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What Every Travel Fanatic Needs

We all know the Travel fanatics, you might even be one yourself. They can’t go long without planning their next trip, and however long they go away for it never seems to be enough. There are loads of great experiences that can be gained from travelling, seeing new places, and navigating new cultures. All these experiences are unique, and no one else will experience the  same place in quite the same way as you. This is why so many people decide to pack their bags and go hunt out another adventure.

Wherever you are planning on going in the world, or whatever you are planning on doing, there are some things that all travel fanatics just need to have. Having all the right gear can make a lot of difference to your trip, and can make things run a lot smoother, especially if you find yourself in tough spot. Whether you, or a loved one is a travel fanatic, you will for sure need the right gear before you embark on your trip. Only when you are suited and booted, can you go chasing them horizons. Read on to see what every travel fanatic needs to have a great trip, you never know, you might find something that could really make a difference to your trip. Here’s some essentials of what you need, to make a list and listen up for what you might be missing out on.

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The Backpack

This is at the top of the list because this marks you out from the summer holiday goers, that go around the airport in their uncomfortable shoes, their carry on suitcases rattling behind them. The backpack means that you mean business, and that your going to be doing more than going straight from the cab, to the hotel, to the pool, and eventually to the bar. You will first of all need a large backpack, your main backpack, to carry all your gear. This will get you over any terrain, any incline, and back again with no worries. The size of it really depends on how long you are going for, and if you need to carry anything like climbing equipment around with you. The size should fit your needs, so if your going for a long weekend trip, there’s no need to invest  in a  huge one. You can always wash your clothes multiple times wherever you go, so there’s no need to carry lots of things with you.

As well as the main backpack you will also need a smaller one, when your larger one is back at the base. This can be easily folded up into your larger one, when you are moving cities, or moving all your stuff to a new location. The smaller one you can throw over your shoulder, and carry all your essentials about town quite easily. Something with zips will do fine, no finicky buckles or straps is necessary. When your in a new place you want your things to be secure, while your exploring and discovering new things.

Walking Boots

If you are a travel fanatic then you will probably be on your feet a lot This could be just waiting at airport, traversing a dry savanna, or scaling a muddy slope in the Lake District. Wherever your feet decide to take you, you will need comfortable reliable shoes to do so. For more ideas you can check out best gifts for campers. If you are  not going to be doing too much Walking in strange terrain, then a comfortable shoe that’s supportive and has a good sole would be fine for getting from A to B. If you have a bit more walking in mind it’s worth investing in some walking shoes.

Walking shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and you really have to try them on to know if they are right for you. This might mean going into your local outdoors shop to have a look at their collection, or you can look online too. Many online stores let you exchange sizes and try different brands, so you can still try before you buy, but obviously this will take far more time.  If your local store doesn’t stock a huge variety of shoes, try having a look online to see if anything takes your fancy.

One of the main differences between walking shoes, is the height of the ankle support. There is no real need to get the extra high ankle support (which comes up to half way up your calf), unless you are embarking on an arctic expedition. For most people it’s a decision between the low ankle support and mid height one. The later is most popular if you are planning on walking some distance, although others find more flexibility and movement with less ankle support. Have a think about what terrain you will be walking on, and the distance you will be travelling before you make your decision.

Making sure you boots are made from a durable material, and is a breathable material too, is also a good thing to look out for. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good pair, although the higher end might last a little longer. If this is your first pair, don’t feel pressured to buy the most expensive ones in the shop.

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A Raincoat

The worst thing is travelling somewhere and forgetting to pack a raincoat, even if it’s somewhere warm, it is still unpleasant getting wet through. Remember to check if it’s rainy season, or if the area is prone to flooding or showers. Dry places cans till get cold at night, so make sure you have something to wear at night as well.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started with your travelling equipment. Having some backpacks, boots to walk in, and something to keep the rain of you is a great place to start. There is a lot of choice and variety for these on the market, so hopefully this will help you decide what is best for you.

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What Every Travel Fanatic Needs


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