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Brothers in Chains Motorcycle Club- Showing the world what true motorcycle clubs are really about

By James “Hollywood”Macecari

Motorcycle clubs have been in the news lately for some pretty bad things, be it the shootings down in Florida, the arrests of multiple Club members down in Tennessee. One thing that isn’t being reported in the media, the good that motorcycle clubs are doing as a whole. Now, don’t get me wrong, the media is driven by ratings, violence in today’s society is what seems to drive those rating numbers.

I really hate to use the moniker or even agree with the stupid statement the AMA put out so long ago, but the many cases you are hearing about on tv, radio, social media, fit the moniker right on. Only 1% of the clubs out there are participating in the things you see going on. Wow, never thought I would actually agree with AMA on anything that had to do with clubs. But honestly, especially in today’s environment, the statement the AMA made so long ago is ringing true.

With all the incidents that have been happening in the last few years, the public have been inundated with nothing but one incident after another with clubs being involved in shootings, bombings, and RICO cases. Then add in that stupid show SOA, the public starts forming the opinion that all clubs are bad.

Those who are in the biker community already know, this isn’t the case, but public perception will have an effect on all bikers, club or no club, like it or not. This could come in the form of patch discrimination from bar owners, major rally events, small rally events. Local businesses could fall prey to local law enforcement warning them not to serve those who they consider “Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs”. There is a whole myriad of issues that could affect every single biker if the public perception battle isn’t taking seriously by all clubs and independent bikers.

Insane Throttle has decided that it will not only do stories and commentary on what is happening within the biker community, and what is being reported in the mainstream press, Insane Throttle will start highlighting the good that motorcycle clubs do, something that is rarely reported on by anyone .Clubs that truly embody what motorcycle clubs are about. Blue collar hard-working men who go to work every day and bust balls to earn a paycheck. Men who are regular people, people who support their communities, do not get involved in what the media puts out there as a blanket indictment motorcycle clubs are like.

Today, we have such a club. The Brothers in Chains are a well-known club in the Beloit/ Janesville Wisconsin area, one who followed the protocol to establish their club by the Outlaws M/C, the dominant club in their area. We got to ask the Brother in Chains some questions regarding the club and here are those answers.

WCLO Radio Interview with the Brothers in Chains M/C

Brothers in Chains Mc Insane Throttle Biker News /Motorcycle

Q: Insane Throttle– We would like our readers to hear about your group. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the group? For example how you came to name it, how the patch design came to be what it is today?

Brothers in Chains- When the founding members came up with the inception of the club, they wanted the club to stand for brotherhood. Not just brotherhood within the club but also as a social idea, neighbors helping neighbors sort of thing. The club name represents a collection of brothers who are bonded together with strong bonds as linked together by chains in a sense. Hence “Brothers in Chains”.

As far as the subject of the center patch design, that is something we as “Brothers in Chains” hold sacred and for that reason, we are not at liberty to share that publicly.

Q: Insane Throttle- What type of motorcycles do you need to have to join the group?

Brothers in Chains- Harley Davidson or HD based custom equivalent.

Q: Insane Throttle- What kind of rides does your club organize?

Brothers in Chains- All Brothers in Chains MC rides and events are geared towards raising money for our local charities in our community. All our rides and events are open to the public as well as all other clubs.

We hold two rides every calendar year.

1st is a ride we call The Fallen Brother Ride, this year to be held on June 23rd, 2018. This ride is to honor those that we have lost. It’s typically a long ride to multiple stops (bars, etc.) We hold raffles and provide food at the end of the ride. Proceeds from this ride go to our local charities in our community.

2nd is a ride called The Strip Poker Run, this year to be held on July 21st, 2018. This ride is a poker run with stops at surrounding area strip clubs. It is what it is! Guaranteed a good time! The ride starts at our clubhouse, we hit the entire surrounding area strip clubs with an end stop at a local establishment. We hold raffles and provide food, live entertainment, etc. “Best poker hand wins a cash drawing” The proceeds from this ride benefit our local women’s domestic violence shelter.

We have a 3rd ride that we are planning for the first time this year geared towards veterans. This ride will be in September, but we are still in the planning stages and do not have many details on this ride as of yet.

We also hold food drive events in the spring as well as toy drives in the fall and winter months. Our toy drive is named after out Brother Shane “PBS” Weber who lost his life in a tragic accident in 2011.

We also hold an Annual Party once a year as well as open house once a month at our clubhouse. As you can see we keep pretty busy throughout the

Q: Insane Throttle- Lately motorcycle clubs have been in the news for some pretty awful things. What do you think of all the fighting going on between clubs in the United States?

Brothers in Chains- Brothers in Chains MC is NOT involved with any violence with any other clubs nor have a side in any “beefs” between any other clubs, so with that being said we really don’t know what to say about it.

On a personal note, I Brian “Dirty” Duval was at another club’s open house and they had just lost one of their brothers to violence. This member spoke up and asked for a moment of silence. When this member spoke about his fallen brother you could hear and see the emotion in his voice, it was at this moment you realized that this man has lost a brother. When you hear about all this violence its worth mentioning that it is not a nameless victim in these acts, it’s a brother, father, uncle or son.

Q: Insane Throttle- With all the bad going on right now in the motorcycle club scene. What do you think the media is missing about what motorcycle clubs are truly about?

Brothers in Chains- The main thing the media is “missing” is that there are no two clubs that are carbon copies of one another. There are clubs that might seem similar and there are the types of clubs but at the end of the day, every club operates their own way. So if or when a media outfit paints the MC community with a broad brush, it’s unfair and ignorant to assume a family, ma/pa, charitable and veterans club is the same as a 1%er club.

