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What do people learn after watching Game of Thrones? Lessons for Your Unpredictable Lives.

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From Ned Stark:

  • Honesty is a precious gift. Do not expect it from everyone. Nor expect everyone to understand,
  • It is only when a man is afraid he is truly brave,
  • There is bravery and valour in forgiving people. Just give it to those who are worthy of it.
  • Some secrets are better kept hidden, even from the ones you love.
  • What is honour compared to a woman’s love? What is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms … or the memory of a brother’s smile?
  • Treat your people well, be fair, just, and keep your promises. You will leave an ever lasting legacy.

From Robb Stark:

  • Get good counsel from your fellow men, Your decisions will be great,
  • Keep your word and promise, breaking it will make certain people angry, and even kill you in a wedding feast,

From Arya Stark:

  • It is okay to be vulnerable every now and then. You cannot have a pack with you if they don’t know the real you,
  • Resilience and persistence are underrated qualities,
  • It is okay to break stereotypes and follow ones’ hearts’ desire. It will be hard, but not impossible,
  • Do not dwell in anger. While it can keep you alive, it scars you,
  • Keep learning, and keep practising,
  • Good deeds do pay-off,
  • Even if you take a hundred identities, you are not truly lost, as long as your core identity persists,

From Sansa Stark:

  • Life is beautiful in stories, but harsh in real life,
  • Power has two variants: a tangible one, and a subtle one; and more often, the subtle one is more powerful,
  • People take you for granted if you pretend to be stupid; and, in return, they tell you all their secrets, and show their true selves,
  • Gentleness, courtesy, and kindness goes a long way; these are the ones that makes people respect you, and love you,
  • Even when it seems everything is lost, not all is lost,
  • Tough times and adversity show yourself who you really are,

From Jon Snow:

  • It takes courage to do the right thing, very few are capable of that,
  • Ask counsel when needed, it helps,
  • Be nice and respectful to people, especially your peers,
  • Despite unfairness, people can still rise above via noble means,
  • The guy who says to keep your enemies closer did not have much enemies,
  • No matter what good you do, there will be people who despise you,
  • Many people look at short term benefits than long term returns,
  • If you prove that you are loyal to people, and treat them well, they will fight for you, fight with you, and even die for you,

From Brandon Stark:

  • What you love to do might end up hurting you,
  • If you have a higher calling, go for it,
  • Some family members are bonded by blood, while some are bonded by friendship,

From Renly Baratheon:

  • Confidence and Charisma attract people, but without anything meaningful, it is just an empty glamour.

From Robert Baratheon:

  • Brag about something that you are exceptionally good!
  • Hatred makes you a bitter person,
  • Unless a major setback or a trauma occurs, one’s true nature will remain the same.
  • If you are not happy at what you are doing, take steps to rectify it,
  • Also, do not ignore your duties, as it can lead to opportunistic people to take advantage,

From Stannis Baratheon:
  • Show too much kindness, they will not respect you,
  • While people appreciate fairness and justice, they cannot connect with you if you are too stern, rigid, uncompromising, and brutally outspoken. These qualities might make you respectable. However, they can win only few people,
  • Reward people for bravery, honesty, and loyalty. It reaps benefits in the long run,
  • Despite your situation, do your duty.
  • Even if you have a massive and unfair trump card (Shadow Babies), do not use it. It only means to come and bite you back.

From Catelyn Tully:

  • Family ties are important, and that is the world to a Mother,
  • Mother’s love for her children is immense, to the point that it can make a mother make irrational decisions (Also common to Cersei Lannister),
  • No matter how emotional you are, think straight,
  • Do not make promises from people whom you cannot trust, no matter how desperate you are,

From Cersei Lanninster:

  • You have free will! Just because a Maegi said a prophesy does not mean the same thing will happen. Your future is in your hands,
  • Some people take you granted for your gender, no doubt. Be strong to disprove them,
  • Arrogance, and lust for control and power corrupts people,
  • Mother’s love for her children is immense, to the point that it can make a mother make irrational decisions (Also common to Catelyn Tully)
  • Paranoia never helps, it only increases your worries. Worse, it clouds your eyes to see the world as it is,
  • Be careful as to whom you surround yourself with; it is better to have honest people who disagree with you rather than fools who nod their heads like sheep,
  • Many people take you for granted or less seriously for your lack or short coming of skills, not because of your gender,
  • Yes, you need to keep playing the Game of Thrones to stay alive, but if you do not play well, you are bound to be disposed of,
  • Hypocrisy is a double edged sword.

From Tywin Lannister:

  • If you want to build a legacy, then treat your children well, and your men well,
  • Fear might make you strong and invincible, but the moment you’re dead, you will be forgotten,
  • Some wars are won by the tip of a sword, while some are done by the tip of a quill,
  • Don’t try hard to please anyone, it never makes you happy,

From Jaime Lannister:

  • Life is certainly unfair. While your intentions might be noble, not everyone is like that,
  • If you are arrogant, then people will see even a good deed done by you badly,
  • The fall of one’s reputation is hard, nevertheless, one can redeem it with the right actions, however slow it might be,
  • Things you do for love might make you regret later. Moreover, while you do things out of love, don’t expect people to reciprocate it the same way,
  • Practise restraint every now and then. It helps,
  • If you are too good at something, do not let that be the only good gift you have,

From Tyrion Lannister:

  • People will unfairly judge you, even your father,
  • Have a control over your tongue; you might ease your way out in tricky situations with sweet words, but it will land you in trouble,
  • Use your talents well,
  • Don’t try hard to please anyone, it never makes you happy,
  • Reading makes your brain sharp, but not necessarily wise,
  • Never forget who you are, own it and be proud of it,

From Brienne Tarth:

  • While genders are real, gender norms are just social constructs,
  • Being in a particular gender does not make you any less than what you are capable of,
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself,
  • Persistence, and Patience, are important,
  • No matter how good you are, some people will judge and undermine you. Just brush it off and move on,

From Samwell Tarly:
  • It takes a special sort of courage to admit one’s cowardice,
  • While some are good with swords, some are good with words. Do what you love,
  • Keep reading. Knowledge is power, and wealth,
  • Fighting a war is just one form of bravery. Mustering one’s courage to face death on it’s icy face to save your loved ones is more than bravery,
  • At the end of the day, a kindness, care, loyalty, honesty, and compassion are the ones required to find love,
  • You do not have to feel bad if you do not excel in a path laid down by others, even your father. Do well and excel in a path you love and like,
  • It is not the bravest who survive, rather, the one who strives hard and persist,

From Daenerys Targaryen:

  • Fire DOES kill a dragon,
  • Don’t be a hypocrite,
  • Strive for what you want, and work hard. You reach your goal eventually,
  • Make wise and logical decisions, not emotional ones,
  • Use your powers well,
  • Before you start a work, know how to finish it. Similarly, before you flip the table and demolish a massive practice, find a way to restore peace,

Above mentioned are opinions which are concluded by watching the epic TV Show Game of Thorns, I personally recommend you to see this TV Show these is vary helpful to make your decision in you unpredictable life. 

If you find out something more wiser that this please give me chance to add that point in this list by just comment below. I believe that life is not tougher then Game of Thorns where kings die like flies.

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What do people learn after watching Game of Thrones? Lessons for Your Unpredictable Lives.


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