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A list of all the movies I remember seeing.

Tags: flick xxxxx xxxx


TV shows AND Films: > Movie Series >> To watch. >>> Excellent female actors / performances. >>>> Directors >>>>> Music and other rock films. >>>>>> Interchangeable actors like Toby McGuire / Jake Gyllenhaal OR John Cryer / Matthew Broderick >>>>>>> Excellent male actors / performances >>>>>>>> Underrated actors / actresses like Gary Cole; Vera Farmiga. Already recorded. Actors / actresses to watch: Heather Burns [ Bewitched ]

Abe Lincoln [ ?In Illinois? ] x OK history/histrionic bio
About a Boy xx Hugh Grant 2002
About Adam o 2000 HIGHLY overrated at xxx
About Schmidt x? seriously dreary film but Nicholson's performance is good.
Above and Beyond x-xx Robert Taylor. 1953 film about pilot of the Enola Gay. Too much about his personal life...
Above Suspicion xx
Above the Law xx 1988 Typical Steven Segal flick about the CIA's drug dealing.
Abre los Ojos xx Cruz aka Open Your Eyes
Absence of Malice xxx Newman; Fields
Absolon x about virus that killed of 5 billion, Absolon is treatment.
Absolute Power xx Hackman
The Abyss xx OK Sci-fi flick.
Acceptable Risk x spores in house
Accidental Tourist xx
Ace in the Hole: see The Big Carnival o
Across the Pacific xx Bogart 1942 OK Pre-WW II spy flick
nf Across the Tracks
The Accused xxx Foster
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective x
Action in the North Atlantic xx 1943 Bogart in OK WW II story about merchant marine sailors.
nf Acts of Contrition
Act of Passion Gay flick, Hilton's fav.
Ada 0
The Adams Chronicle 0 TVseries
Adam's Rib xx but rated xxxx. Tracy / Hepburn vehicle of married lawyers.
Adaptation x-xx Cage; vg performance by Streep; Maggie Gyllenhaal cameo 2002
The Addams Family x-xx
Aeon Flux o-x Low rent sci fi that steals plots and gimmicks from way too many other films.
The Adventures of Mark Twain x-xx 1949
nf The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert
The Adventures of Robin Hood Errol Flynn 1938 the first decent one... xxxxx One of the best, most interesting etc. films of all times, IMHO
The Adventuress o I fell asleep.
nf Affliction Nolte
The African Queen xxx-xxxx classic Bogart flick. Hepburn.
After the Sunset o
After Tonight xx Pretty good WW I spy flick. 1933. Contstance Bennett xxx-xxxx
Against the Ropes xx Pretty good woman fight promoter, a biopic.
Age of Innocense o Seriously overrated at ***
Agnes of God xx Meg Tilly
AI xxx Haley Joel Osment xxxx Second viewing better than first.
Air Force x "B" WW II , what, recruiting flick? Not really that bad but very low level production values.
Air Force One x Exciting but vacuous / silly.
nf The Air I Breathe
Airport xxx
Airplane xx-xxx
The Alamo? 1960
Alexander x-xx Jolie needed more voice coaching in this silly historical fiction.
Ali xx Will Smith
Alibi o 1929
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore xxx
Alice's Restaurant xx-xxx hippy movie
Alien Hunter xx Spader

Aliens xxx Sigorney Weaver 1
Alien xxx Weaver 2
Alien Resurrection xxx Weaver 4
Alien 3 xx The prison planet one

Alien Nation xxx Original movie Patinkin, good as always.
Alien Nation: The Enemy Within x-xx TVM series see which below
Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy x-xx TVM series

Alien Seige o 2005 Low rent TVM from Sci-Fi channel
Alien vs. Predator o 2004
Alive xx 1993 Flick about South American rugby team who's flight crashed into the Andies. They ate the dead. Lots of C tier actors in this one.
All About Eve xxxx oscar winner
nf Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls (2008)
Allegheny Uprising o Silly Wayne vehicle.
All Fall Down x-xx Typical of era girl gets pregnant. Good cast.
All In o-x Marginal at best, flick about poker playing young woman.
All of Me x Steve Martin; Tomlin
All Quiet on the Western Front xx
All That Heaven Allows x Hudson; Wyman But xxx for some bits about middle-aged; upper middle income / poor dating and its problems.
All the King's Men xx 1949
All the King's Men 2006 x-xx Sean Penn xxx
All the Marbles o 1981 Peter Falk Inane women's wrestling flick.
All the Pretty Horses xx Penelope Cruz
Almost Famous xx-xxx maybe. About teen rock journalist.
Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story xx TVM? about newswoman
Along Came a Spider xx
Along Came Jones x-xx Cooper singing cowboy
Along Came Polly o
Alpha Dog o
The Alphabet Murders
Always xx Dreyfus
Always Outnumbered x-xx Fishburne Pretty good story about a black fellow redeeming his life.
Amateur o
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse x-xx 1938 Bogart and Robinson potboiler about crooked MD.
Amazing Grace x-xx
American Beauty x-xx Spacey
nf American Dreams
nf American Gangster Crowe and Washington
American Gigolo xx Gere 1980
American Gothic xxx The complete series. Gary Cole See: Series
American Graffiti xx-xxx
American Heart xx-xxx Fine performances by all and good slice of poverty stricken father and son.
American History X x-xx Edward Norton, good as usual. About racism and redemption and tragedy.
An American in Paris o-x Musical foolishness with a beautiful Leslie Caron
nf Angels in America
American Me xx Olmos Good for anti gang sentiment, violent
American Outlaws o Silliness about the James gang right after the Civil War.
American Pie o silly teen nonsense
The American President xx 1995
American Psycho x-xx Christian Bale, xx-xxx. But, WAS he a serial killer or only nuts and imagining these things?
The Americanization of Emily xx 1964 James Garner; Julie Andrews about WW II dogrobber and his driver.
nf Amerillo Slim Cage
American Dreamz x but with a few chuckles. Parody of game shows.
American Gangster xx Pretty good gangster flick with
An American Rhapsody o 2001
America's Prince: The JFK Story 0
America's Sweetheart o
Amistad xx-xxx about slaves who rebel

Analyze This xxx Billy Crystal; Robert Deniro
Analyze That xx Billy Crystal; Robert Deniro

Anastasia xxx 1956 Dowager xxxx Anastasia xxxx.
Anastasia o TVM? Amy Irving
Anatomy of a Murder xx OK courtroomer but rated xxxx
And the Band Played On x-xx Matthew Modine as doctor in on the early stages of aids research.
And Justice for All Pacino seen?
Anger Management o 2003 Nicholson; Adam Sandler. OUCH.
Animal Factory x Prison film
Android x Low rent scifi. Maltin's xxx rating ludicrous
The Andromedra Strain xx
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself o-x Seriously flawed notion and a TOTAL waste of "talent."
An Early Frost x OK early AIDS flick. TVM
Angel Eyes xx Jennifer Lopez
Angel's Dance x-xx Sheryl Lee
Angels and Insects xx UK flick 1995 Matilda actress xxxx
Angel Heart xxx at least DeNiro, again?, plays the devil ; Rourke is the star Excellent graphics, writing, acting. XXXX is possible for this one.
nf Angels in America x Disk one was just a stage play with cheap f/x about early in aids epidemic.
Angels in the Outfield o
An Ideal Husband
Angie xx Gina Davis Second viewing about the same.
Animal xxx Great cast in sobering look into prison, redemption etc.
Animal Factory x Grim prison flick.
Animal House xxx [National Lampoon's Animal House] MUCH better than Maltin's rating. Interesting how this flick has gotten higher ratings over the years...
Anna and the King xx Jodie Foster
An Innocent Man x- Selleck better than usual about convicted AND framed man, innocent. OK see also Innocent
Anna Cristie x Garbo Oh so dreary a film. Depressing in the extreme. The results of childhood rape etc. Sad.
Anna Karenina o-x 1935 Garbo in dreary film. Highly overrated.
Annapolis x
Annie xx
Annie Hall x-xx
Another Man's Poison x-xx Bette Davis B murder mystery. 1951
Another 9 1/2 o Weeks See: 9 1/2 Weeks
Anthony Adverse o
AntiTrust x-xx beginning. xxx ending. Tim Robbins about monopolistic killer company owner being brought down...
Antwone Fisher xx 2002 Washington. Pretty good flick about angry young man who was abused as child, with Washington as his psychiatrist.
An Unfinished Life xx Redford and Lopez.
Antz x cartoon
Any Given Sunday xxx 1999 Pacino coaches pro team. Grim and violent but I suspect its the closest to real of any sport flick.
Any Which Way You Can x Eastwood
Apollo 13 xx
The Apocalypse o
Apocalypse Now xxxx Sheen; Duval. Redux OR Director' Cut as it was termed, IS much better, xxxxx. Its more coherent etc.
nf Apocalypto Mel Gibson
The Apostle x Duvall
The Apple Dumpling Gang x-xx
Arabesque xx Gregory Peck; Sophia Loren
nf Ararat
Archangel x-xx OK Russian modern day, the son of Stalin etc.
The Arch of Triumph xxx Hopkins and Lesley-Anne Down
Arachnophobia x
Arsenic and Old Lace xx 1944
Arlington Rd. o
Armagheddon xxxx Bruce Willis; B.B. Thornton; Michael Clarke Duncan [seen twice]
Around the World in 80 Days xxx-xxxx

The Arrival xxx Charlie Sheen; Ron Silver
Second Arrival x

Arrowsmith x-xx 1931 Ronald Coleman? a doctor who loses his wife to illness.

