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I went to work and all I got was hit by a car

Hey, so, basically I'm still alive, although you wouldn't know it from the blog.

A couple of weeks ago I had a glorious commute into work since it seems like half the District takes off for the summer. I got to my parking garage nice and early and decided to drop by the Starbucks for a cup of coffee before heading in.  I looked up at the light and it had the white "walk" symbol and the number 7.  I thought that was a little weird because the 7 seemed to stick around longer than a second, but I swear that sometimes the countdown will actually hang.  I know it sounds nuts but I saw a countdown actually go up a number before going down once.  Again, I know that sounds crazy but as someone who doesn't really believe in jaywalking, I pay a lot of attention to the crosswalk countdowns.

Unfortunately, that's about all I remember.

I was crossing the street and suddenly I found myself on my hands (and knees?), my face a few inches from the street. The next thing I remember was sitting in the road and hearing someone yelling. A split second later, I realized the person yelling was me and I couldn't stop myself even though I was trying. (Oddly, this detached, out-of-body thing happened to me in my first big car accident that totalled my car. I kept thinking how can I hear the other person yelling inside my car? Oh, that's me.) 

I honestly don't even remember being hit, or in fact know where I was hit. Some of my bruises are inexplicable compared to the positions I remember being in. Like, scraped palms but not scraped knees (I was wearing a skirt.) A scuff mark on the back of the sweater I was wearing but I don't think I was on my back.  Well-defined bruises on my butt as if I'd sat on something pointy even though I don't remember sitting on anything that would have caused that.  A huge bruise on my elbow (two weeks later and it's not completely gone) but I don't remember banging it on anything.

It was pretty embarrassing because it was near the FBI building, so there was a huge swarm of people, FBI police, building security, a fire truck, etc.  I was fine, more or less, but the crowd just made me more nervous.  Someone handed me a huge wad of kleenex. Like, the entire contents of a new box of kleenex.  Just when I thought all the report-taking was over, I asked if I could leave and the uniformed officer informed me I had to wait for the district police to come. I then realized he was FBI police and I had just given my phone number to them. I'm pretty sure they are listening to all my calls now.

Metro police (eventually) showed up and took some more information and one of the officers chided me for refusing to be taken to the hospital. I went ahead and walked into work. I eventually agreed to go to the doctor's office that afternoon but I put in 6 hours of work, 9 hours the next day, and 11 hours the day after that.  Also, my boss's response to when I told them I was hit by a car? "You should try to avoid that."

The driver was issued a ticket for failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian. I ended up sore for a couple of weeks (still some soreness) but that seems to be the worst of it. Bad news for the ambulance chasers (which will have to be a Part 2 to this post), who began calling me less than 48 hours after the incident occurred.

Reference material:  a brief history of McPan v. Machine

October 2005 - a lady turns into me at an intersection and totals my car. She was issued a ticket.
July 2010 - I'm sitting in my car and someone backs into me
August 2010 - Someone backs into my car when I'm at work and leaves a note
May 2011 - Let's make it three in a year. I was at a stoplight and the person behind me decided to go for it anyway
February 2013 - Surprise, I'm rear-ended, this time by a hit and run in the district. Culprit never found.

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I went to work and all I got was hit by a car


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