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Where To Go On Your French Castles Tour
2019-01-10 10:25
French Castles Tour Visit and tour Paris, the capital of France, and spend three nights there altogether - two at the beginning and one at the end. Spend four nights in the Loire Valley, t… Read More
2013-11-05 22:46
Give a girl the right shoes and she will go places!  There's no best gift for the women in your life but to buy her one or any of the must-have shoes' the The Shoes' You Need To Bu… Read More
2013-06-30 15:09
Dear God, Make me less sensitive and make other people less insensitive.  Obviously I still hurt and maybe I should let go. I thought we can be friends but I don't think I can handle… Read More
2013-02-27 13:47
Those who took home the trophy are no doubt the winners of the night. But I think those who walked the red carpet and eyes turned on them and praises being thrown at them from left to right… Read More
2013-02-27 08:51
Building & Strengthening Language Skills & Managing Behavior Problems Seminar  You might want to attend the seminars to help you with your children with autism Read More
2013-02-16 07:37
I'm the type of person who if possible will give every person I know a gift for Christmas or any special occasion. But since I have limited budget I only give to those who are very close and… Read More
2013-01-22 10:46
Two lucky readers will get the chance to own the most coveted leggings of the season from  Read the mechanics on how to get them here at :Outfit Inspiration:The Carrie Diarie… Read More
2013-01-22 06:21
If I was not in the profession I am in right now, I might have been an artist.  A painter to be exact.  I love to draw and I love to make things with my hands.   Like a friend… Read More
2012-12-27 17:34
It was a fun and amazing year for me. There were so many projects, so many new friends, so many new products and so many new places I've discovered.  I am so thankful for those who beli… Read More
2012-11-30 06:31
It was one of the blog coverage I am happy to be a part off.   I could have walked the runway and be part of it but I choose to document the event.  Besides, almost all of the blog… Read More
2012-09-21 13:33
We will never know what our kids do the entire time they are in school.  We don't know who they talk to, what they touch and what they ate.  It is not good to be paranoid but when… Read More
2012-07-10 23:58
I made a list of the four things I want to accomplish before I turn 40 years old. Please read and I hope it encourages you to evaluate your life and make your own list too! » My 4 Be… Read More
2012-06-14 15:10
If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're .always in the same place. Worrying is a waste of t… Read More
I'm Just A Girl
2011-11-25 14:46
I'm a strong person.  But every now and then I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright. Because just like any girl , I also dream of my prince charming, m… Read More
2011-11-07 23:51
The more I dwell into my bad feeling the more I feel bad and the more everything else turns ugly. I'm letting go of the hurt today and I'm letting you go. There's no more reason to fight wh… Read More
2011-11-06 17:05
Its so hard to find a meaningful smile.right now. Especially now that I am still hurting. All I wish is that someone to become miserable, for that someone has taken away all the good thing… Read More
2011-11-06 01:22
I'm sorry for neglecting this blog for awhile now.  I'm too caught up in updating my other blogs that I neglect this one.  I should keep it updated since its all about my happiness… Read More
2011-09-16 08:39
I went to an Avon event the other day and the event was happiness!  The Mariott Hotel's ballroom was turned into a huge salon where guest were treated to a fun Tres Treat so we can full… Read More
Happy 4th Of July!
2011-07-04 06:08
What more to say but Happy 4th of July to all my American friends, relatives and readers!  I hope you are having a blast of a day and will enjoy a nice barbeque party while waiting for… Read More
2011-02-20 23:55
Germs cause sickness. The more germs spread, the more sickness spreads. In this season of on-and-off rain showers, the effects of germs are easy to see everywhere. And children are taking th… Read More
2010-08-10 04:04
This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. Its sad how disable people are disregarded in third world countries like in the Philippines. They ar… Read More
2010-06-19 23:32
My father, whom I called Papa as our term for endearment would never tell me what to do and how to do it. It was different to what our cousins tell us he was with them, he was very strict w… Read More
2010-06-03 12:16
I'm sorry I have neglected this blog, it was created with a good theme and a good start that earned its good standing at the search engines. But since I am blogging full time for a living… Read More
2010-05-01 05:19
Dear Readers, I apologize for not updating this blog as frequent as before.  I am terribly tied to so many blogs I maintain now and rarely find time to visit this blog to write a po… Read More
2010-04-11 16:49
It's always important to make sure that the employees you hire for your company are reliable, and healthy of mind and body, in order to perform their duties optimally. That is why emplo… Read More
2010-04-10 21:32
Can I trust you after all the lies you told me in the past? Can I trust you after all the lies you are telling me today? How can you look at me with a straight face when all you do is make m… Read More
2010-04-01 01:55
In the Catholic belief sex is sacred and should only be shared by a couple who are blessed in the sanctity of marriage. But the modern times, especially the exposure to TV shows and the int… Read More
2010-04-01 01:45
I was watching a new show on our local TV station with my mom the other day and their topic was kinda controversial, well the shows theme is controversial already. It's the first on Philipp… Read More
2010-02-15 15:55
Everything has a price. Even those who claim its free there is always something in exchange for it. Like online contest and promos. You have to atleast pretend to like them enough to write… Read More
2010-02-02 03:09
2010's Chinese New Year is interesting because it falls on a Valentines day. For sure everywhere will be painted red because of the hearts for Valentines and the red for good luck in Chine… Read More
2010-01-31 23:39
It's the first month of February and unlike the long dragging but fun month of January expect this month to be super fast and super short.  We only have 28 days.  So have fun, stay… Read More
2010-01-29 19:10
Did you know that I maintain several other blogs and I just got two new domains this month?I never knew how addicting blogging could be especially when you enjoy the perks you never enjoyed… Read More
2010-01-26 15:42
When I was in grade school one of our teachers asked "Are you happy right now? Are you satisfied with your life? " Immediately my response to my teacher was "Yes, I am happy and very conten… Read More

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