Arsene Lupin o
Arsene Lupin Returns o

Arsenic and Old Lace xx Cary Grant 1944

Arthur xxx-xxxx
Arthur 2: On the Rocks x-xx

Arthur Hailey's Detective x 2005 Beringer as ex priest turned police detective.
The Art of War xxx Wesley Snipes
As Good as It Gets xx-xxx Nicholson OCD related
The Asphalt Jungle 0
The Assaignment x-xx Cold war about the Jackel
nf The Assassination of Jesse James Pitt
The Assassins xx Stallone; Juiliana Moore
Assassination Tango x-xx OK Duval vehicle where his fluent Spanish and love of the tango mix.
The Assault on Precinct 13 xx-xxx
nf Assisted Living (2005)
The Astronaut Farmer x-xx
nf The Astronaut's Wife
As You Like It o 1930 Olivier. I fell asleep.
Atlantic City xx Lancaster
Attack Force x One of the worst Seagal flicks with hokey f/x.
The Audrey Hepburn Story x-xx 2000 Chick flick with Jennifer Love Hewitt?
Augie Rose xxx odd film with Jeff Goldblum; >>> Anne Heche
nf August Rush 2008 Williams
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman xx 1974
Autofocus o sleazy glimpse into the life of Bob Crane
Autum in New York xxx-xxxx 2000 Gere and Winona Ryder having a spring / fall relationship...
Avalon xxx
Avenger 2006 x OK revenge flick with Sam Elliot, xx
The Aviator xx-xxx
Awakenings xxx 1990 Deniro about catatonics given drug l-dopa, coming out of it briefly, sinking back.
Away From Her x-xx 2006 BUT maybe xxx-xxxx about alzheimers effects.
The Awful Truth 0 Seriously overrated.

Babe xx About Babe Didrickson Zaharias with Alex Karras xxxx

Babe xxx
Babe 2 x-xx

Babel xxx Excruciatingly slow and dull start and excellent denoument.
Baby Doll o WHAT were they thinking about? Its much worse than Lolita.
nf Bachatas Pegaditas en Video (2008) music
The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer o 1947 What in the fuck were these people thinking about? GREAT cast wasted but, what if it WAS a fabulous movie for the era?
Back by Midnight o
Backdraft xx-xxx Firefighting film. Pattern for Rescue Me TV show?
Back to School x Dangerfield

Back to The Future 1 xxx
Back to The Future 2 xx
Back to The Future 3 xxx

Back to the Secret Garden: See The Secret Garden
Backtrack xx-xxx Jodie Foster
The Bad and the Beautiful xx 1952 Lana Turner; Kirk Douglas; Dick Powell Not bad take on Hollywood.

Bad Boys xxx Sean Penn
Bad Boys 2 o

Bad Company xx 1995 Fishburne
Bad Company xx 2002 Hopkins; Chris Rock
Bad Day at Black Rock xxx Tracey 1955
The Bad News Bears xx
Bad Moon
Bad Santa x 2003 Grim BB Thornton flick where he is thieving santa clause.
The Bad Seed xx Cast exceeded themselves. Silly ending with the "theater" type cast bowing etc.
The Badge xxx Billy Bob Thornton, LA
Bait xxx Good bank heist flick.
Ball of Fire o 1942 Professors writing an encyclopedia meet cabaret woman, Stanwyck. YIKES !!!
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever xx
Balls of Fury xx Walken in humorous xxx role.
Bambi xxx 1942
Bananas xxx Woody Allen's Best imho
Bandidas x-xx Two beautiful women rob from the rich. Cruz and
The Bandit of Sherwood o Robin Hood foolishness
Bandits xxx bank robbing comedy bb Thornton, Bruce Willis, Kate Blanchett
Banger Sisters xx-xxx Hawn;
The Bank xx OK AU flick about computer genius bringing down the bank that foreclosed on parents farm.
nf The Bank Job 2008
Barbella x Jane Fonda A seriously wasted talent in most of her films. Nice tits however in uncut versions.
Barefoot in the Park o Ditto comment to Barbarella.
Barfly xx
Barry Lyndon o vs. 3.5* for Maltin. YUK. Box office failure is later recognized as "slow paced" masterpiece.
Basic xx-xxx Travolta 2003 Seen twice I think.
Basic Instinct xxx Michale Douglas; Sharon Stone
Bataan x-xx 1943 OK WW II flick

Batman 1;2;3 xx
Mask of the Phantasm o cartoon?
Batman Begins xxx-xxxx The best of the series with a fine cast.
nf The Dark Knight 2008

Battle Circus x-xx Bogart
Battlefield Earth x
Battleground xx WW II flick that, IMHO, was highly overrated. OK but NOT academy award level.
Battle Hymn o 1957 Too silly to even watch.
The Battle of Algiers xx OK war film, subtitled however, in Algeirs late 1950s
Battlestar Galatica x-xx Edward James Olmos good as usual but only OK TVM
Bat-21 xx Hackman This is, to me, a probably, VG representation of a Vietnam war situation.
The Beach 2000
Beach Boys TVM o
Beaches x
The Beast Must Die o 1974 Low rent werewolf flick.
Beau Brummel xx Good and or accurate rendition of fashion conscious Brummel. Granger?
Beautiful Joe xxx-xxxx Sharon Stone xxxx; Billy Connolly xxxx
A Beautiful Mind xxx Russell Crowe
Beauty and the Beast xxx 1946 French
Becket o Either seen or unwatchable. Grim indeed.
Be Cool o Travolta
The Bedford Incident xx Widmark; Poitier. OK cold war thriller with chilling ending.
Beetlejuice xx with xxxxx scene

Before Sunrise 0
? before sunset

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead xx (2007) Phillip Seymour Hoffman xxxx
Behind Enemy Lines xx Hackman
Behind Enemy Lines 2 x at best

Behind the Camera x TVM bio of Three's a Company
Being John Malcovich o 1999
Being Julia o 2004
Bella Mafia 0 Decent cast simply wasted.5
Bell, Book and Candle xx witches etc.
Belly of the Beast xx-xxx Seagal Better ending, more action than recent films.
Beloved o 1998 Glover; Winfree

Below xx-xxx ?
Below o-x 2002 Below average WW II submarine flick.

Bend It Like Beckham xx 2002 UK soccer / coming of age story.
Bend of the River xx OK western with Jimmy Stewart.
Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor x-xx TVM Very poorly cast
Ben-Hur xxx-xxxx
Benny and Joon x
Bernard and Doris (2007) but only on TV, not nf
nf Beneath 2007
Beowolf o Hopkins, Jolie, hey, its just a cartoon.
Berlin Express xx Dick Powell. Pretty good post WWII / early cold war flick but only a bit of cold war foolishness.
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas xxx Bert Reynolds
The Best Man
The Best Years of Our Lives xx
Betsy's Wedding 0
nf Bet Your Life (2004)
Beverly Hills Cop xx Murphy
Beverly Hills Cop 2 x
Beverly Hills Cop 3 x

Bewitched xx 1945 Disturbing film about MPD.
Bewitched x-xx 2005 Kidman Excellent beginning turns lame
Beyond Borders xx OK Jolie vehicle about volunteer health workers in several countries.
nf Beyond Suspicion
Beyond the Gates x Seriously dreary flick about the plight of Rwandans.
Beyond the Law x 1994 Modest B undercover cop thriller. Linda Fiorentino; Charlie Sheen
Beyond the Sea xxx Spacey xxxx
Bicentennial Man xxx Fine sci-fi with Robin Williams as robot. Pinocchio for the millenium.
Big xx Tom Hanks, fantasy
The Big Bounce x Hawaiian silliness. Freeman has small role in island caper.
The Big Carnival Douglass o
The Big Chill x-xx Highly overrated reunion flick IMHO.
The Big Easy x-xx
Big Fish xx-xxx 2003 VERY quirky film that was incomprensible but a large catfish was involved.
A Big Hand for the Little Lady xx
The Big Heat xx-xxx 1953 Glenn Ford
The Big Hit o Decent cast, flawed flick.
The Big House x-xx 1930 Sobering early prison flick.
Big Kahuna xx good ending
The Big Lebowski o
The Big Red One xx-xxx Marvin. Second viewing better.
The Big Sky xx OK B western. Douglas 1952
The Big Sleep xxx-xxxx Bogart Second viewing, xxxxx
The Big Steal
Big Trouble o
The Big White o
nf Bill 2007 Olyphant
A Bill of Divorcement
The Birdcage xxx Robin Williams
Bird on a Wire xx
The Birds xxx-xxxx Hitchcock scary
The Birdman of Alcatraz xxx Lancaster
Birdy xx Grim early flick with Cage and about fellow who empathizes with birds. Schizophrenia
Birth x-xx Kidman in flick about boy who thinks he is her deceased husband.
Birthday Girl o Starts out very funny glimpse of Russian bride, Nichole Kidman , and quickly turns mean spirited.
The Bishop Murder Case [ Philo Vance ] o Rathburn silliness.

