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Babilonia – Appunti … · 14:14 09 Dec 2018
Prendo un  testo a caso: Emergenza Mixtape! Bella Gordo! Ye! Sfera Ebbasta! Hey tipa. vieni in camera con me! Luccico, quando esco per la strada Luccico, non esco se non ho un completo… Read More
Hpositivo · 12:13 09 Dec 2018
Todo homem deseja a felicidade; mas há que buscar e buscando se espera encontrar. Contudo, pode ser que a felicidade seja uma coisa diferente para cada um, de modo que cada homem busq… Read More
Counting Down | I M… · 09:31 09 Dec 2018
I’m participating, this year, in three simultaneous daily projects related to the holiday season. On Twitter, I’m doing #MusicAdvent, which involves sharing a youtube music vide… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 08:00 09 Dec 2018
RT @owenawhaley: Brock Turner raped somebody and served three months in prison. Cyntoia Brown was kidnapped, made a sex slave, fought for… -> RT @washingtonpost: Tuskegee Airman Ch… Read More
Taipei 101
Murmurs From The Hea… · 07:13 09 Dec 2018
We recently been to Taiwan for a conference. It was our first visit. Taiwan is also known as the Republic of China as historically it is closely linked with China. You can even argue that Ta… Read More
Treat & Trick · 06:28 09 Dec 2018
This chicken recipe is made with freshly ground spices with  easy method.There are tons of recipe for Kerala Chicken Curry, you can find online.   Some uses fresh coconut … Read More
Day 3271
Some Assembly Requir… · 01:49 09 Dec 2018
It's been raining steadily for several days now. The leak in the ceiling is spreading and I have several buckets out now. I became alarmed when water started dripping out of one of the can l… Read More
It Rained Today
Life 101 · 01:26 09 Dec 2018
It rained today.Hard.I had to shoot pictures in the rain.Did I mention that it rained today?Hard? Tonight, it's raining.Hard.I know because it's making random rhythms on the roof.My coa… Read More
Tactical Financial A… · 00:04 09 Dec 2018
As a young boy, I remembered hearing a story in the book of Revelations. When the devil came back to Earth, he would command people to follow him. He would command a lot of people. In order… Read More
The Life And The Vie… · 17:05 08 Dec 2018
From the corner of my teary eyes, while lying on my tummy, I saw her quietly came to the room, sat cross-legged on the sofa-cum-bed by my head, picked up my head gently while saying, “… Read More
Shoe Candy
Daily Refreshing · 16:57 08 Dec 2018
The following 'sweet' shoe is pushing new boundary and adding vibrancy to the competition for footwear.This revolutionary shoe might just be what you are looking for, especially if you have… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 11:30 08 Dec 2018
— LYNCH MOB JUSTICE — In the warm glow of sunset, December 8, 1883, five heavily armed men rode into the mining town of Bisbee in southern Arizona Territory. All five wore masks… Read More
The Flow
Mind Frame Shift · 07:59 08 Dec 2018
I do try to make my writing flow, when the words fall upon the page just so each with clear cadence and brings a certain iridescence A poem isn’t a necessary feature although the rh… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 22:50 07 Dec 2018
OK, time to make this official. When it comes to the festive season, there is very little that annoys me.  It’s my favourite time of year.  However, as much as it is a time f… Read More
Loose Feathers #675
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:00 07 Dec 2018
Greater Sage-Grouse / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsThe Trump administration plans to remove protections from the Greater Sage-Grouse and reduce its protected habitat by ov… Read More
