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WAAPA, Seminars, Brunch and School Visits!

Hey all! It's been a busy past few weeks since 2084 ended... let me see if I can remember some of the highlights. The most prominent thing would be Michael Lavine's visit from New York to Perth, which resulted in me having the privilege of spending some time with him. We caught The Beautiful Game at WAAPA on Saturday (27th August), which was really cool. Then I met up with him on Sunday, as well as attended his master classes at WAAPA during the rest of the week. This was a great opportunity to meet some of the WAAPA staff and kids, who are really very, very good; and the people I've met so far seem to be very friendly, which is awesome. So yeah, that was cool! Thanks so much, Michael! Here's a montage photo:

During my time with Michael, I wondered if I'd been a bit too negative when he asked me how 2084 had been. Basically I'd been less than enthusiastic about it; I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say that certain parts of the 2084 process had been less than smooth-sailing or encouraging; in fact, as I'd told Michael, I'd felt that the environment had been, at times, toxic. After telling this to him, I wondered whether I'd been too pessimistic. Imagine my surprise when last week, some of the superiors within the theatre community at uni sent out an open letter to those involved in the community. Among some of the key phrases? "Ego is not talent." "The community is toxic; you need to change." Ouch.

Tonight (Wednesday) they held a meeting to address some of the issues that have been going on. I didn't attend; I feel it isn't my place as I'm fairly new to the community (at least, in terms of physical presence). Still, the reason I bring this up here is just for posterity, as a reminder of the fact that this happened, and it makes me wonder what lies in store for the theatre scene at the uni I attend. I guess we'll find out as time goes by. Though to be honest, I had felt as if coming back and working some of the people here had been a step backwards. Then, for me to hang out with Michael and see the WAAPA kids in action; to witness their dedication, commitment, talent and passion... it was re-energising. And so I'm on a mission to be more closely associated with WAAPA, one way or another. I hope I'll be able to be part of their community, if the current one I'm in isn't exactly the most welcoming or encouraging place. More to come as this develops (or not), I guess.

Among other highlights of the past couple of weeks: my spontaneous decision to do a root canal. Step one down; two to go.

Mum letting me know that my little puppy Kerbie, rescued about a year ago, has been promoted from "sleep-outside-" to "sleep-inside-the-house" dog. LOVE.

Working on the cast recording of 2084, which was as pleasant as it could get with some of the people involved (cough). Here's a nice pic:

Ploughing through the almost entire series of Everybody Loves Raymond. Arf.

Attending a couple of PhD-related workshops which were mostly catered for the sciences. Not sure I got a great deal out of it, though it did allow for this cool moment on Day 2 when a new presenter asked everyone what fields they were in. Eventually her eyes glazed over as she was deluged with "bioscience", "chemistry", "physics"-type responses. Then I told her, "Performance and creative arts." She perked up at once and gushed, "Oh, marvellous, how wonderful!" I think everyone hated me.

Getting my first-ever haircut in Perth in over 10 years (see pic, right).

Carol's birthday in the city, where she, Scotty, Beatty, Mikey, Bernie and I had a lovely and huge slap-up meal at Brotzeit, the German pork knuckle bar which Little Jo and I also like to go to in KL! That was a great time. I'd taken a bunch of photos on my camera, but wouldn't you know it, I seem to have lost the images (sigh), so... until and unless I recover them, sadly, there are no pics.

But that's okay! We still have other photos from the more recent brunch we had at my place in Como, just last Saturday. I decided to have them over because this is the final week before FIFO and Wifo (a.k.a. my housemates) come home from their long holiday (they've been gone about six weeks now and will be back this Friday), so we decided to have a nice cook-up at home. Here are some pics!

Bernie, Carol, tea and milk!

All the pretty ladies (and Scott) in the kitchen.
Beatty, Carol, bacon, mushrooms and eggs! 
Yesterday, I met up with Sarah and Ellin in the city and we had a nice lunch at Secret Garden, a pleasant little cafe. Today, a group of us from uni headed to Prendiville Catholic College, a high school, to conduct a series of workshops with the Year 9 kids. Naturally I handled the music side of things, which involved seven good but rather exhausting sessions teaching kids to sing Piccolo Mini and one of Shakespeare's sonnets, which went as well as could be expected with a bunch of pubescent teens. All in all, a good experience. Here's a nice pic of us, courtesy of my dear friend Ellin:

(from left) Ellin, Andrew, me, Dean, Stephen and Sarah!
Well, I think that's about all for the recaps for now. Till next time!

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WAAPA, Seminars, Brunch and School Visits!


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