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Vote For Peace
Victor Alberto Bueno… · 15:31 21 Sep 2023
  Vote for Peace If the night got you in the barbed wire that protects the trenches of nightmares If the noise of shrapnel and the thunder of explosions didn't let you sleep We’l… Read More
Heartcrossings · 12:30 21 Sep 2023
My father is recovering from a sudden bout of illness that left feeling less confident about himself. That sudden loss of control followed by hospitalization for several days, no clear progn… Read More
Looking History And Other Walks
Transpontine · 06:44 21 Sep 2023
A couple of walks coming up in the 'Looking History' series. My walk 'Peckham Against Racism and Fascism' takes place at 11 am on Sunday October 1st and will hopefully do what it says on the… Read More
Diatribesandovations… · 04:52 21 Sep 2023
บาคาร่าเว็บตรง เปิดวิธีการหา… Read More
A Blog About Life In… · 19:03 20 Sep 2023
Intel Core I5 Gen 12 – Dengan 6 core performa dan 4 core efisien (hanya akhiran K), Intel Core i5 adalah pilihan sempurna bagi pelanggan yang mencari performa luar biasa tanpa mengelua… Read More
Heartcrossings · 12:30 20 Sep 2023
Right after work, I went to the Indian grocery store to pick up items I needed to cook for J on her short visit home. She had texted her "requests" earlier in the day and I smiled reading it… Read More
Who Ever Heard Of A … · 04:29 20 Sep 2023
a marvellously mental soviet sci fi filmapparently full of soviet allegories, boh!chock full of Chatlians and PatsaksGravitsappas and Pepelatsand ominous Tranklucatorson the planet Plukeget… Read More
The Misadventures Of… · 04:00 20 Sep 2023
There was a long line at the grocery store giving me plenty of time to study the stuff the guy in front of me had in his cart. The thirty year old inside me thought he was cute enough to be… Read More
Wordmall · 18:00 16 Sep 2023
This appeared recently in a local newspaper (The Leelanau Enterprise): "The character clause is common in local zoning ordinances. But interpreting this part of the ordinance is subjunctive… Read More
Snippets Of Bugis Street
Daily Refreshing · 17:49 16 Sep 2023
Some background story on Bugis Street will give a better context on how it has evolved to what it is today. So as you visit Bugis Street, you would have a sense of its rich history and… Read More
2/3 Mistake
Walden Effect: Homes… · 17:12 15 Sep 2023
I chose 2/3 over 2/4 boards in an effort to make our caterpillar tunnels lighter. We now know this makes them a little too heavy and prone to decay faster than expected. I was able to fix t… Read More
Wild Thing
Catching Happiness · 11:30 15 Sep 2023
Photo by Prince David on Unsplash“Everywhere you look, you see people pursuing happiness as if it were something they could capture and cage. But pinning happiness down only destroys i… Read More