15 Most Creative Bedroom Ideas.
Crookedbrains · 14:05 07 Dec 2018
Collection of the 'Most Creative Bedroom Ideas' from all over the world. Harry Potter Themed Nursery Room: Harry Potter has made an everlasting impression on most of us. Illinois-based paren… Read More
In The Flow
Catching Happiness · 13:00 07 Dec 2018
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash“Water teaches us things, with the most valuable lesson probably being: flow! Go through life with ease and elegance, follow the path o… Read More
'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.36
The Far Queue · 08:15 07 Dec 2018
I can tell your nameby the markings on your face~ David Byrne ‘U.B. Jesus’ 2001Rick GriffinHow long does it take for the inevitable to be born into the funk of the mundane soap o… Read More
Political Hogwah
The Blog · 03:19 07 Dec 2018
Return To Civility Means Surrender To The Democrats And Media The recent death of President George H.W. Bush is being used by the left to highlight the hope of a return to the "civility" of… Read More
Zuppa Thai
Lucadea - Photo And … · 05:06 06 Dec 2018
Zuppa thai Zuppa thai. Sto navingando in Asia e non posso esimermi dal mettervi foto di piatti thailandesi. Questa e’ una zuppetta di verdure e pollo (o maiale?). Tutto gustosissimo… Read More
Counseling Kevin · 03:52 06 Dec 2018
SHIFTING THE SUN ---Diana Der-Hovanessian When your father dies, say the Irish you lose your umbrella against bad weather. May his sun be your light, say the Armenians. When your father dies… Read More
Among The Stacks
A Clothes Horse · 18:31 05 Dec 2018
I've taken pictures in this dreamy library before, but never in the upstairs section! As you might be able to tell by all the leatherbound books, this isn't your average borrowing library bu… Read More
November 2018
The Bingham Diaries · 18:29 05 Dec 2018
My sister, Verity, does a monthly recap of things and I thought, that's a really good idea. So, RECAP!November started out with guests. My sister Meredith had surgery to repair a hernia, so… Read More
Heartcrossings · 16:44 05 Dec 2018
C is a new hire at the hair salon I visit. She was billed as the up and coming star that cost half of their usual rates. I was willing to try as little can go wrong with my very simple hairs… Read More
Banu Gökyar | Shakti… · 21:52 04 Dec 2018
I have been writing so many blogs none of which I shared lately. It always felt too personal to share by the time I was done. Feelings are pouring out of me as soon as I start writing and I… Read More
Home · 13:34 04 Dec 2018
If there was an easy way out, I would take it.  Shutting down a company and getting a job is not for the faint of heart.  It is a horrible, methodical process of tearing down every… Read More
Art For My Heart
Under The Radar – Da… · 10:35 04 Dec 2018
The disease has damaged my heart, but it doesn’t have to do any more damage if I can get proper treatment. Of course, proper treatment is expensive... I need help, but since I don&rsq… Read More
Can A Bunting Bunt?
Wordmall · 20:58 03 Dec 2018
In answer to Tom’s question whether bunting, the bird, and a bunt in baseball are connected, I have to say that there is no connection. The name of the bird may come from a Scots word… Read More
Miseducated · 20:06 03 Dec 2018
Who said Mondays have to be a draining, uninspired pity party? Let’s have a Monday inspiration party. Mood Board post category acquired. Last night we welcomed the new week by having a… Read More
Best Korean Bb Cream
Saif Ahmed Khatri's … · 18:58 03 Dec 2018
Looking for the best Korean BB cream to try? We rounded up our top picks based on skin type, coverage range, texture, and even price.. Top 10 Korean BB cream Review and Comparison The post B… Read More
Ominous Outcomes...
Owsblog... · 09:42 03 Dec 2018
et tu, Olly? Treason May's chief Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, has warned her that the Northern Ireland 'backstop' in her deal is actually a "bad outcome". That could almost be repeated old… Read More
The Journey – We Are… · 03:54 03 Dec 2018
Years ago there was a game show called To Tell the Truth. The show in which four celebrity panelists are presented with three contestants and must identify which is the “central charac… Read More
The Sound Of Music
I Am Cam Jr! · 23:40 02 Dec 2018
This weekend found me in the company of a couple of musical hotshots!Friday night, I stopped by my favorite watering hole, El Tejano. While imbibing my beloved frozen margaritas, two of my d… Read More