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A new twist on Gravity

Today I wanted to write about something that may challenge what you have learned about Gravity. Keep in mind, I am no expert in physics so if you are looking for scientific facts then you are in the wrong place. However, I believe the truth about gravity still remains a mystery that scientists are still working to solve.

While I may not be an expert on a subject, sometimes amazing discoveries can be made by someone who has never been an expert on a given subject.

First, I want to give the "official" definition of Gravity. According to the dictionary, gravity is "the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass"

Now that we have the official definition, I will attempt to explain why this is not a completely accurate definition and gravity is not a force that stationary objects will exert on other objects.

According to most scientists, every object with mass has gravity. The amount of gravitational force that an object will have will be directly proportional to its mass.

While this may be true, I think it is not completely true. I believe this is only half of it.

Lets take for example a full size car parked on a completely smooth and level surface. Next to it we will place a small toy car similar to the popular Hot Wheels collectible cars. Both objects have mass and should exert some sort of gravitational force on the other object. If the official definition were correct, the small toy car would be pulled by the gravity exerted by the larger car/mass.

Try it yourself, park your car next to a toy car on a level surface. Try sliding the tiny car close to the full size car. If you let go of the car, does it continue to move towards the full size car? Never. Gravity is not a force that is exerted by an object at rest.

If neither object is in motion, gravitational force is not exerted by either car.

The smaller car will never be attracted to the larger car no matter how large in comparison to the small car. You can even put a paper thin gap between the two objects and they will still never move towards each other.

Based on my own observations, objects at rest will never exert a gravitational force on any other object. I believe there is one thing missing that could finally piece together the entire puzzle.

Albert Einstein also challenged the official definition of gravity by coming up with a theory that gravity is what happens when space itself is curved or warped around a mass.

I believe Einstein's theory is correct but still does not completely explain gravity.

In my opinion(for what that's worth), gravity is a force that is only exerted by an object in motion, specifically a spinning or rotational motion.

You have probably been taught that there are various forces that apply to a spinning object. You may have even experienced some of those forces as a child while riding on a merry-go-round or on amusement park rides that spin around. One of these forces applied is called "centrifugal" force.

While other forces may also apply to a spinning object, I believe that gravity is also a force that is exerted by a spinning object. The amount of gravity force applied would be directly proportional to the speed of rotation and the mass of the object. As I stated earlier, the mass of the object is only part of the equation. The speed of rotation is also a factor in determining the amount of gravity the object would have.

I will try to further explain why I believe gravity only exists with spinning objects.
Anyone who has studied aerodynamics will tell you that there are certain forces applied to the wing(airfoil) of an aircraft. Those forces are; lift, thrust, weight(gravity) and drag.
I won't go into detail about the first 3 forces but I will attempt to compare gravity to the lift produced by an airfoil passing through the air. As an airplane travels through the air, the air behind the wing swirls around above the wing creating a change in pressure that actually lifts the aircraft up from the top of the wing.

Similarly a spinning object will cause air and particles surrounding the object to swirl and bend behind the spinning object and becomes what we know today as gravity. In my opinion. this is what Einstein attempted to explain in his theory.

I will give you one more thing to challenge what you believe about gravity. I believe that gravity is not a force that pulls in a straight direction. I think gravity is more of a twisting force that pulls and twists towards the object exerting the force.

That's all I have to say about the subject at this time. Again, I am no expert and this is only my opinion.

Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and ideas on the subject.

Thanks for reading.

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A new twist on Gravity


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