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Are you a B.C. Manager ?

Yes.... Are you a B.C. Manager ?
No this is not about whether you have a 'Before Christ Managementstyle'.....
The question actually is:

Are you a Border Collie Manager ?

But seriously now.. let's start with...

What is a Border Collie?
A Border Collie is a special kind of dog, trained to herd sheep.
The herding instinct of Border Collies is in fact the original killing instinct of a wolf that - over the past two hundred years - has been toned down through selective breeding. Border Collies circle the livestock at the far end and bring it back to the handler.

How do Border collies manage?
Border Collies tend:
  • not to use force (initially) to drive the livestock where they want to
  • use what is known as "eye", a sort of threatening stare-down that intimidates the stock into moving in the desired direction
  • If the non-physical means of moving stock doesn't work, his natural instinct is to slowly escalate the encounter into an ever-increasing use of force.
  • Barking, nipping, and eventually gripping (biting) are used to get the point across to the more stubborn sheep.

Now let's translate this behavior into a management environment.
Think of yourself in the position of a CEO who has to manage his managers (border collies) in the managementteam.
Your managers have 'to deal' with your employers (with all respect: the sheep in this example).

Now, please think about the next considerations:
  • Would you like your managers to operate like border collies
    At first site it may look like your managers don't have their own opinion. They act on your whistle. But looking closer, managers - like border collies - have a clear goal, make their own decisions and act as a coherent team without mutual competition to achieve their goal.

  • Would you like your employees to be treated like sheep by your managers?
    Of course you wouldn't! Your employees are the key factors in achieving the success of the company. And looking closer, your managers - like border collies - treat your employees (the sheep) intentionally with dignity en gradually build an adequate approach for each employee. So each employee (sheep) has the possibility to learn and develop itself.

Of course, every comparison (this one too) has its limits.In practice you'ld probably some of your best "sheep" to operate as border collies too. You as the CEO of the company are responsible for the Corporate Teambuilding
of you border collies.

The principals of border collie management are trained by TLC according to the next two managementprinciples

TLC Management Principles

Body Language and the Boardroom
You don’t have to be a mountaineer or orienteer to learn about team spirit, body language and leadership skills. In fact you don’t need to run, climb, or engage in any strenuous exercise. Sheepdogs are excellent teachers of patience, understanding, tolerance and teamwork. They have their own form of ‘language,’ and learning the communication skills of a ‘thinking dog’ is fascinating.

TLC - Think Like Canines
Dogs in a pack work together in harmony for the good of the pack. They don’t argue about their position, they accept and respect leadership but use their initiative whenever the need arises.

For years shepherds and their dogs have worked together, neither one afraid to take responsibility, to delegate or to question a decision that could ultimately save time and energy. Is it any wonder that the humble sheepdog is proving invaluable as a role model for the corporate world?

From the managing director to the tea maker everyone is important and everyone is part of a team.

You, as a CEO Super Border Collie of course handle this process with dignity and respect. Be conscious, be a border collie manager if the situation demands to be one.

- TLC : Thinking Like Canines
- The Ten Management Principles of Supercommunity Banking

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Are you a B.C. Manager ?


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