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Battle of Wheels

I'm doing this a little out of order (this is episode 21) so sue me.


The boys are playing commandos and rubbing dirt on their faces. Tim makes a predictable makeup joke. Then he goes out into the Garage bashes his patella against Jill's pottery wheel. Of course, he's annoyed because he doesn't want her in there making pots in his sacred hot rod building space. But he agrees to let her stay in the garage.

On Tool Time, Tim forgets to put stops in a drawer and flings it across the stage. He blames Al, but Al calls him out. After the show, Al gives Tim the silent treatment. Tim prods him and Al says he's frustrated with Tim's lack of respect for him. He goes on to say that Tim doesn't know jack shit about home repair and Tim says being host is harder than Al thinks. This leads to that time-honored sitcom trope: the role reversal. Tim suggests that on the next show, Al should try hosting while Tim plays the be-flanneled assistant. Al agrees.

Tim has a water fight with Brad and Randy. Jill sneaks up on them and catches him. Tim makes a sex joke, and Jill flips it on him and turns it into a joke about him being the two-pump-chump type.

Tim and Jill go into the garage where Tim welds his hot rod and Jill blasts opera music. Tim compares it to a proctology exam and unplugs her CD player. Tim asks her to leave, and then they have a big fight about whether making pottery is acceptable garage activity. He accidentally shoves his fingers through the one pot Jill has successfully made.

Jill finds Mark tied up in the closet. She confronts Brad and Randy for being little assholes.

Jill makes a schedule so they can share the garage. Tim calls the garage 'his' and they fight about it.

Al hosts Tool Time. He wears a weird tie and unsuccessfully imitates Tim's grunt. He appropriates a bunch of Tim's lame puns. I don't get why Al tries to copy Tim; his whole point was that Tim's hosting style isn't serious enough and that Tim acted like an idiot. Wouldn't Al want to prove that a more serious, knoweldge-based approach to the show is better than stupid jokes and off-topic soliloquies about random shit? I suppose if they actually did that, Al's version would be better and the episode wouldn't be funny (heh) but the way this episode is constructed still doesn't make sense. But whatever.

Anyway, Tim usually uses the show as a space to vent about Jill, but Al -- poor single Al -- doesn't have a wife so all he can complain about is a cashier who bitched at him for buying too many frozen lima beans. We singletons really are pathetic, pitiful wretches, aren't we?

Tim puts an end to the train wreck by getting his finger stuck in an air compressor or something like that. Al rescues Tim and they tell the audience that the 'accident' was staged. Al is very grateful for Tim for not sitting back and watching Al go down in flames. Tim makes another of his trademark puns, Al replies with his 'I don't think so, Tim' catchphrase and everything's back to normal. Whew.

Back at the Taylor house, Tim erases Jill's name from the garage schedule. Randy, the smartest person in the Taylor house, catches him. He chases Randy outside. Wilson is on the other side of the fence, miniature brushes in hand, painting a self portrait. He continues to paint while Tim fills him in on the garage issue.

Wilson hypothesizes that Jill wants to keep her pottery wheel in the garage so that she can 'feel a connection and preserve intimacy.' (Translation: bitches be needy.) He goes into the house and tells Jill that he knows she wants more time with him and she shoots that theory right the fuck down. She says she does it to get away from Tim and the kids. Seems like she should have, you know, not put her pottery wheel in the garage. But whatever. Logic.

Tim and Jill bone down in the garage.

After, Tim tells Wilson he was wrong about Jill's motives and Wilson immediately correctly guesses that Jill wants more time alone. He quotes Khalil Gibran and tells Tim that he can't always dispense his best advice early in the day.

It's an OK episode. Fighting over who gets to use the garage for their hobby seems like a very pre-Great Recession kind of problem. I find it hard to give a shit. Plus, I would have liked to have seen Al be himself as Tool Time host, succeed, and cause Tim to question his whole world view.

But with 7 more seasons to go, I guess that would've been a tall order.

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Battle of Wheels


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