The Bishop's Wife
nf Black August Gary Dourdain
Black Book 0 Foreign
The Black Dalia o-x 2006
Black Dawn xxx One of Seagal's best so far. See Foreigner 2: Black Dawn
Black Dog x-xx Kurt Russell is a trucker.
Black Fury xx 1935 Paul Muni xxx About coal miner's strike and its consequences.
Black Hand o-x Gene Kelly in a drama about early Italian American scourge, the Black Hand. 1950
nf Black Legion Bogart, rated ***

Black Mask o
Black Mask 2 o

Black Narcissis o 1947 Rated xxxx this is THE most highly overrated films to date. Nuns on a mountain.
Black Pointe xx-xxx David Caruso, AK, stolen $$
Black Rain xx
Black Scorpion o Joan Severance. Silliness or worse
Black Snake Moan xxx
The Black Stallion xxx
Black Sunday ? Robert Shaw
Black Swan xx
Black Widow xxx Debra Winger. Her best role IMHO.

Blackboard Jungle xx
The Black Hand x-xx Story of early attempts to crush Italian mafia.
Blackhawke Down xxx Somolia war

Blade: 1, 2 xxxx
Blade: Trinity xxx

Bladerunner xxxx Harrison Ford; Edward James Olmos has a small role. Umteenth viewing still good. Very rich milieu.
Bladerunner, Director's Cut

Blair Witch x
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch II xx Much better maybe xxx FOR scary movie.

Blame it On Rio xx
nf Blast of Silence 1961
Blaze xx Newman; Davidovitch
Blazing Saddles xxx Only mel brooks film to amuse. One of the top 2 most hilarious scenes in ANY film along with ?
Bliink x Madeline Stowe
Blind Date
nf Blind Eye (2006)
Blind Horizon 0
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi x-xx OK Japanese "western." This sort of film seems like our super hero films.
Blonde o About Marilyn
Blood and Wine
Blood Angels o Low rent vampires.
Blood Diamond xxx Brutal film of Sierra Leone's civil war and blood diamonds that financed it.
Blood Hunter x 2006 Lucy Liu but barely watchable.
Blood Moon o-x Silly flick about hairy girl.
Blood on the Moon xx 1948 Mitchum xxx in decent oater about changing loyalties, love etc.

BloodRayne o
BloodRayne 2: Deliverance

Bloodsuckers 0
nf Blood, Sweat & Teeth (2007)
Bloodwork xx Eastwood
Bloody Sunday o depressing film about Derry, Ireland riot
Blossoms in the Dust xx Greer Garson about TX children's home.
Blow xx Penelope Cruz 2001 Second viewing xxx. Johnny Depp.
Blow Dry o 1981 BAD news.
Blown Away xx 1994
Blow-Up xx WAY overrated but OK flick about photographer... XXX ABOUT photographer.
nf Blue

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie xx-xxx Too much reliance on wife jokes which are meaningless to me.
Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again
Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For the Road

The Blue Gardenia o 1953
Blue Ice xxx 1992 Pretty good cold war flick with Michael Caine and the beautiful Sean Young

Blue Man Group: Rock Tour xxx-xxxx 2003
Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live! (2008) Even better xxxx. I was singing along.

The Blue Max x-xx 1966 Oddly OK WW I German flying flick. Peppard.
Blue Steel x-xx Jamie Lee Curtis; Ron Silver Cop flick
Blue Thunder x-xx

The Blues Brothers xx
Blues Brothers 2000 o

Blue Sky xx Pretty good Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones about "free" spirited wife who continues to have affairs and ruins Jones military chance for promotion.
Blue Velvet o Silliness
Boardertown xx-xxx
Bobby Z x-xx
The Body xx Banderas; Williams
The Bodyguard xx-xxx Costner
Bodyheat xx Seen twice. Holds up
Boiler Room x-xx Ribisi; Vin Diesle. Low rent Wallstreet but some good performances.
Boiling Point x
nf Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006)


Casino Royale x-xx 2006 My least favorite Bond flick.
Die Another Day xx Brosnan at the ice hotel.
Live and Let Die xx-xxx 1973
The Living Daylights xx 1987 Timothy Dalton
Tomorrow Never Dies xx 1997 Bond with Brosnan

Bone Collector xx Jolie, Denzel Washington
Bonnie and Clyde xxx
Boogie Nights x
Book of Shadows: See Blair Witch
Boomerang o Eddie Murphy
nf Boomtown: see series below
Boots Malone xx OK racetrack flick. Holden is good as hard hearted jocky agent.
Border Incident o
Born in East LA x Cheech Marin
Born on the Fourth of July xxx Cruise
Born to Kill ? xx

The Boston Strangler xx Tony Curtis; Henry Fonda
Bounce o 2000
Bound xx 1996 Gershon is xxx at least as felon / thief making a score.
Bound for Glory xxxx David Carridine 1976 Likely his best performance. About Woody Guthrie. He was mean and violent too.
The Bounty x Hopkins Grim.

The Bourne Identity xxx Second viewing.
The Bourne Supremacy xxx Second viewing xxx with xxxx ending for excitement.
The Bourne Ultimatum xxx-xxxx Very exciting entry in the franchise.

The Boxer x Daniel Day Lewis Dreary film about Irish "troubles," boxing, love etc.
The Boy in Blue o Cage
Boys Don't Cry x-xx story of gender dysphoric girl
Boys N the Hood xxx Laurence Fishburn
Boys on the Side o
Bowfinger ? Doesn't sound good.
Bowling for Columbine xx 2002 Michael Moore's opus about US gun violence.
The Boynton Beach Club x OK flick about seniors in BB dating, hooking up etc.
The Boys in Company C x OK Vietnam era bootcamp and war flick. Seen twice.
Boys in the Band o
Boy's Town xx

Bram Stoker's Dracula x 1992 OVERRATED.
Bram Stoker's Way of the Vampire 0 2005

The Bravados xx Pretty good Western with Gregory Peck.
Braveheart xxxx Mel Gibson
The Brave One 2007 xx Jodie Foster
nf The Brazilian Job Theron
nf Breach
Breakdown o
"Breaker" Morant xxx-xxxx
Breakfast at Tiffanys xxx
Breakfast Club x teen flick Molly Ringwold
Breakfast of Champions o
Breakfast on Pluto xx Pretty good transvestite show.
Breaking and Entering x-xx OK London film about affairs and more.

Breathing Lessons x-xx Garner; Woodward
The Breed x But interesting take on vampires,xxx: virus-based, mutated humans / second who, here, were trying to be accepted into general society though some were not.

Breezy xx-xxx Directed by Eastwood. Wm Holden xxxx and Kay Lenz xxx-xxxx. Fine study in age differences, hypocracy, straight vs. hippy culture etc. So, so middle but good beginning and excellent ending line.

The Bridge on the River Kwai xxx
The Bridges at Toko-Ri x OK Korean War fighter pilot.
The Bridges of Madison County xxx Eastwood
A Bridge Too Far xx
Bridge to Terabithia x Silly children's story.

