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10 Gerber Lil’ Bits Easy DIY Baby Food Recipes

I remember when Haley was little. She was scarfing down solid foods at 6 months old. Dray is a constant reminder that not all babies develop at the same pace. He’s 11 months old now. He still chokes on solid foods. At 11 months old Haley was indulging in waffles. Dray, not so much. I even expressed concern to his pediatrician. She ensured me that everything was fine. That he seems to be turned off by texture. Which, the same goes for his daddy, too. His daddy is texture funny, too. But, teaching him to chew was important. She told me just to keep trying. So, I did. I needed a way to introduce him to different textures. Without posing a choking hazard. That’s when we found our new found love for Gerber Lil’ Bits. Gerber 3rd Foods With Lil’ Bits is great alone, but you can make great baby food recipes with it, too. Lil’ Bits are also a great food for teething babies, too.

We began Dray on the same baby Food we trusted using with Haley. So, we stocked up on Gerber baby food. I was excited to start him on the Gerber 1st Foods. Also, there was no hesitation starting him on Gerber 2nd Foods either. Then we began him on the Gerber 3rd Foods. The Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits to be exact. Once we began that journey, I was excited. Because, he tolerates the Lil’ Bits well. Even that’s an understatement. Dray loves Gerber Lil’ Bits.

The other great thing about the Gerber Lil’ Bits is that they come in in 20 different flavors. That means they’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, a snack, and even dinner. With all the different flavors, it’s easy to introduce Dray to different textures. The variety also lets me create different recipes. Which helps mix things up for Dray a little bit, too. There are so many great DIY baby food recipes online. I haven’t tried them all, yet. But, I feel like I’m close. I even created my own simple baby food recipe. It adds a little bit of fun to the Gerber Lil’ Bits Island Fruit Blend.

Gerber Lil’ Bits have so many great features. So, in reality, a fancy recipe isn’t necessary. While recipes are fun, the Lil’ Bits are great all by themselves.

Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits Best Features

  • Has perfect, bite-sized pieces of fruits or vegetables. Plus, each bite is soft.
  • These pieces are perfect in helping your baby learn how to chew.
  • Every ingredient in the Lil’ Bits must meet Gerber’s high quality standards.
  • There is no added starch, artificial colors or flavors.

Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits Flavors

  • Apple Banana
  • Apple Blue Berry
  • Banana Apple Mango
  • Banana Apple Strawberry
  • Butternut Squash & Potato
  • Island Fruit Blend
  • Mixed Carrots, Corn, and Butternut Squash
  • Orchard Fruit Medley
  • Pear Apple Berry
  • Sweet Potato Apple Carrot and Cinnamon
  • Autumn Vegetable & Turkey Dinner
  • Carrot Peas & Corn
  • Chicken Itty-Bitty Noodle Dinner
  • Garden Vegetable & Beef Dinner
  • Herbed Vegetable, Pasta & Chicken Dinner
  • Mac & Cheese Dinner
  • Roasted Vegetable & Chicken Dinner
  • Broccoli Carrot & Cheddar Cheese Dinner
  • Farmers Market Vegetable & Turkey Dinner

Dray’s favorite Gerber Lil’ Bits flavors are Island Fruit Blend & Apple Blueberry. He’s a huge fan of fruit. Always has been. Must be why I craved fruit so often when I was pregnant with him. So, of course I added my own touch to the Island Fruit Blend. Simple ingredients, but adds a touch of fun to the already fun baby food. 

I wanted to add fun to the Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits. So, I started searching for DIY baby food recipes online. Specifically those that used the Lil’ Bits. There are so many great baby food recipes out there that are easy and creative. I even created my own little fun touch to Dray’s favorite Gerber Lil’ Bits flavor. The Island Fruit Blend. We named our blend the “Island Fruit + Brown Sugar Applesauce Blend.” It’s not too adventurous. Since Dray is turned off by different textures, we went simple.

DIY Island Fruit + Brown Sugar Applesauce Blend


  • (1) Container Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits Island Fruit Blend
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Brown Sugar
  • 1/3 Cup Applesauce (I used Cinnamon Applesauce. But, plain applesauce will work fine, too.)

Mix 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar with 1/3 cup applesauce in a bowl. Slowly add the Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits Island Fruit Blend into the bowl. Mix all ingredients together until you reach your desired texture.

10 Easy DIY Baby Food Recipes with Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits

Apple-Blueberry Yogurt Cubes/Pops

Head over to Bailey’s blog, Everyday With Bay, for a yummy cubes/pops baby food recipe. Perfect for a hot summer day!

Baby Led Weaning Quinoa Cakes

That Mama Gretchen shares a great recipe for quinoa cakes. The best part is you can use any Gerbers Lil’ Bit flavor to make this easy baby food recipe.

Toddler Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Photo Credit: Our Little Everything

Dray loves fruity flavors. If your baby is the same, this baby food recipe will be a huge hit. Go visit the Our Little Everything blog and find the recipe there.

Frozen Yogurt Bites

Photo Credit: Adventures of a Cavemom

These Frozen Yogurt Bites is a great food choice for teething babies. Jess over at Adventures of a Cavemom has the recipe here.

Pumpkin Pops

Photo Credit: Busy Little Izzy

This Pumpkin Pops recipe that Busy Little Izzy shares with us comes just in time. Fall is finally upon us. That means pumpkin everything. That’s no exception for Busy Little Izzy’s Pumpkin Pops.

Apple Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

Metro Detroit Mommy shares a great Apple Blueberry Yogurt Parfait baby food recipe. Plus, it includes one of Dray’s favorite flavors, Apple Blueberry.

Mommy & Me Yogurt Parfaits

Photo credit: Bellissimi Bambini

You’ll love Bellissimi Bambini’s recipe for delicious Mommy & Me Yogurt Parfaits using Gerber Lil’ Bits! Plus, being able to add the optional cool mom cool whip is a huge hit!

Mommy & Me Fruit Smoothies

Kerry over at xo kerry has the right idea to adding Gerber Lil’ Bits to a recipe. You can see her awesome Mommy & Me Fruit Smoothies over at her blog.

Autumn Vegetables, Turkey, & Potatoes Dinner

Over at Thinking Outside The Sandbox you’ll find a great dinner recipe using Gerber Lil’ Bits Autumn Vegetables & Turkey.

Banana, Apple, + Strawberry Greek Yogurt Popsicle’s

Photo Credit: The Sometimes Glam Wife

Brandi over at The Sometimes Glam Wife shares great tips on transitioning baby to solid foods. Plus, she shares a recipe for amazing Banana, Apple, + Strawberry Greek Yogurt Popsicle’s.

Ensuring Dray gets proper nutrition is important to me. That’s why I have trusted Gerber foods with him and Haley. Plus, I love that I can make fun recipes with Gerber Lil’ Bits, too. I’d love to hear some of your favorite baby food recipes, too. I’d love to see how your #GerberBabies enjoy Gerber baby food.

To learn more about Gerber Crawler Nutrition, make sure to check out their website here.

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10 Gerber Lil’ Bits Easy DIY Baby Food Recipes


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