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Finks M/C plant flag in Chicago- Is an end of an era coming to the big city? Finks M/C members hanging with Roadrunners M/C adds legitimacy .

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Imagine my surprise when I seen the featured photo of this article. Members of the Finks Motorcycle Club hanging out with the Roadrunners M/C. A little background first.

RoadRunners M/C Chicago

The Roadrunners M/C Chicago formed some time ago in Chicago from members who were once members of the Legacy M/C. A Supporter of the AOA. The Legacy is made up of mostly Polish speaking bikers .

Allies of AOA Outlaws M/C

When members of the Legacy M/C became discontent with the norm. Some members left and got chartered by the Roadrunners M/C. The main mother chapter from Poland

Also known as the Dirty Dozen – Allies are Devil Deciples M/C and Finks M/C

Finks Motorcycle Club

Founded: 1969, Sydney, Australia
Motto: Attitude & Violence
The Finks Motorcycle Club has a storied tale to say the least. About 2013 the Mongols M/C patched over about 90 percent of the Finks M/C with the rest sticking to their guns of remaining Finks .

In 2014 there was a redesign of the Finks patch, where there was a transition from the drunk character Bung, to a much more aggressive character. A senior member of the club said at the time that this was done partly to send a message to Mongols MC, who had patched over the Finks Perth Chapter.

If you go over to Insane Throttles International Site. Numerous articles come out weekly on the fighting between the Finks M/C and Nomads M/C.
Support Club Allegations against the dominant. The audience gets to decide. Is this how the Motorcycle Club scene is in Chicago? Chicago Bikers- Whats your Thoughts?

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Changed to a Illinois  Bottom from Nomad

Both the Roadrunners M/C and Finks M/C are 1%er clubs. That fact alone begs the question. Is there a changing of the guard in Chicago? The Hells Angels have been apart of the Chicago Scene since patching over the Henchman in the 90’s. The Roadrunners came along in the mid 00’s and now the Finks M/C is setting up shop. All these events would’ve been unheard of just a few years ago.

Insane Throttle has actually been cautious in giving much credit to the rumors we’ve been hearing concerning the Chicago situation involving support clubs unhappiness with what is going on with AOA. We also gave caution on reporting about the Finks coming into Illinois because most of the time Foreign Clubs usually step on their dicks. In this case, it looks like this chapter of the Finks actually got out there and started interacting with clubs that have been around for awhile and have been accepted as legit. I cannot speak on the rest of the Finks chapters if they have them here in the states, but this one has been confirmed by clubs around Chicago as being a legitimate chapter. Maybe other foreign clubs will take a look at what they have done and learn how to do it here in the states.

Support Clubs left wondering in the Chicago land area. First in a series of articles on the motorcycle club scene in Chicago.

What does this mean for the future of the Chicago Club Scene?

With “Big Pete” leaving the AOA in 2015, one has to beg the question. Was he truly “The Last Chicago Boss?” It’s a question that is fair and legit to ask. Reason being. A lot of brothers are doing life sentences or are buried because of the stuff that went down in the 90’s to keep Chicago Peaceful. Not to mention all those damned days and nights running bar to bar, neighborhood to neighborhood, event to event making sure that Chicago stayed quiet . (Yea a little disbelief and irritation as an ex black piston so I admit some bias on this issue.)

Another question remains if Chicago will stay quiet this summer or actually break out into full blown 1990’s style fighting between clubs. This is a wait and see type of thing. With all the stories coming out of Chicago right now who knows. One thing I do know. This isn’t the Chicago I remember. But hey, things change I guess. Being an independent now I can really care less about club politics. With that said. Hopefully those I use to ride with stay safe and things turn around for them.

If any of the Finks Illinois would like to get ahold of Insane Throttle for an interview you can do so at [email protected]

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Finks M/C plant flag in Chicago- Is an end of an era coming to the big city? Finks M/C members hanging with Roadrunners M/C adds legitimacy .


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