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Source: Legendary Jim

Boozefighter Jedi, George Horsley, is a huge man dressed in black, his goatee massive and spear-pointed like Mingus’, head shaved clean.

He explains how they are being ripped off by a good old boy system that controls the real estate game and the assessed valuation of real property by formula designed to line their pockets, and not to create an equitable and systematic way of administering the tax rolls.

When the assessment district lost many lawsuits over complaints as to their shoddy work, he recalls, the County Commissioners Court, led by ex-banker Scott Felton, bestowed $650,000 upon the appointed authority – for purposes unexplained, but defined by common sense as means to make up the shortfall.

An ex-employee, a professional assessor by training, he moved his employment to Travis County, and commutes daily from Waco. If elected, he promises to take up his duties as County Judge on a full-time basis.

James “Hollywood” Macecari

George Horsley, also known as “Boozefighter Jedi” is running as a libertarian for a spot on the County Commissioners Court for McLennan County. The upcoming elections are a huge opportunity for the biker community to come together and support a common cause. What cause is that? To right the wrong that happened on May 17, 2015, also known as “Twin Peaks”.

Before I get more into Boozefighter Jedi and his run for office, I want to take a minute to thank all those who have been reading and sharing the articles Insane Throttle has been running on the “Twin Peaks” incident. More importantly, I want to thank a little angel whose name I cannot mention, but a person who has put in tons of work into the Waco Incident, helping not only me to understand the situation, but also being a real part in helping many who are involved in this terrible situation. This women has put her all into this case, hopefully one day we here at Insane Throttle can write about her, tell everyone the contribution that she made bringing the “Twin Peaks” issue to the rest of us outside of Texas.

Insane Throttle will also be introducing a new columnist to the team. “Bellend” This Texas crackerjack will be bringing you two Columns: Incestuous Municipality- The Wicked Waco Web and Saddle Bag Cuisine Skills ” How to Make Great Cuisine and Drinks with limited packing space” 

Insane Throttle is starting to bring on some very talented Freelance Writers to round out the content we bring to the biker community. Those writers are Robert “Ghost” Hawkins who does “Ghost Riders Diaries”  Legendary Jim who brings great onsite reporting and issues regarding the constitution, and now Bellend who will be bringing the two columns mentioned above. We look forward to bringing the biker community the best news site on the net.

What we seen in the after math of “Twin Peaks” was nothing short of a “Abuse of Power” and travesty. A police action like what happened on May 17 2015 in Waco is something that you would see in a 3rd world country. How the police reacted that day might be normal for countries like Iran, Russia, North Korea, but to happen here in the United States is disgusting and people need to be held accountable for it. Let’s do an exercise.

Most of you know the layout of the “Twin Peaks” incident. If you have been following the reports, both here and mainstream media, you should have a pretty good idea on how everything went down between the Cossacks and Bandidos. Let’s move to the real travesty in this whole incident. Close your eyes (I do this when trying to picture the incident ). What is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re watching TV, seeing all those cops in riot gear trying to calm a situation? They get the crowd to disperse with the use of Tear Gas. After the crowd starts to disperse the cops move in and start making arrests. If the crowd is more dangerous then just a regular mob, cops will use rubber bullets to protect themselves.

This didn’t happen in WACO. No tear gas was ever used to disperse those who were involved. Something that if used would’ve stopped the fight in it’s tracks. I can bet you if club members seen tear gas flying and cops moving in, they would’ve dropped everything at that point.

Blue Dots are positions cop took

The above graphic provided by “Angel” shows the police as blue dots. If you were in the military you will recognize this tactic. Right, Center and Left Flanks were all positioned to give a perfect killing field advantage. The orange dots represent those who were gunned down. To be fair, not all were killed by the police. I believe right now the number killed by police is 4 out of the 9. If I’m mistaking please let me know so I can do a correction. Why does this graphic matter? When cops are doing crowd control, they face them head on, not in flanking positions as you see here. Also, during crowd control you do not have police come out opening fire with AR-15s. Get the picture?

After the what would be the killing of 9 Americans, over 20 injured in this initial travesty, another travesty happened to put more salt in the wound. Over 175 people were arrested that day under the orders of District Attorney Renya, many of whom had nothing to do with the fight or the situation in general. What America seen that day in Waco, just like it did in 1993, was a out of control local government who took it upon themselves to violate the citizens it was suppose to represent.

So far, District Attorney Reyna (A man who is currently under investigation himself, everything from fixing friends and relatives legal issues to FBI criminal investigation) Reyna has turned Waco into a circus, a costly one at that. He recently requested more money from the Board of Commissioners to keep the circus going, even after the first trial ended in a mistrial, and 20 more cases were dropped.

When will the madness stop? When the citizens of Waco put an end to it at the ballot box. Only the citizens there in McLennan County can do this. The motorcycle clubs and independents should be out there helping the candidacy of George Horsley and Barry Johnson.  

Here’s what you will get if you step up to the plate with these two people running for offices that could end this circus. One who is apart of us, a fellow biker and member of a motorcycle club. He has already said he would be a “No Vote” on any more funding for the Twin Trials. The second, running for District Attorney, he has said he will go case by case to determine which ones are good and which ones are bad. These two positions could shut off the lights on the circus that is “Twin Peaks”. It’s time we shut the circus down, time for bikers to get out there and show the muscle we are as a community. This is a chance to right a wrong, a chance to bring balance to a terrible situation that has affected so many. Hopefully clubs, Abate, COC and independents will seize on this opportunity. If they don’t, no one is to blame but ourselves. Here is a gofund me page that Boozefighter Jedi, George Horsley has made for his run. Please, if you can, donate to him so he can fight for all of us. Click on picture to donate

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