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Bikers Unite Against Twin Peaks: Cost for first trial is $600,000 , Citizens of Texas not happy. Will we stand as one?

The citizens of Texas are starting to get fed up with the charade that is Twin Peaks. To know the cost of just the first trial is $600,000, that begs the question, How much is the other 150 so cases going to cost? If you even average it at half the cost of this first case, it would be a whopping 45,000,000 dollars this inept DA whom himself is under investigation for corruption, will eventually cost the taxpayers.

When will it be time for the American Citizen to stand up and say “Enough is Enough” with these politicians taking advantage of those who go to work daily, those who work up to two or three jobs to scrape a living only to see their money go to something as stupid as this? You only have to look at what’s going on now with this government shutdown to see where the American Taxpayer ranks with these politicians. They shut down an entire government over people that are ILLEGAL, where is the logic in that?

We need to wake up, stop being so complacent in being bent over and robbed of the money we put the sweat in for. Under no circumstances should 177 people have been arrested for this bullshit and people know it. But what do we do as a Biker community? We sit there and whine and cry over the internet, whine and cry at the Confederation of Clubs about how patch members are always being discriminated against. Give me a break with all the show, you want to do something about all this? Get a half a million bikes parked outside of this District Attorneys doorstep, get a half of a million bikes parked outside of the State Capital of Texas. Stand up and be a biker and FIGHT for once. Stop the crying and whining about how bad bikers are being treated and do something about it.

The Confederation of Clubs as a whole nationwide organization has its chance right now to step up to the plate and show its worth. Stop the talking, get a run organized with all the other biker organizations and take some action. The lawyers in this Confederation of Clubs are useless, they will sit there and blow smoke up your asses all day long, it’s the member clubs of the organization that need to come together to fight this. It’s a perfect chance for the member clubs to come together and stop all the fighting among each other and stand as one unifying force.

Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of women across the country came together for that “Woman’s March”. You mean to tell me that we cannot get the clubs together, the Abates together, the independent riders together for a cause like this? A cause that has a direct result of how bikers are treated? I can bet, these morons see hundreds of thousands of bikers coming together, clubs standing together, won’t scare the shit out of this government and actually achieve something? If women can organize in those types of numbers, are you telling me that the biker community who talks about brotherhood and sisterhood can’t do that as well?

Maybe this is what the biker community needed for all of us to come together as one. An overreach of such immense scale, we all finally said enough as a culture and did something about it. How’s August 25th sound? If there is enough interest in this Insane Throttle would help coordinate it. Call it “The Stand against Twin Peaks” or whatever, lets just come together, friend and foe and tell these people enough is enough. Let’s have an old-school rally right outside this DAs fucking front door. Show him and all these other politicians this is our country and we will not tolerate this kind of bullshit any longer.

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Source: Waco Tribune Herald

Trib staff writer Cassie L. Smith’s story about McLennan County pressing the state to reimburse $600,000 in costs associated with the first Twin Peaks trial sparked plenty of outrage from readers — not over the Trib’s account but because of District Attorney Abel Reyna, subject of allegations he hijacked a murder investigation from Waco police after the 2015 biker shootout and threw 177 individuals in jail on dubious charges. He is now fighting for re-election amid county concerns about not only criminal trials but civil lawsuits piling up. Here’s a sampling of comments on the Waco Trib Facebook page:

Al Denton: Here we go again, fellow citizens: the county requesting $600,000 for a trial that ended in a mistrial and had no full courtroom of people at any time. The numbers have not been justified by anyone or anything. I am a very strong supporter of law enforcement but not of prosecutorial abuse. Keep in mind, the funds being requested do not include the millions the county and city will owe when these imminent lawsuits are settled and/or lost!


Corrupt DA Reyes in charge of Twin Peaks Trials

Mike Smith: And the majority of funds are for the dog and pony show they put on to sway jurors into believing they were in danger from the bikers. No one was in any danger.

Paula Carroll Swann: OUTRAGED over this waste of taxpayer money. Now compare this to the $8,000 that [defense attorney] Casie Gotro received for the first trial. Keep in mind all the lies and evidence kept from her: the months she spent trying to weed through the evidence dump of mostly garbage because there is no evidence because Reyna interfered with an ongoing investigation which he ended before it started. [He tried] to make a name for himself by charging everyone with a crime that wasn’t even committed. Reyna is [the one] who should have been brought before the grand jury for the crime he committed of interfering with an ongoing police investigation as well as committing perjury of his actions.

Darlene Kramer: If the state has one iota of sense, they will decline this request, citing irresponsible spending. By the way, as an addendum: Taxpayers, whether in or outside of McLennan County, should be contacting their state senators and representatives about this. Just because this is happening “somewhere else” doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. Don’t allow yourself to be forced to pay for one man’s overblown ego.

Todd Jackson: I am sure it makes perfectly good sense to Reyna for the fine folks in Comfort, Texas, or Marble Falls and every other city in the state to pay for his inept decisions. However, it does not sit very well with me in Ovilla. If the press covered this the way they should, the entire state would be just a little-pissed off.

Michael Friederich: The state needs to say NO. Decisions have consequences! The DA made the ham sandwich, he needs to eat it now….

Andrew Lopez: There was no reason for all the metal gates and [deputy] sheriffs [in courthouse security]. They overreacted just like the storm we were supposed to have had [this week].

David Duke: Suck it up. You wanted to arrest and send to trial all them people, not the state.

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Bikers Unite Against Twin Peaks: Cost for first trial is $600,000 , Citizens of Texas not happy. Will we stand as one?


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