Bridget Jone's Diary xx Hugh Grant;
Bridget Jone's: The Edge of Reason o

A Brief Encounter xxx 1949 Stars just shine, esp. the female. EMOTIONAL.
A Bright Shining Lie x-xx
Bright Victory xx 1951 About blinded WW II vets.
Bringing Out the Dead xxx Cage
Brokeback Mountain xxx-xxxx with xxxxx cinamatography about gay cowboys in 1963-1975 Wyoming. Gyllenhaal xxxx. Other male lead too.
Brokedown Palace o 1999 About Americans framed for drug smuggling and in a Thai prison.
Broken Arrow xxxx Exciting actioner with Travolta and Christian Slater
Broken Trail xxxxx TVM 2006 Duval was magnificent in this western tale of horse herd travelling for sale.
Bronco Billy xxx Eastwood
A Bronx Tale xxx-xxxx Deniro about boy growing up torn between good father and local criminal.
Brooklyn Rules x-xx
Brother Orchid o Bogart et al Stellar cast in mean spirited flick
Brotherhood of the Bell xx-xxx about secret society, based in a school, that ran people's lives. Removed from Maltin's books but in .
The Brothers o 2001
The Brothers Grimm o
Brother Sun, Sister Moon xxxx
Brotherly Love o similar to Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe
Brubaker xx-xxx Redford 1980
Bruce Almighty o YUK
Bruce Lee's Game of Death o AKA Game of death.
Brute Force xx Lancaster at least xxx as usual, in grim prison break-out flick. Rated ***1/2

Buddy Holly Story xxx Gary Busey. First R&R flick I recall.
Buffalo Soldiers o A knock off of Khaki Mafia book by Robin Moore.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer xx Kristy Swanson
A Bug's Life x cartoon
Bugsy xxx Warren Beaty About Bugsy Seigal.
Bull Durham xx baseball
Bullet x-xx 1996 Mickey Rourke Grim, low rent look at low rent folk, drugs, jail, etc. Yet his performance is xxx as usual. WAY overrated on, rating is OK.
Bullit xx 1968 McQueen
Bulletproof Monk x-xx
Bump in the Night o Meridith Baxter Birney, one of THE most underutilized fine actresses ever but silly flick.
Bunny Lake is Missing NO
Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell

Buried Alive xx TVM
Buried Alive 2 x TVM

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee x OK western.
Bus Stop
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid xxxx Newman;
The Butcher's Wife x-xx Demi Moore
Butterfield 8 x
Butterflies Are Free xx Hawn

The Butterfly Effect xx with xxx end 2004
The Butterfly Effect 2 o-x Really less than first.

Cabaret xx
Cabin in the Sky o 1943
Cable Guy x-xx Jim Carey

Caddyshack xx Bill Murray
Caddyshack 2 o

Cadfael: One Corpse Too Many xxx UK TV series.
nf Cadfael:

Cadillac Man 0
Caesar xx OK TVM
Caged 0
The Caine Mutiny xx 1954
Calendar Girls x-xx Mirren and cast making a nude calendar for charity.
The Calling o
Camille o Grim Garbo fare. 1937
The Candidate xx Redford
Candleshoe o 1977 Ealier Jodie Foster flick
Candy o 2006 About junkies.
Cannery Row xxx Nolte
Capote xxx Good portrait but the narrow time frame is annoying.
Captain Blood x-xx Flynn 1935 Flynn vehicle about becoming a pirate then unbecoming one. Seen twice.
Capatin Corelli's Mandolin x-xx Cage
Captain Horatio Hornblower xx OK but a compilation of 3 novels. 1951 Gregory Peck. Not as good as series.
Captain Kidd 0
Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter xx Pretty racy for era.
Captain Newman, MD xx-xxx Peck
Captains Courageous xxx 1937 Spenser Tracy. First one I think.
Captains of the Clouds x-xx Cagney in pre-WW II Canadian flick about fliers.
Caravans xx Mitchner's book
The Caretakers xx 1963 "Often inciteful look at west coast mental hospital." Maltin.
nf Cars

Carlito's Way xx Pacino
Carlito's Way: Rise to Power xx

Carnivale: See Series

Carrie xxx 1976
Carrie x-xx 2002

Car Wash x Richard Pryor
The Cary Treatment
Cars o Silly cartoon
Casablanca xxx
Casino xx Deniro; Sharon Stone
Casino Royale x-xx My least favorite Bond flick.
Casper NOT seen but Maltin gives it a o.
The Cassandra Crossing
Cast a Dark Shadow o
Cast Away xx Hanks
Casualties of War x-xx OK Vietnam flick about rape of young Vietnamese girl.
Cat Ballou xx-xxx Lee Marvin
Catch a Fire x-xx
Catch and Release x-xx J. Garner as widow of man with secrets.
Catch Me if You Can x-xx 2002 Hanks; Walken sort of like another imposter film
Catch 22 xx-xxx Book MUCH richer.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof xxxx Newman 1953 EVERY viewing gets better... Burl Ives does too.
Cat People xx 1942
Cat's Meow o

Category 6: Day of Destruction o-x TVM Mildly interesting with completely foolish side story of infidelity.
Category 7: The End of the World o TVM even sillier than the other one.

Catwoman 2004

Caught x-xx Young man enters lives of a fishmonger and wife with dire consequences. Olmos is xxx.
The Caveman's Valentine xxx-xxxx Samuel Jackson xxxx About schizophrenic father who is solving a murder and lives in a cave. Excellent film, perhaps the best of Jackson's and about the illness's effects on family and sufferer...
The Celestine Prophesy x-xx Modest prophesy flick set in Peru.
The Cell xx 2000
The Center of the World x
Chacolat: see Chocolat
Chain of Command o TVM?
Chain Reaction xx OK flick about hydrogen power generator.
The Chamber xxx John Grisham novel. 1996
Chances Are xxx Robert Downey, Jr.
Changing Lanes xx Grim story of two men clashing over car collision. Good part about alcohol and alcoholism.
Chaos xx 2005 OK bank robbery.
Chaplin xx Robert Downey, Jr.
Charade xx-xxx
Chariots of Fire xxx

Charlie's Angels x
Charlies Angels: Full Throttle o-x 2003

Charley Varrick x 1973 OK Heist film.
Charlie Wilson's War xxxxx Just fine film making.
Charlotte Gray / Cate Blanchett xxx Scot woman helping frogs in WW 2
Charly xxx-xxxx Cliff Roberts? Retarded man turned into a genius and back.
Chasing Amy xx Ben Afleck; >>> Joey Lauren Adams
The Cheap Detective x-xx Falk and stellar cast in OK Neil Simon flick. Mostly wasted cast, doing good job. I am beginning to think Simon's work was WAY overrated.
Chelsea Walls xxx maybe xxxx Indie flick. Good portrait of creative but damaged folk. Visually sumptious.
Cheyenne Autumn o
Chicago xxx maybe xxxx FOR a musical. Zelweiger xxxx Fine cast, interesting. Time-frame about 1922.
Chicago Massacre x Very graphic and not that engaging.
A Child is Waiting xxx, maybe xxxx for parents of retarded children. Lancaster and Garland in fine flick about training school. aka?
Children of a Lesser God xxx Marlie Matlin
Children of Dune: see TV series
The Children of Men xx Sometimes xxxx dystopic tale of sterile human race and pregnant girl.
Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story xx 2001 Surprisingly good TVM. Star of show seemed to me a better actress and decent dancer. Temple could sing better.
Chill Factor 0
China Beach xxxx 1988 One of the best TVMs of all time.
China O'Brian o
China Moon x Ed Harris; Stowe
China Seas xx-xxx Decent Gable vehicle about captain of cargo ship in that area.
The China Syndrome xx-xxx
Chinatown xxx Nicholson see: The Two Jakes x
Chinese Coffee o Pacino in yet another low budget play.
Chocolat xxxx-xxxxx Juliette Binoche; Lena Olin; Johnny Depp; Judi Dench. Second viewing even better.
Christmas Lillies of the Field o Billy D. Williams in WAY over his small head.

