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Snow On Nunhead Scouts Memorial
Transpontine · 17:32 10 Dec 2017
Snow in Nunhead Cemetery today, here on the scouts memorial. This is the burial place of eight boy scouts aged 11 to 14 from the 2nd Walworth troop who were drowned on 3 August 1912 whe… Read More
Shoshin Wants Back
The Blog · 17:15 10 Dec 2017
I don't know if you remember the incident in August regarding my cat, Shoshin, and her job as my assistant and her subsequent firing, but she has now defiantly requested her job back. I'm te… Read More
Antonio F. Marín · 11:10 10 Dec 2017
Tengo que cortarme el pelo. Una vez al mes, más o menos. He leído que crece un centímetro cada no sé cuánto. ¿Y el de la cabeza?, pregunto quisquill… Read More
Vegan Daemon · 08:00 10 Dec 2017
RT @Shvartacus: My MC at the start of Book 1 vs my MC at the start of Book 3 -> RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a #HULK Prize… Read More
Day 2907
Some Assembly Requir… · 04:11 10 Dec 2017
Another year of Santa Paws has come and gone. Today was a big success and I'm pretty sure that we photographed even more dogs than we did last week. We had a several very large dogs today, o… Read More
Go Fishing With Robson Green
Daily Refreshing · 01:32 10 Dec 2017
Robson Green is an aspiring actor and fly-fishing is his cup of tea. And, he has found the perfect match in television shows on fishing adventure.Photo credit: Miranda Bleijenberg by courtes… Read More
Life 101 · 00:14 10 Dec 2017
When I went on Facebook this morning to check birthdays, a picture of Jilda and I popped up. It wastaken before we were married.When I saw it, the image made me smile. Who would have thought… Read More
Alentejano Em Timor · 18:30 09 Dec 2017
Encuentran más de 50 cuerpos de niños y adultos sin vida en la Costa de 'Cancún QR'. COMPARTE urge.: Las hermosas costas de CANCÚN, se vuelven de 'ESPANTO' Read More
The Further Adventur… · 17:15 09 Dec 2017
There can sometimes be a clash of family traditions when you get married. Nothing major: just those things that your family has always done one way, and them another. For my wife and I, ther… Read More
The Journey – We Are… · 15:39 09 Dec 2017
While reading articles on the web; I could not help but notice the repeated theme about how families can handle the stress of family get-togethers. Why are family functions some of… Read More
Another Kind Of Mind… · 15:04 09 Dec 2017
You may recall that I wrote an article on the cult American punk/alternative musician Bob Mould for the excellent Toppermost music site a couple of years ago. Now, it seems that my scribbles… Read More
Law Of Attraction Exercises
Isharedthat · 09:52 09 Dec 2017
There has been much written about how to get what you want through the Law of Attraction, with some of it sounding too good to be true or just downright unbelievable. If you have an open min… Read More
Don’t Forget To Flush
Alienated Me · 08:09 09 Dec 2017
THE MAD BUNNY: One goes through life meeting all kinds of people. (I’ve already elaborated on that, a few scenes back.) But the point is, so many of those people – though only a… Read More
Bubs And Work Buddies #CTST
.square Pegs · 03:39 09 Dec 2017
Who doesn't love this time of year? The build up to the festive season. The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ: a hope, love, peace and joy fest which we call Christmas.I'm just 3 days… Read More
Eddsaid--Musings On … · 23:04 08 Dec 2017
Cynthia and I pretty much take our daily lives for granted. You most likely do the same. I mean, it's your life and you live it all day every day. You've been doing it for years. What's to t… Read More
Indelével · 22:11 08 Dec 2017
Às vezes o mundo é um lugar difícil de habitar e o peso de tudo parece sufocar a alma. Tem dias que enfrentar a vida parece impossível, que somos pequenos e fr&aa… Read More
