not “What’s up Brother.” This is because I did not know them and only reserved that term for people I hung around in the chapter. Dupage County had a true brotherhood. Most of the chapter I was with is now moved onto other things. But most of us still talk still to this day after almost 15 years. This is what true brotherhood. Something only a motorcycle club can offer in the true sense.

Another thing a motorcycle club will offer is some of the best parties around. Personally, I loved the parties. What’s better than a bunch of brothers hanging around bikes, beer and broads? Yes being a member of a motorcycle club gets the tail if you know what I mean lol. That’s one of the best benefits lol. The comradeship you have with those in the club scene is nothing better in any other lifestyle. The weekend bashes usually lasted all weekend with a hell of a hangover on Sunday. So yea, get ready to party depending on what club you become apart of.

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Avoiding the Politics and making the most out of the patch

In order to make the most of the m/c experience, you’re going to want to stay away from the internal club politics. Personally, this is what always brings a club down. One of the things I use to do when talk started up about people being pissed off at each or the President is acting like it’s his way or the highway, I would simply say bring it to the table. Don’t be a bitch or crybaby high school cunt who runs around talking smack, bring it to the table and be a man. Don’t entertain guys who do that kind of shit because that’s the first thing that will bring a club down. If you do have someone doing stuff like that call their ass out at the table and nip it in the butt.

When you’re a patch-wearing member it’s your obligation to put the health and safety of the club first before any of its members. The broads and runs are great but don’t forget the primary purpose of the club. Brotherhood! To maintain it is the hardest thing to do because of all the personalities within a club. If you maintain the bylaws and follow them then you will be apart of a great experience, one that will last a lifetime.


You will only get the most out of a motorcycle club what you put into it. If you truly believe in the purpose and people of the motorcycle club, then put 110% into it. If you do that, you’re going to have some of the best experiences life can offer.You will have people who will be there when you’re in need to help prop you up and comfort you when you’re down. Nothing ever beats the feeling of wearing a patch, going 85 miles an hour down the highway riding deuce with the brothers you love. You might see a lot of the bad stories on Insane Throttle, but there is also a ton of good that comes out being a member of an M/C

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Despite all the bad news that comes out- There is many benefits to being apart of a motorcycle club. Research and hanging around is important factor in choosing the right club .


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