Pitch Black xxx Vin Diesel
The Chronicles of Riddick xxx Very different but still worth a watch.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe xx-xxx 2005 Pretty good children's story by C. S. Lewis
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader o 1990 Stick with the new version.
nf The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2008

Chu Chu and the Philly Flash o
The Cider House Rules xx
Cincinnati Kid xxx poker game, sort of similar to The Hustler
Cinderella Man x-xx About Depression Era fighter Jim Braddock
The Circle o 2006
Circle of Friends o
Citizen Kane xxxx
nf Citizen X
City by the Sea xx-xxx Deniro in story of redemption of father / son relationship
City for Conquest x-xx 1940 Cagney vehicle
City Hall xx Pacino
City Heat x Reynolds; foolishness
City of Angels xxx Meg Ryan; Nicholas Cage
City of Ghosts o
City of Lost Children xx

City Slickers 1 xxx
City Slickers 2 xx

A Civil Action xxx 1998 Travolta; Duval is especially good.
Clear and Present Danger xx-xxx Harrison Ford
The Clearing x Marginal kidnapping flick with Mirren and Redford
nf Clementine
Click x-xx OK fantasy with Sandler.
The Client xx
Cliffhanger x Stallone
Clive Barker's The Plague o The actors were on autopilot in this rip off flick.
The Clock xx 1945 OK Judy Garland marrying during WW II
Clockers o Silly drug film by spike lee.
A Clockwork Orange xx-xxx
Close Encounters of the Third Kind xxx At least
Close Your Eyes x Marginal kidnapping and psychic flick.
Closure x One gets to see Gillian Anderson's tits.
Cloverfield 0 WTF?
Club Paradise x-xx OK Robin Williams and SCTV cast.
Clueless o 1995 Simply silly.
Coach Carter xxx-xxxx Jackson in fine basketball flick. While this genre can be inspiring fine films they are almost falsehoods that show how a tiny few coaches are good. NONE of this genre show how bad the average coach is.
Coal Miner's Daughter xxx
Coastlines x-xx Marginally interesting, Tim Olyphant of Deadwood, as ex con.

Cocoon xxx
Cocoon 2: The Return. x

Cocktail xx-xxx Cruise
Code Name: Wolverine x navy seal and family chased
Code Red: The Rubicon Conspiracy x-xx about alien bugs, cover up and alien
Cold Comfort Farm xx-xxx with xxx-xxxx ending. Star was xxx-xxxx. Quirky UK flick, likely an Indy.
Coldblooded xx Peter Reigert as a hitman.
Cold Mountain
Collateral xx
Collateral Damage xx Arnold Second viewing somewhat worse.
Collision Course o Jay Leno; Pat Morita
nf The Color of Freedom
The Color of Money xxx xxxx > Newman's reprise of The Hustler' Fast Eddie Felson; Tom Cruise
The Color Purple xxx Oprah Winfrey
Colors xx
Colossus: The Forbin Project xx NOT the xxx of Maltin's book
Coma x Douglas; Bujold Tolerable medical mystery / thriller.
Comanche Moon xx TVM OK western sage, last of three in Lonesome Dove series..
Comancheros xxxx Excellent Wayne vehicle.
Comedian o Uninteresting documentary about Seinfeld and another comedian.
Come See the Paradise 0
Command Decision xx Clarke Gable Somewhat static, its based on a play, WW II film. 1948
Commando o-x Schwartzeneger
Coming to America xx Eddie Murphy
nf Company K 2004
Company Man o at best
Compulsion o
The Con VG con movie with
nf Contour
Conagher xx Tom
Con Air xx-xxx
Coneheads x
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind x Was Chuck Barris an assassin? DNK
Confessions of a Nazi Spy x 1939 USA pre-war propaganda film. Edward G. Robinson
Confessions of a Thug
Confidence xx OK Scam flick.
Confidential Agent x-xx Charles Boyer
Congo xxx
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court xx 1949
Conspiracy x 2001 Nasty story about nazi plan to exterminate Jews
Conspiracy x - xx 2008 Kilmer
Conspiracy Theory xx-xxx Gibson
The Constant Gardener xx About Africa / UK and drug companies testing dangerous drugs on indigenous folk. Scary, but realistic concept and likely true.
Constantine xx-xxx Good f/x and decent flick about good vs evil, devils and angels.
Contact xxx Jodie Foster
Continental Divide x Belushi
The Contract xx OK story of hitmen led by Morgan Freeman.
The Contractor xx Snipes vehicle as assassin in the UK
The Conversation xxx Hackman
Coogan's Bluff xx Eastwood
Cookie xx-xxx Peter Faulk
Cookie's Fortune x-xx 1999 Glen Close in quirky sort of comedy.
A Cool Dry Place o 1998
Cool Hand Luke xxx Newman 1967
Cool Runnings xx
nf The Cool Surface
Cop xx James Woods
Copland x-xx 1997
Copycat xx-xxx 1995 Weaver; Holly Hunter
Copying Beethoven x-xx about copyist working for Beethoven.
Cornered x-xx Dick Powell Post WWII flick about vichy collaborator hunted by Powell for killing wife. OK.
The Corruptor xx-xxx Chow Yun Fat; Mark Wahlberg
The Corsican Brothers xx Not bad older flick about twins and vendetta.
The Count of Monte Cristo xxx Early version ?
The Count of Monte Cristo xxx-xxxx 2002 Seen twice and better the second time.

Counter Strike o maybe - o Toys could do a better job.
Country x-xx Lang ?
Courage Under Fire xx
The Court-Marshal of Billy Mitchell xx
Cousins x
nf The Covenant
Cover (2007)
Cowards Bend the Knee (2003) 0 Unless on HBO or TV.
Coyote Ugly xx Decent date flick about bar, singer etc.
nf Cracker Series 3
Crack-Up xx-xxx 1946 Good cuckoo flick
Cradle Will Rock x with xxxx ending. 1999 Emily Watson and Turturo xxxx in quirky flick involving WPA theatre project, communist influences etc.
The Craft xx
Crank xxx Surprisingly good, and speedy, flick.
Crash xx-xxx Sandra Bullock
Crash xxx James Spader and fine cast in very kinky flick.
Crash and Burn
Crazy People x-xx Dudley Moore xx. 1990 Yet another cuckoo house flick.
Creature from the Black Lagoon x-xx Saw as a child.
Crime Doctor xx OK, and overrated, early Philo Vance flick with William Powell.
nf Crime Fiction 2007
Crimes of the Heart o
Criminal x
Criminal Intent o 2005 TVM? Just bad.
Criminal Law xx Disturbing legal drama about serial killer.
Criminal Passion o
Crimson Force o Totally forgot what this was about. Oh, Mars. Duh.
Crimson Tide xx Washington; Hackman
Critical Assembly 0

Crocodile Dundee xxx
Crocodile Dundee 2 xx
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 3 xxx Almost as funny as the first. 2001

Cross Creek xx Steenburgen
Crossfire xxx Very good cast in murder mystery with background of anti-Semitism, plus a bit of preaching about it's evils.
Crossfire Trail xx OK Western with Selleck.
The Cross of Lorraine xx-xxx Frog WWW II flick.
Crossroads x-xx William Powell vehicle.
Crossroads o ? year
The Crossing xx 2000 TVM about George Washington's Deleware crossing. Jeff Daniels in typical role.
Crossing Delancy xx 1988 Peter Riegert xxx; Amy Irving
nf Crossing Over
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon xx
Croupier x About casino dealer.
The Crow xxxx Brandon Lee
The Crow: Wicked Prayer o 2005 NOT related to Lee's.
nf Cruising Pacino seen?
Cry Danger xx Dick Powell 1951 Decent B flick.
Cry Havoc xx-xxx 1943 Very well done flick of women in early WW II flick who were nurses and volunteers in Phillipines.
A Cry in the Dark xxx Streep; Neill. dingo story
Cypher x Would have been better sci-fi if it was shorter.
Cyrano de Bergerac x

Dagon x-xx about sea god who mutates town
Dances With Wolves xxxx Costner
Dancing in Lughnasa xx-xxx 1998 Streep
Dangerous o 1935 Betty Davis vehicle.
Dangerous Ground o
Dangerous Liaisons xx
Dangerous Touch o-x
Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe see: Robinson Crusoe
Dante's Peak x-xx Brosnan
Dare to Love xx With xxx for realistic schizophrenia portrayal.
The Daredevil x Silly, cartoonish characters. Ben Affleck; Jennifer Garner
Dark Asylum o
Dark Blue x-xx 2002 Corrupt cops in LA during Rodney King era.
Dark City xx-xxx
Dark Command xx Wayne vehicle, early on.
The Dark Corner x-xx OK, B, PI flick.
The Dark Crystal xx cartoon
Darkdrive o
The Dark Half o-x Silly horror flick.
Darklight o-x Low rent SciFi channel flick about Eve / Lilith