Sítio Das Ideias · 18:10 08 Dec 2017
SAGRADO!! SACRED!! There's good things about going to church. Ryan Gosling #Chaves #church #church #architecture #christian #jesus #jesuschrist #churchtime #travel #wordofgod #hillsong #jesu… Read More
Loose Feathers #624
A Dc Birding Blog · 15:00 08 Dec 2017
Red-footed Booby / Photo by Andrew S. Wright/USFWSBirds and birding newsA fossil collector turned up a strange theropod fossil that looks like a swan and may have behaved like a cormorant.St… Read More
Don’t Follow A Girl’s Lead
Roosh V · 14:00 08 Dec 2017
My newest video explains the importance of frame and why you shouldn’t allow a girl to dictate the terms of an interaction. Visit my Youtube channel and hit the Subscribe button… Read More
The Magic Blanket Tr… · 11:40 08 Dec 2017
Our family invented our own special kiss. For bedtime. After a fight. Any time we want to feel extra close. Kubla and Liping both kiss my face at the same time. Then Kubla and I both ki… Read More
Tom Rizzo · 10:30 08 Dec 2017
— THE BISBEE MASSACRE — In the warm glow of sunset on December 8, 1883, five heavily armed men rode into the mining town of Bisbee in southern Arizona Territory. All five wore ma… Read More
Organisational Opulence...
Owsblog... · 08:21 08 Dec 2017
With the news that there has been a "sufficient progress" i.e. a breakthrough in the EU/UK Brexit 'negotiations' we can all celebrate that today in 1955 The Flag of Europe was first adopted… Read More
I'm Your Ghost
The Far Queue · 08:15 08 Dec 2017
Chiesa della Sanità o dei Cappuccini - Tropea, Italia ~ by Photo P.I.At one time people conveniently "went mad" and were never heard from again. Like a character in a romantic novel… Read More
Orange Juice For The… · 04:47 08 Dec 2017
I read to my son every night, and it has become a ritual I have come to enjoy as much as he (hopefully) does. I have (gladly) crossed that stage of giant picture books with just three words… Read More
Looking Up
Subplots By Grace · 17:44 07 Dec 2017
The gravel road is dark, save for the orange tip of our lone cigarette, passed between us badass wannabees. A million stars hover overhead, boosting our euphoria. We gaze with strained necks… Read More
Friends Don't Lie
Klcitizen · 16:00 07 Dec 2017
"Friends don't lie ..."Ayat tersebut muncul tiba-tiba dalam ruangan skrin di telefon saya. Saya tengok pengirimnya . "Dah kenapa ni?" Nama pengirim mesej tersebut memang saya kenal… Read More
The Fall Of Fails
Correr Es Mi Destino · 12:23 07 Dec 2017
“Up an down” (because Mark was missing a D), Ottawa, November 2017 It always feels like a new start when we come back to Canada after a trip abroad. I’m just foreign enoug… Read More
STATS – Married Or Abnormal?
Thitherwards · 06:54 07 Dec 2017
STATS – Married or Abnormal? At the Airport we were, waiting for a cousin whose return we awaited since long. After long hours of waiting, there he was. A totally unrecognizable person… Read More
Confessions Of A Lau… · 04:30 07 Dec 2017
It's that time of year again! So, did Sinterklaas bring you something?Captain Midnight must have been good, because Sinterklaas brought him a whole little box of lebkuchen. Lucky Captain Mid… Read More
Cabs Are For Kissing · 04:04 07 Dec 2017
Baseball.It's the one sport I am really a fan of, and I have suffered much because of it. As a kid I was raised as a fan of the New York Giants (baseball, not football) by my father, himself… Read More
The Screaming Pages · 19:35 05 Dec 2017
… that’s all the time I have left before I delve back into school. 9 of my 14 textbooks have arrived. My school email address is configured. My desk space has been set up and a… Read More
Costume Jewelry · 10:44 05 Dec 2017
Yeah, I'm one of those bloggers who don't really blog now. Oh well. Don't have a moment to scratch myself these days, as the kids don't say. But it's quite a learning time. Here are things I… Read More