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Elin Teed-Off; Tiger Ran For Cover

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I love a good mystery! Give me some clues I can wrap my mind around and I'll develop a possible scenario. I can't help doing it. I believe it's innate and fueled by my insatiable desire to read at least one mystery book a week.

The Tiger Woods recent media splash is the jump start my mind needed to occupy itself during these dreary, cold days. I've considered the few facts we've been given, taken into account the personalities of the main characters, and factored in what research tells us about human nature. I've created a possible scenario that put the Woods family into the middle of the media blitz.

That early morning, Elin and Tiger got into a explosive argument about Tiger's indiscretions. Elin either suspected or knew of them for sometime. The claims of tabloids brought the situation to a head; a head that had been festering for a while. Fans are wondering why all the event happened in the wee hours. That's easy to explain. Parents wait until their are tucked in before they approach a delicate subject. The wealthy have an added wait until the domestics retire for the night. Early morning hours are the only time the Woodses could argue privately. Then again, maybe Tiger awaken to find Elin's side of the bed empty, went to investigate, and discovered her searching his desk for proof of his infidelities. Something started the emotional fire that eventually caused Tiger to crash, but not burn.

Fact: Elin smashed the windows of the Escalade. I believe she did, but BEFORE the wreck, not after as she said. During the argument, Elin is livid, more furious than Tiger has ever seen her. She is out of her mind with rage. First, she is a woman. She is hurt, humiliated, and filled with several other emotions we could imagine when she finds she's been betrayed. Her husband has taken a mistress while she's home bearing and caring for his children. I suspect more alleged mistresses will start emerging like cockroaches when the lights go out.

Second, she morphs into the enraged mother bear whose cubs are threatened. Elin is the one to protect the family's privacy and is especially vigilant of her children's exposure to the media. She tries to create a normal household in spite of her husband's fame and fortune. His actions will have the media circling the family like a school of piranha, ready to rip it apart. Elin knows this will happen if any word leaks that Tiger is an adulterer.

Third, she has a competitive streak. Tiger once said in an interview that Elin was more competitive than him. This is a woman that's not going to sit back and knit while Tiger goes on the hunt. She's going to fight anyone who wrongs her.

During the row, Elin confronts Tiger with what she knows and what she thinks of him as a man, a father, and a husband. Since Tiger's guilty as all-get-out and Elin has the goods, his best defense is no defense. Elin has the Tiger by the tail. The champ decides he had better leave the house until Elin returns to her senses or he leaves to initiate damage control measures. The fight or flight theory at it's finest. Tiger goes to his SUV (flight) and Elin follows (fight). On her way out, she grabs a golf club from a bag in the garage. As her husband rolls down the driveway, Elin smashes a window and then another. The distraction causes Tiger to veer into the hydrant and tree. You see, Tiger can't drive a golf ball unless he has complete silence. That's why his caddy berates those that don't give Tiger his due. Distractions cause him to drive his ball erratically, apparently his SUV's too.

Fact: Most of the damage to the SUV was on the passenger's side. No account I read states that the driver's door was jammed. So why was it necessary for Elin to break both back windows to free him as was claimed? OK, maybe the car doors automatically lock at a certain speed. Wouldn't one window have been enough to pop the locks? Free him from what? The airbags didn't deploy and the most damage was on the opposite side from where Tiger sat. Photos of the windows show sharp shards of glass jutting from the frames. Obviously, Woods wasn't rescued by pulling him out through a window. I haven't read anywhere how she supposedly got him out.

Fact: Elin had a golf club. Where did she get it? Out of the back of the SUV? If the cargo area was unlocked, the other doors would have been, also. Why break two windows then? She ran down the driveway after hearing the crash, inspected the damaged, and accessed the situation. Realizing that she needed to free Tiger, she ran back to the house an grabbed a golf club. Not likely for a number of reasons. Elin heard the crash and thought she might need the club so she grabbed it before she ran to Tiger's aid. That doesn't wash either. Readers, she already had the club because she had been ATTACKING the car as Tiger ran for cover.

Before the emergency people started arriving, Elin concocted the rescue story to explain why she was at the scene so fast, had a club, and why the SUV's windows were broken out. She shifted into her mother bear mode to protect her family.....Tiger may have been included.

As more of the drama unfolds, I'm anxious to see how close my scenario comes to what really happened in that posh neighborhood in the wee hours. How close do you think I've come to being right? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Elin Teed-Off; Tiger Ran For Cover


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