Darkman xx 1999
Darkman II: The Return of Durant
Darkman III: Die Darkman, Die

The Dark Knight: see Batman
Dark of the Sun x-xx 1968 Rod Taylor; Jim Brown Soldiers of fortune flick. 1968
Dark Passage xx-xxx B flick raised by stars, photography etc. Bogart; Bacall
Dark Prince o-x "The true story of Dracula."
The Dark Past xx-xxx Psychological story of escaped con and psychologist.
Dark Victory x-xx 1939 Davis; Bogart; Reagan in very good drunk role. Excellent cast in OK film.
The Darwin Awards x-xx Some very funny bits, overall average comedy.
Das Boot xx Claustraphobic WW II German U-boat flick.
A Date With Darkness o 2001 About serial rapist.
David and Lisa xx-xxx 1962
David Copperfield xxx Interesting enough with xxxx-xxxxx as always for Freddie Bartholamew and xxxx for Edna May Oliver. [ The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield, the Younger (1935 ]
The Da Vinci Code xx
Dawn Patrol x Flynn vehicle. 1938. WW I UK fliers...
The Day After o-x 1983 Pre-Glasonst cold war foolishness and atomic bombings.
The Day After Tomorrow o-x Plus, seen already?
The Day of the Jackal xxx 1973
The Day of the Jackal xx-xxx
The Day Reagan Was Shot o
The Day the Earth Stood Still xxx
The Day They Robbed the Bank of England x-xx Bank caper.
Daylight o
Days of Heaven xxx Gere Visually sumptuous, interesting topic etc.
Days of Thunder xx Cruise
The Days of Wine and Roses o Nice poem however.
The Day the World Ended o
Dead Again o-x silly film, decent cast
Dead Bang 0
Dead Calm xx
Dead End xxx 1937
nf Dead Fish
Deadline USA x-xx OK Bogie as news editor flick
Dead Man x Depp xxx as usual. Music WAY too loud. Quality b&w photography.
Dead Man Walking xx Sarandon won supporting academy, but overall, xx AT BEST.
Dead Men's Walk see short term TVM series xxx-xxxx
Dead Poets Society xx Robin Williams

The Dead Pool see Dirty Harry
Dead Presidents x
Dead Reckoning x-xx OK Bogie vehicle.
Dead Ringers xx twin doctors
Dead Silence o?
The Dead Zone xx Christopher Walken
Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears, AKA Los Amigos o Just not interesting flick about early years in TX.
The Deal x-xx
The Deathlands x dystopic TVM
Deadlocked: Escape form Zone 14 o OUCH!!! Sci-fi drivel.
Death Becomes Her x Silly vampire spoof. Descent cast, almost watchable. Very funny music score.
Death By Magic o-x Silliness about the clash between good and evil.
Death of a Salesman Hoffman?
Death to Smoochy o
Deceived xxx Hawn in one of her best films
Deceiver x
Deception o 1946 Bette Davis in such a mean-spirited flick I could not watch. It upset me.
Decoration Day x-x/2 James Garner
nf Deep Blue
Deep Blue Sea xx About sharks with larger brains.
The Deep End o
Deep Impact xx
Deep Rising x-xx could have been much better without end which was like Webs
Deepwater xxx Good psycho flick with Black from American Gothic.
The Deer Hunter xxxx
Deja Vu xx OK sci-fi with Denzel.
The Deliberate Stranger x-xx Mark Harmon about Ted Bundy long; TVM?
Deliverance xxx Voight
The Delta Force
Demolition Man xx Stallone; Snipes
Denise Calls Up o
The Departed xx HIGHLY overrated gangster flick. Fabulous cast however.
nf The Derby Stallion
Desert Fox x-xx Slight bio of Rommel
Desert Heat o Van Damme
The Desert Rats xxx 1953 Very good WW II flick about UK and AU soldiers holding Tobruk.
Desparado 0
The Desparadoes x-xx OK western.
Desparately Seeking Susan x-xx

Desparate Hours xxxx Bogart
Desparate Hours x 1990 Rourke

Destination Tokyo xx 1943
Destry Rides Again xx-xxx Stewart
Detective Story xxx Kirk Douglas as police detective.
The Detenator x-xx Snipes vehicle.
Detour o Tom Neal; Ann Savage, and an appropriate name THAT is. 1945 What? B flick like most of today's TV?
Deuces Wild o This was really bad.
nf The Devil and Daniel Johnston
The Devil and Miss Jones xx Decent cast in OK "screwball / social commentary " comedy.
Devil in a Blue Dress xx-xxx Washington
Devil's Advocate xxx Pacino
The Devil's Brigade 000
The Devil's Deciple xx 1959 Virtually stellar cast on OK flick: Lancaster; Kirk Douglas; Lawrence Olivier
Devil's Doorway xx 1950 OK yarn about Indian who owns 50K acres of land.
The Devil's Own xx-xxx Ford and Pitt in pretty good flick about an IRA man coming to the US for funding.
The Devil Wears Prada x Disappointing affair with Streep.
The Devine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood o gril flick
Dexter: See series
nf Diamond Men
Diary of a Mad Black Woman o
Diary of a Serial Killer o
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer x It mentions Rose Red...
Dick Tracy x-xx
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star o
Die Another Day: see Bond
Diner x-xx
Dinner at Eight o
Diplomatic Courier xx Pretty good cold war flick about a courier.
Diplomatic Seige o
Dirty o

Dirty Dancing xxxx Swayze; Jennifer Gray? Second or third viewing as good as the others.
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights xx Swayze barely shows up. This is not as good but it is funny at times.

Dirty Dozen xxx
Dirty Dozen 2 x

Dirty Harry xxxx
Magnum Force xxx
The Enforcer xxx
Sudden Impact xxx
The Dead Pool xx

Disappering Acts o Snipes vehicle.
Disaster in Time x Low rent time machine flick about disaster travelers from the future. Maybe x-xx in parts.
Disclosure xx Douglas
Dive Bomber xxx Flynn as flight surgeon trying to solve some of aviation's early problems like g force black outs.
Doctor Bell and Mr. Doyle x-xx

Doctor Doolittle 1 xx-xxx Eddie Murphy
Doctor Doolittle 2 xx
Doctor Doolittle 3 o

Doctor Ehrlich's Magic Bullet xx

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1936

Dr. Newman, MD xx Peck in pretty good WW II psychiatrist flick.
Doctor Dr. Strangelove xx-xxx IMHO seriously overrated by others
Doctor T and the Women 0 Gere Upper income foolishness.
Doctor Zhivago xxxxx HIGHLY underrated.
Dodson's Journey
Dodsworth xx Walter Houston Oldie about the breakup of a marriage in wealthy couple.
Dog Day Afternoon xxx Pacino
Dogma o 1999 WTF? Good cast wasted.
The Dogs of War xx Walken in OK mercenary flick.
Dog Soldiers xx
Dogville o Kidman beautiful as ever in dreary play on DVD. The worst parts of Our Town and Waiting for Godot.
Domestic Disturbance xx Travolta
Domino o
Don Juan De Marco xx Depp as schizophrenic man and Brando a psychiatrist.
Donnie Brasco xx Pacino; Depp. Stellar cast in modest wiseguy flick.
Donny Darko xx
Donovan's Brain o-x "B" sci-fi flick from 50's.
Don't Bother to Knock o
Don't Go Near the Water o Glenn Ford : ^(
Don't Say a Word xx
The Door in the Floor o
Door to Door TVM x-xx William Macy
The Doors xx-xxx Kilmer Excellent for its type.
Double Bang o ?
Double Indemnity xxx 1944 MacMurry; Stanwyck; Robinson
Double Jeopardy xx ? Tommy Lee Jones Pretty good. Seen twice.
Down and Out in Beverly Hills o Nolte; Dreyfus
Down in the Delta xxxx-xxxxx Extraordinary cast, writing, information...
Down in the Valley o A dreary story with Edward Norton wasted.
Down to the Bone x Vera Farmiga xx-xxx about junkies and rehab.
Downtown 1990 nfw

See Bram Stoker's Dracula
Dracula 2000, see Wes Craven's
Dracula 2002 o PBS offering misses the point.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story xx
Dragonfighter o-x TVM? Barely watchable from sci-fi channel.
Dragonfly xx-xxx Costner 2002
Dragonheart xx-xxx
The Dreamcatcher xx Odd thriller.
Dream Lover 1994 x-xx Spader
Driftwood xx-xxx 1997 Spader in Misery-like flick.
Driven xx OK race movie with Stallone
Driving Miss Daisey xxx
nf Dr. Bell and Mr. Doyle
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde x
Drop Zone x-xx Snipes
Drums Along the Mohawk o
Duck Soup xxx Marx Brothers
The Duelists xxx
Dumbo xx Cartoon 1941 Seen when I was a child.

Dune xxxxx
nf Dune: Extended Edition (1984)
Dune o-x TVM special that was not. SOME, x bits, but drab overall. See TV series.

Dungeons and Dragons x silly overall. Some nice FX.
Duplicates o

Each Dawn I Die xxx Cagney
Earthsea x Modest TVM, SciFi channel.
nf Eastern Promises
nf Easy Living
Easy Rider xxxx

Eddie Murphy: Raw o
Eddie Murphy: Delirious o His Stand-up routines.

The Edge
Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield x-xx Very realistic look at a serial killer.
Edge of Darkness xxx Errol Flynn
Edge of the City x-xx Poitier; Way too emotional for content, flick about interracial friendships, strife etc.