With all of that being said our local media has been more than fair to our club “Brothers in Chains” we certainly hope that the relationships with our local media stay on good terms.

Q: Insane Throttle- Brothers in Chains is a registered non-profit. Why did your club decide to go with more of a charity focus then go with the more traditional club structure?

Brothers in Chains- First off Brothers in Chains MC operates and conducts itself very much as a traditional MC. Yes the B.I.C MC uses the money raised from our rides and events for charity but we are very much a traditional MC. We ride and party with the best of them, we have church, by-laws, co-mingle with other clubs and conduct ourselves as such.

When our club was founded you have to understand that it was at the height of the recession. Not only was it at a point when the country was going through hard times but the city of Janesville, WI. Home to Brothers in Chains MC, it had been hit hard with the closing of the General Motors plant in 2009. None of our brothers in Brothers in Chains MC would be considered wealthy and there was a need to help our community. Just because you’re a hard riding, hard-partying MC doesn’t mean you cannot make a positive impact on your community.

Q: Insane Throttle- How is the local communities’ acceptance of the Brothers in Chains MC?

Brothers in Chains- I would have to say the communities are open minded to us but are very conscious of the way we conduct ourselves when dealing with local communities. So yeah we typically have a good relationship with the villagers. Lol

The Biker Angel- Insane Throttle Biker News Motorcycle news

Q: Insane Throttle- You mentioned on the Facebook page, Your Dominant also does many good things for the local community. What Dominant club were you referring too, and what kind of charity participation do they have in the community because it’s important for people to hear that not all 1%er clubs are out there causing havoc like the media tries to portray.

Brothers in Chains- When it comes to what another club has done or will do, we ask that you ask that club. Out of respect for all clubs, we only discuss our club Brothers in Chains MC.

Q: Insane Throttle- What do you say to those who will always refer to clubs as criminals as well as anyone that is a member of a club a criminal?

Brothers in Chains- We understand that certain TV shows, documentaries and or media outlets like to make out MC’s as this “sexy villain” of society and yes there is some insistence that can make them out as that. For the most part, the traditional MC’s of the world are just trying to do their thing. Brothers in Chains MC we are all just blue-collar guys trying to ride our scoots and make a positive effect on our communities.

Q: Insane Throttle- What do you think is the biggest misconception about your club?

Brothers in Chains- The biggest misconception we would have to say is that we are closed off to the general public. We still get asked when we advertise an event or ride if it’s open to the general public. Of course, it is we couldn’t do what we do without the public’s help. Sure we hold certain things close to our chest but we try to be as transparent as we can with people.

Q: Insane Throttle- If someone was interested in joining your club, how would they go about doing that? Is there a minimum age etc.?

Brothers in Chains- First step a man should make if he is thinking about joining Brothers in Chains MC is to get to know us. Come out to our events or rides, talk with the brothers and get to know them. Show your face so we can get to know you. If you feel that you would like to make B.I.C MC a home, make your intentions known. If we feel a guy might be a good fit we will take the steps in making him a hang around. If both the club and the individual feel they want to move forward we will move forward with making them a probate. If they make it through the probate period process, they can become a brother with the Brothers in Chains MC. We only accept 21 and older.

Q: Insane Throttle- Where do you see your club in 5 years? Do you have plans for expansion outside of Wisconsin?

Brothers in Chains- We would love to be able to be doing our thing still in the next 5 years. Of course if our charity work wasn’t needed that would be amazing but unfortunately, it is more likely there will still be work to be done.

Q: Insane Throttle- We always saves the toughest question for last. What do Brothers in Chains MC think about Green Bay Packers Quarterback Arron Rogers dating Danica Patrick?

Brothers in Chains- We send Aaron and Danica the best of wishes, just watch the collarbone, Danica, ok! Keepermovin.

Brothers in Chains is a very active motorcycle club in regards to charity and community support. It has been involved in supporting Community Action Inc where the club donated close to 500 toys and more than $1,000 in cash donations to buy gifts.

Other Media on Bikers in Chains M/C

Brothers in Chains M/C insane throttle biker news / motorcycle news

THANK YOU to Brothers in Chains motorcycle club in Janesville for donating close to 500 toys and more than $1,000 in cash donations to buy gifts for teens. Gifts are distributed to children in Beloit, Janesville, Evansville, and Edgerton. Over the past four years, they have provided toys for more than 1,500 children! #BeCommunityAction

Brother in Chains M/C is one of those clubs that deserve to be recognized because they embody the true spirit of what a true traditional motorcycle club is all about. They are hard partiers, hard riders, but most of all, generous to the community around them.

Brothers in Chains M/C is the type of club most 99%er clubs are like. Not the reputation that people are seeing play out on tv screens around the world. The media might have its fantasy on what they think motorcycle clubs are. But they cannot be furthest from the truth. Brothers in Chains M/C destroys that myth. It, like so many other clubs, are the Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, and Grandfathers that make up the community. These men are not out there to sell drugs, rape, and pillage as the media would want to portray them. No, they are the ones out there making the community a better place to live, work, and raise a family. They are everyday Americans just trying to get by and live the best they can with the cards that they are dealt, just like the rest of us.

Way to go Brothers in Chains! From all of us at Insane Throttle Biker News, We Salute you with a raised beer. Keep up the good fight and thank you for everything you do to make the Motorcycle Club scene a great representation of the hard-working men of this country.

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Brothers in Chains Motorcycle Club- Showing the world what true motorcycle clubs are really about


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