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Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

There are many great resources on the Internet that will help you achieve the life you desire. These are all resources that I use on a daily basis in my life. I continue to use them because they work, and I highly recommend them. This list will be frequently updated as I find new resources to share with you.

Success in Life

The Healing Codes – I’ve used a lot of systems over the years, but nothing works the way this one does.
The Healing CodesIt actually helps you heal all the toxic feelings and emotions you are feeling. When you heal those feelings and emotions, it opens the door to experience success in every area of your life, and you will experience it effortlessly. I used this to heal my Post Traumatic Stress and depression, and it will also help you with healing any physical issues you may have because it heals the underlying causes. When you heal the underlying root causes of your illness, it frees your body to heal naturally since the body is self healing. Heal your mind, and you can heal your body.

Brain Evolution System – If you want to immediately reduce your stress, sleep better and not have to Brain Evolution Brain Entrainmentsleep as long, master your emotions and skyrocket your energy levels, this is the program for you. It will also help you elevate your moods, and it will sharpen your thinking too. I love using this program because it’s an easy way to recharge and feel better fast.

Health and Fitness

6 Minutes to Skinny – The most frustrating thing about getting in shape when you’re over 40 is time and 6 Minutes to Skinnythe types of exercise you do. It’s also harder to lose weight. The 6 Minutes to Skinny program takes care of all that because you only have to work out 6 minutes a day. It also includes drinking a daily shake that helps you improve your metabolism and burn more fat. You’ll lose weight effortlessly using this program, and you don’t need any equipment to do the exercises.

Lightning Speed Fitness – This is another great Workout that will help you get fit in just minutes a day, Lightning Speed Fitnessand it’s so easy to do. It only includes one exercise, and you can start out exercising just one minute a day. Great workout for beginners, and it’s also a great workout for anyone who wants to get super fit and have a great body doing just body weight. Although this is a great any time workout, and you can do this workout for a lifetime, it’s also a great workout because it’s easy and can be done anywhere. He also includes other exercises to help you get fit and firm all over.

Turbulence Training – If you don’t like working out every day, then this is the workout I recommend. You Turbulence Trainingonly have to work out 20 minutes a day, three times a week, and you’ll get a great body. The exercises are easy, and you don’t need any equipment. Great workout for beginners, and there are workouts for intermediate and advanced exercisers. You don’t need any equipment for this workout either as all the exercises are body weight. You will work ever muscle though. Because beginners can do it, you won’t have trouble with being sore.

The 5 Tibetan Rites – Of all the workouts I have done, this is the best Anti Aging Workout. It will help you The 5 Tibetan Ritesturn back the clock, and you can do it in less than 10 minutes per day. Want to start your day off right? Use this workout. You’ll feel younger and stronger, and you’ll have more energy than you ever thought possible. It’s not just a great anti aging workout either. It’s a great way to get strong flexible muscles and joints at any age, and it can be done pretty much anywhere you have a little space. It’s generally a 10 week program where you start out with three repetitions of each of the exercises and advance to 21 at the end of the 10 weeks. Although this may not sound strenuous, it will get you in great shape.

Dating and Relationship Advice

Conversation Chemistry – Do you feel awkward when talking to men? Does he call for the first date and Conversation Chemistrynot the second? Then it could be your conversation skills. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to talk to men and feel comfortable doing it, this is the program for you. It will help you learn how to talk to all men. The best part is that you’ll learn how to draw a man out, get him talking and keep him talking. You’ll learn how to connect through conversation and find common ground effortlessly.

Forever Yours – This program actually does two things for you: it shows you how to understand what a Forever Yoursman is thinking through the Inside a Man’s Mind program, and it shows you how to start off your relationship on the right foot and take it through to your destination whether you’re looking to get married or just want a great boyfriend. If you’re already in a relationship, then you can fix many of your communication problems and make them a thing of the past. What I liked about this package was that it helped you to cheat proof your relationship. If you follow the techniques he offers, your man won’t ever cheat on you.

Monogamy Junkie – This package is different from the others in that it shows you how to connect with a Monogamy Junkieman on a chemical level. You’ll discover what you need to do to get him to feel what you need him to feel on a chemical level. It will make it very easy for you to connect, and he will want to stay with you because he’ll feel the right chemical combinations in his brain that inspire love and connection. The techniques that are offered are really simple too, so it won’t take much for you for you to connect with your man on a deeper level and make him absolutely addicted. It also works with a man you have just met too.

Why Men Pull Away – Have you just started dating a man you really like, and he pulled away? Maybe Why Men Pull Awayyou’ve been in a relationship for years and your man pulls away just when you think things are great, or he’s been distant for some time now. Regardless of which situation you are in, you can make it easy for your man to come back. He will love you more, and he will want to do the things that will make you happy. You’ll receive the appreciation and love you deserve. This too is a simple program because it allows you to ask him three simple questions. These questions will allow you to reconnect, and you’ll reconnect on a deeper level.

Wealth: Make Money Online/Internet Marketing

Hostgator – I have been using Hostgator hosting for years. It’s always up, and it’s really inexpensive.
HostgatorYou can install all kinds of different scripts and content management systems on it including WordPress, Joomla and others, and it runs really fast. They provide inexpensive monthly billing, and you can even purchase dedicated hosting if your sites get that much traffic. The tech support is fast, reliable and dependable, and they will take care of any problems you may have.

Pindrill – There are a lot of systems online you can use to autopost your social media content. I like Pindrill the best because it allows you to post to all of the top sites including Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also get different membership levels that add extra features like viral content you can use to promote if you don’t have content of your own. It’s very easy to use, and you can upload your content fast. There’s also a WordPress plugin that allows you to export all your links, and you can use a CSV file to upload content to be posted in bulk.

Best Free Resources

Leads Leap – This is a completely free advertising system. It allows you to promote your content using Leads Leapfree ads similar to Google Adwords. You also earn credits for looking at others’ ads, or you can take the low cost upgrade to get a certain number of credits each month. There is plenty of step by step training to help you set up the system and get the most from your advertising efforts. Several proprietary tools are included, including a list builder script that allows you to build a list and make a one time offer so you can earn money while building your list. The feature I liked the most was the One Sign Up a Day report you can brand and give away to get easy referrals. Highly recommended for those who want to build traffic to internet marketing and make money online offers and squeeze pages.

Listwire – It’s very seldom that you can get a free autoresponder of this quality or even a free autoresponder at all now. Listwire allows you to Listwirebuild up to 12 lists in one account. You can add as many subscribers to you list as you like, and you can also add as many automated email messages as you like. The system also allows you to schedule messages, and you can schedule as many messages as you like to go out when you need them too. You can create text or HTML messages or a combination of the two. Opt in code is available in both javascript for easy copying and pasting, or you can use the HTML code and customize it to suit your needs. It’s a very easy system to use, and it’s run by internet marketing expert Gary Ambrose.

Social Monkee – Link building is an important part of promoting your business in the search engines. Social MonkeeThe more quality links you have, the better your pages and sites will rank in the search engines. Social Monkee allows you to build backlinks to your website easily, and you can add up to three links per day to the system. You start out building 25 backlinks to your link. If you promote the system, it allows you to get even more backlinks, and it’s all free. There is a low cost upgrade for those who want it that offers tons of features, including integration with Only Wire. You can also get articles written to promote your business, and these are inexpensive too. Highly recommended for white hat link building and SEO.

If you want more free stuff, then check out my Free Stuff page.

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Recommended Resources


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