The Edge of the World xxx 1937 Excellent slice of life on a dying island well off the coast of Scotland in the years before the movie was made. The director is especially cited in this, Michael Powell...
Return to the Edge of the World 1978 Doc with director and a few cast members returning to the island this was filmed on.

Edison, The Man x-xx 1940 Tracy
Edison Force x-xx Spacey
EDtv x Stupid show about 24/7 reality programming of Ed's life. Carey movie was better.
Educating Rita xxx
Edward My Son o 1949 Tracy Too much whining by all. I fell asleep.
Edward Scissorhands xx
Ed Wood o seriously overrated
Edie and Pen o
The Effects of Magic o
The Efficiency Expert o 1992 Hopkins and Crowe
Eiger Sanction xxx Eastwood
Eight / 8 Seconds o
nf 84 Charring Cross Road
The Electric Horseman xx Redford
Elektra x-xx Jennifer Garner
The Elephant Man xx-xxx
Eleventh Hour 0 Patrick Stewart
Elling (2001) nfw
Elf o nfw. This is for dull children only.
Elmer Gantry xxx Burt Lancaster
Elvis: That's The Way It Was o
Elvis Has Left the Building
Elvis: The Miniseries see series
Embedded o
Embrace of the Vampire o 1994 One of the many silly vampire films that I have watched. o
The Emperor's Club x Klein about a teacher
The Emperor's New Clothes 0 2001
Emperor of the North x-xx Borgnine; Marvin. Very mean spirited.
Empire x-xx Leguzmano. OK drug dealer film. I think he produced it.
nf Empire Falls (2-Disc Series) (2005)
Empire of the Sun x-xx Grim flick about pre-WW II China and a boy who gets separated from his parents. The end scene is xxxx. Maltin just nailed the film in his review, xx.
Enchanted Cottage xx
Encore o
Encrypt x-xx hologram finds love
End Game xxx-xxxx Fine Cuba Gooding as Secret Service agent when president is killed.
The Endless Summer xxx Surfing documentary.
The Endless Summer 2 xxx
End of Days xx
The End of the Affair x-xx Julianne Moore
The Enemy o-x About deadly WMD toxin.
Enemy at the Gates xx
The Enemy Below xxx Good WW II submarine vs. cruiser.
Enemy Mine xx-xxx Decent sci-fi.
Enemy of the State xx-xxx Gene Hackman; Will Smith
Enemy Within x-xx
The Enforcer xxx Bogart
The Enforcer xxx 1976 Eastwood's Dirty Harry
Enough xx Jennifer Lopez as battered wife who fights back
The Entertainer xxx1/2
Enter the Dragon xxx Bruce Lee

Epoch xx
Epoch:Evolution x 2003

Equilibrium x-xx OK dystopia. Stolen from: Fahrenheit 451; 1984; Data and Spock
Eraser xx-xxx
nf Eraserhead
Erin Brokovich xx
Escape x-xx Robert Taylor? Low rent pre-WW II sort of flick, anti-Nazi propaganda but likely on target. One wonders about the total significance, inpact, of this sort of film?
Escape From Alcatraz xx
Escape from Ft. Bravo xx 1953 Not bad cowboys and indians flick.

Escape from New York xx
Escape from LA o one of the worst flicks I ever sat through

Escape from Sobibor x-xx OK nazi death camp flick.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind xx
E.T. The Extraterrestial xxxx
Eureka x-xx
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford x 1936 Wm. Powell "Screwball comedy." OK
Excess Baggage xx >>> Alicia Silverstone
NFW Evan Almighty a follow up to Bruce
Eve's Bayou o silliness in black community 1997
Evelyn x Pierce Brosnan, Irish family law
Even Cowgirls get the Blues x-xx Relatively silly but the Princess, a drag queen, is funny and Olmos has a cameo in a band.
Even Money o
Event Horizon xx
Evel Knievel x TVM George Eads
Ever After o 1998 Silly Cinderella tale with Angelica Huston. YUK.

nf Everest: The Death Zone Jodie Foster
Everybody's All American x Dennis Quaid; Jessica Lange Hmm. Second viewing xx.
Every Which But Loose xx Eastwood
Evolution o
Excaliber x-xx 1981 EXCELLENT cast in highly overrated film. Maltin gave it 3.5 *. Oy
Executive Decision xx-xxx
nf Exiled
eXitenZ xx Jennifer Jason Leigh
Exit Wounds xx Seagal
Exodus xxx

Exorcist xxx
Exorcist II: The Heretic xx

The Experts x Travolta in Russian spy village
The Explosive Generation o Early William Shatner flick.
Exterminating Angel o
Extremities Farrah Fawcett
Extreme Measures xx OK medical thriller with Hugh Grant and Hackman.
NO > Eye of the Beast
Eye See You xx Sylvester Stallone
Eyes in the Night o
Eyes of Laura Mars xx
Eyes Wide Shut x Cruise and in odd modern marriage.

The Fabulous Baker Boys x-xx Bridges, one and all
A Face in the Crowd xxx Andy Griffith; Patricia Neal; Walter Matthau. Extraordinary cast in early roles.
Face Off xx 1997 Cage and ? in over the top actioner about terrorist vs. cop. Faces were exchanged in operation.
Faith of My Fathers
Faces o 1968 Pretentious indy and inane. Highly overrated at *** 1/2
Factotum x
Farhenheit 451 xx Julie Christie. OK sci-fi dystopia.
Fail Safe xx 1964
Fairy Tale: A True Story xxx Surprisingly good story about two girls and fairies.

Falcon series: > NO
The Gay Falcon o

Faith of My Fathers x-xx TVM Bio of John McCaine.
Fallen xx Washington in flick about ancient spirit that kills people. Seen twice.
nf The Fallen 2004
Fallen Angel x? Senise OK TVM BUT missed the last half.
Falling Down xx 1993 Seen before story of cop, Duval, flipped out Douglas.
The Family Man
nf The Fan
Fanny and Alexander o
Fantastic Four o-x Woof, a real dog.
Fantastic Voyage xx 1966
Far and Away xxx Cruise;
The Far Country xx OK western with Stewart.
Far From Heaven xx Julianne Moore was good
Farewell My Concubine xxx
A Farewell to Arms o Overrated WWI flick.
Fargo xx
Fast and Furious x Vin Deisel

Fast and Furious o 2001
Fast and Furious 2 o 2003 REALLY bad

Fastbreak xx 1979 Gabe Kaplan Not bad for a basketball flick.
The Fastest Gun Alive xxx >>>>>>>> Glenn Ford in very good western, shot on a budget.
Fastfood Nation o
Fat Actress 0 Kirsty Alley
Fat Man and Little Boy xx Newman, the Manhattan Project
Fatal Attraction xxx Douglas; Close.
Fatal Desire o
Fatal Error x-xx sci fi outbreak flick
Father Goose xx
nf Fay Grim
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas o Depp Might be xx or better IF seriously tripping / stoned but DNK.
Fearless xxx-xxxx Jeff Bridges
The Fearless Vampire Killers o Spoofs rarely work. This one was worse than most.
Fear Strikes Out
Feast of Love 2007 0? Did I even see this?
Femme Fatale o 2002 Banderas
Ferris Bueller's Day Off xx
nf The Fever
A Few Good Men xx 1992
Ffolkes xx
F For Fake o 1973 This is the silliest piece of shit Welles ever did and Penn and Teller STATED this was a toss-up to Welles best. WTF? Their comments were long winded and inane.
Fiddler on the Roof x-xx OK musical
The Field xx
Field of Dreams xxxx Costner in great sport flick.
Fierce Creatures xx Jamie Lee Curtis; John Cleese about circus etc.
Fifteen Minutes x Fine cast wasted: DeNiro; Grammer; Farmiga
The Fifth Element xx-xxx
Fifty First Dates o Typical Adam Sandler drivel.
Fight Club xxx-xxxx Brad Pitt; Edward Norton
The Fighting Seabees xx Wayne vehicle.
The Fighting 69th x-xx Cagney vehicle. A coward redeems himself.
Final x-xx
The Final Cut xxx Fine sci fi with Robin Williams
Final Move o
nf Final Season
Finding Forrester xx Connery. Similar to Good Will Hunting but not as good.
Finding Neverland x-xx Depp
A Fine Madness o
Fingersmith x Fair look at women in love
Fire xx Real India. Two women fall in love. Well worth watching.
Fire Down Below xxx Stevan Seagal
nf Firefly
Fire in the Sky o-x Sci-fi flick.
Fire on the Amazon xx-xxx Bullock
Firewall xx A decent kidnapping flick.
The Fire Within (1963) in French
The Firm xxx
First Contact: See Star Trek
First Daughter xx
First Knight xx
First Shot o-x Mariel Hemmingway TVM? Low-rent flick about one of the militant groups shooting her and president.
First Time Felon x-xx
First To Die x
Do not ponder this foolishness, First Wives Club
A Fish Called Wanda x
The Fisher King xx-xxx Williams
F.I.S.T. xx
A Fistful of Dollars xxx Eastwood
Fist of Fury xx-xxx Bruce Lee
Five Came Back x-xx Early airplane disaster film. Some good performances, personal sacrifices, but overall, modest.
Five Days to Midnight xx TVM Timothy Hutton
Five Easy Pieces xx-xxx Nicholson
Five Fingers xxx Good WW II spy flick about theiving butler.
Five People You Meet in Heaven x-xx
Flamingo Road xxx Joan Crawford as low class woman who has ambitions. Trashy sort of novel typical of the era but well done.
Flashback 0 1990
Flashdance x-xx
Flashpoint xx Christopherson; Treat Williams
Flatliners x-xx 1990
Fled x-xx Fishburne 1996 Prison break movie about hacker, mob etc.
Flesh and Bone xx Dennis Quaid; Paltrow; Meg Ryan OK story about adult portion of abused child's life.
Flight of Fury x PU this is the worst Seagal flick yet. He wrote it.
Flight of the Intruder x-xx
Flight of the Phoenix xx Stewart vehicle about ?? time frame downed plane show.
Flightplan xx-xxx Jodie Foster in plane bombing flick.
Flirting o
nf The Flock Gere
The Fly xx 1986
Flyboys xxx Good WW I Americans in France before US entered war.
The Fog o-x 2005 Typical tame Stephen King story.
Follow Me Quietly o 1949
Following x-xx odd UK story of man being framed for murder
Follow the Boys 1963, follow up to Where the Boys Are.
For a Few Dollars More xx-xxx Eastwood
nf The Forbidden Kingdom
Forbidden Planet xxx at the time
Force of Evil x OK B gangster flick.
Forces of Nature o Insipid road trip with Bullock.
Foreign Correspondent 0 Maltin rated this ****

