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This is a not so typical week for me.

Checking papers because I teach. Monday to Friday. Psychological Assessment, Experimental Psychology, Filipino Psychology. General Psychology. 

This is how it looks like, 10 experiments multiply by 50 students equals a total of 500 reports.
I have finished the other reports though.

I do research and present them, just recently my paper was accepted to be presented to a research convention sponsored by PUP and endorsed by CHED. I have to prepare for this too because of the October deadline.

This is an invitation for the Extension Colloquium for September 29 to 30 because we do community service, I teach for two hours every Sunday to children in our neighborhood. I teach or assist them in their academic subjects like Math and English. Now we have to present our work coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aside from teaching, I am also a graduate student, just started with my Doctoral Degree in Technical Education, I still have to finish these assignments and read several topics for submission every week!
Plus we have to discuss and report our selected topics inside the class. Whoa! That was me before my presentation. I was able to goof around and take some selfie.

I am not single!
I am also a mother of two. Kiara is seven and Arya is one. Everyday, I keep on thinking how do I survive? I have several things to do and finish. I have several roles and responsibilities. Sacrifice is a word associated with what we teachers do. That is why, I thank God for holidays because I have extra time. Sometimes because of the things we do we tend to forget some minor but important things. Like taking care of ourselves.

This is my idea of sexiness.
What do you do 2x a week to keep you feeling clean and sexy?

(Sorry I can't model myself wearing that because of my profession. :) so I opt to have the innocent bear wear it)

Some women use very sexy underwear to feel sexy.

Wearing sexy lingerie can boost a woman's self confidence because it gives a secret sense of pleasure or mystery.

Sexy underwear may encourage you to stand a little taller
and walk with a little sway of the hips maybe with a little exaggeration.

 But all those lingerie or sexy underwear is useless if you are not clean down there.

 If you feel irritated or itchy you can't shake your butt, you can't strut, you can't twerk it like Miley. You can't even open your legs. Period.

Sexiness is not you because Clean is the the New Sexy.

Cleanliness adds to Sexiness.

There is a hint of innocence and freshness with being clean.

There is simplicity no need to cover anything up.

Cleanliness is beauty in itself. Beauty is Sexy. Clean is Sexy.

In this time of traffic and rush hours some small things that really matter are sometimes the one that we forget to do. It may look simple and not important but taking care of ourself especially our hygiene should be one of our priority.

It will do us good dear ladies to observe proper intimate hygiene like using BETADINE® Feminine Wash.

It is a habit for me to clean at least twice a week or every other day or during those
red days that helps me feel comfortable all day.

Betadine Feminine Wash also kept me clean
during my pregnancy months that helped in the prevention of common pregnancy infections.

More importantly, after I gave birth cleaning and washing with Betadine Feminine Wash improves post-pregnancy conditions, no irritations and no itchiness.

Being clean especially down there leaves you no room for worries about infections, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

No worries means you feel fresh and feel clean down there.

It gives you the confidence to feel sexy maybe the same amount of confidence a sexy underwear can give.

But who needs a sexy underwear when you are already fresh and clean with Betadine Feminine Wash, That is enough for me to feel sexy.

Insta moves before I report. 

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