Foreigner x Stevan Seagal
Foreigner 2: Black Dawn See Black Dawn xxx

nf Forget About It 2006
Forget Paris x Billy Crystal; Winger Second viewing worse than first.
nf Forgiving the Franklins
nf The Forgotten 2003
The Forgotten xxx VG sci-fi with Julianne Moore. Slow start, good finish.
1408, Directors cut x OK scary movie about hotel room.
Forth Protocal xx
For the Love of the Game xxxx Costner
Forumla 51 xxx Samuel Jackson; >>> Emily Mortimer
[ Forty ] 40 Days and 40 Nights x childish take off on Seinfeld's master of my domain Maggie Gyllenhaal has small part.

Forty-Eight Hours xxx
Another 48 Hours xx

Forty Four 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shootout
4400 Forty Four Hundred: See Series
Forty-Ninth 49th Parallel x-xx OK WW II flick about nazis in CA.
The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Foul Play o Chase; Hawn
The Fountain xxxx 2006

The Four Feathers xxx
The Four Feathers xxx-xxxx Heath Ledger; [black fellow ?] about cowardice, redemption, loyality

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse x-xx Ford. Subject matter xxx in a 1938 Parisian location. Poor execution however.
Four Rooms o
Four Weddings and a Funeral xx
nf 1408 Fourteen o 8
nf The 4th Dimension (2006)
The Fourth Protocol xx
Fracture 2007 xx Hopkins
Frailty xx-xxx at end Paxton demon killing etc.

Frankenstein xxxx Karlof 1931 version
Frankenstein o-x Low rent 2004 TVM.

Frankie and Johnny xx-xxx Pacino
Frantic xx-xxx Ford Kidnapping flick.
Freedomland xx Jackson in OK cop flick.
Freedom Strike 0
A Free Soul o 1931

French Connection xxxx Hackman
French Connection 2 xx

Frequency xx Dennis Quaid
Fresh xx about young chess player from bad background
The Freshman x
Frida x-xx 2002 seen already. OK story of Frida and painter Diego Rivera in Mexico.
Friday Night Lights xxx BB Thornton in a fine sports movie.
Frighteners xxx funny
Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian Gay flick.
The Frogmen x-xx Richard Widmark WW II about new commander of UDT team.
From Beyond xx 1982? Jeffrey Combs in early role.
From Dusk to Dawn x discordant vampire flick George Clooney
From Hell xx
From Here to Eternity xxx 1/2 1953 Lancaster
From the Terrace xxx Newman 1960 Good "adult" flick about the climb up the corporate ladder.
The Front x-xx 1976 Woody Allen foolishness.
The Front Line xx 2007 Another OK bank film, in Ireland
F**k x-xx OK doc about the word. Some funny bits.
The Fugitive xx
nf Full Frontal
Full Metal Jacket xx
The Full Monty x
Funny Face o 1957 Audry Hepburn in usually over her head role.
Funny Girl x Streisand
Fur xxx Surprisingly good "imaginative" bio of Diane Arbus.
Futureworld xxx

F/X xx
F/X 2 x-xx


Galaxy Quest x
The Gallant Hours xxx Cagney as Halsey in WW II
Gallipoli xx Mel Gibson
Gambit x-xx 1966

The Gambler x TVM Kenny Rogers
The Gambler Returns TVM x

The Game xx-xxx
Game of Death o Bruce Lee was only in a few brief scenes.
Gandhi xx-xxx Kingsley
Gangs of New York xxxx 2002 DiCaprio xxxx; Daniel Day-Lewis xxxxx A WINNER for director Scorscese too.
nf The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight 1971 Deniro
Gardens of Stone xx

Gaslight o Bergman; Boyer Too creepy to watch. or look for
Gaslight 1940 version which might be even creepier but was rated better by Maltin.

The Gathering x-xx TVM Ed Asner
A Gathering of Eagles o
The Gathering Storm xx about Winston Churchill
Gattaca xx
Gaudi Afternoon x for women, I suppose
The Gauntlet xx-xxx Eastwood
The General's Daughter xx 1999
Georgy Girl xx-xxx 1966
Geronimo: An American Legend (1993) xxx Hackman; Damon; Wes Studi as Geronimo. Great cast. Sobering thoughts about the tragedies.
Gerry o
Get Carter x Stallone

Get Shorty xx 1995

The Getaway x 1994
Getaway xx McQueen; McGraw Likely seen several times.
Ghandi xxx
Ghost xxx
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir xx-xxx 1947
The Ghost and the Darkness xx Lion hunting in Africa wherein the lion was a killer.

Ghostbusters xx
Ghostbusters 2 xx

Ghost Rider x So did I but it slipped in. Ty Burr hated it.
Ghost Ship xxx Juliana Margulies; Gabriel Byrne. Pretty scary
Ghosts of Mars x
Gia xx Jolie, AT LEAST xxx as usual.
Gideon Oliver, TVM series o
Gideon's Trumpet xx? TVM
GI Jane xxx
Gidget x-xx Sandra Dee 1959
The Gift x-xx 2000 OK psychic flick. Good cast. Overrated.
Gigi x Leslie Caron In many ways better than or more original than My Fair Lady
Gigli 2003 x-xx Afleck and Lopez as hit wo/men who kidnap mentally retarded man.
Gigot xxx 1962 Fine performance by Jackie Gleason
The Girl Hunters x-xx 1963 Mickey Spillane AS Mike Hammer. OK B flick.
Girl, Interrupted xxx Jolie
Gleason x Good performance by star. 2002, but grim portrait of miserably annoying person.
Glen Gary, Glen Ross x 1992 Excellent cast in dreary film about salesmen.
Glimmer Man x
A Glimpse of Hell x Caan dull as usual. Second viewing better, xx.
The Glenn Miller Story, seen?
Gloria 0
Glory xxx 1989 Matthew Broderick in Civil War flick about black regiment
Glory Road xxxx An excellent basketball sport film.
G-Men x-xx "B" flick about the FBI I think. Cagney.

Godfather xxxxx
Godfather 2 xxxx
Godfather 3 xxxx

Goal: The Dream Begins xx-xxx Surprisingly good soccer flick, sport
Gods and Generals o
nf Godsend
Godzilla x
Go For Broke o
Goin South xx
Going My Way xx 1940 Bing Crosby and the other priest, xxxx. Catholics might like it more than I did but top drawer production values, cast...
nf The Golden Compass
Gone Baby Gone
Gone in 60 Seconds xx Jolie
Gone With the Win

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