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Modern mothers are expected to wear a size 2, pull down a six figure salary and home school the kids. In this world of insanity, White Trash Mom is a voice of reason.
2006-12-19 17:44
Hostess Twinkie Truffles A recipe for Hostess Twinkie Truffles for a holiday dessert! Here is the wonderfully WT recipe using Hostess Twinkies. Tacky Princess and her holiday baking have i… Read More
2006-12-07 03:17
Here's an example of the insane standards of "beauty". Top picture is the beauty contestant that is "too large" and the BOTTOM picture is the model that was considered to be ideal. This st… Read More
2006-12-04 15:53
Dear WTMs, Sometimes when I write about my white trash life, you might think I am kidding. However, if you look at the snow fort that was left in my front yard----this is the view from the… Read More
2006-12-02 16:20
Ah, the Snow Day. The kids are outside romping in the beautiful white snow. Me inside baking ginger cookies and sipping hot chocolate, watching fondly from the frost-covered windows. Wishing… Read More
2006-11-28 01:44
Over the Thanksgiving holiday I saw some pals from college. One of my friends lives far away and I get to see her about once a year. My friend had bulimia in college----and still fights that… Read More
2006-11-24 18:13
Pug Bowling is a great time waster! I am a pug owner and pug addict. But this video clip is toooooo funny, even if you are not a pug addict. Go here to see PUG BOWLING. No pugs were harm… Read More
2006-11-17 18:51
PB's ideas for the kids before the Thanksgiving meals are a completely foreign idea to me. The idea that the person who is preparing a two-legged beast, mashy pote's, stuffing and pumpkin pi… Read More
2006-11-15 18:18
Design Mom has given us a shortcut to having the kids make holiday cards. Design Mom's tip is right here. Besides saving us time and effort, Design Mom has given us another tool in our W… Read More
2006-11-14 19:19
Dear WTMs, Are you dreading the holidays more than usual this year? Are you stuck with unwanted house guests (your 2nd cousins, your senile uncle and his 3rd wife)? White Trash Mom has the… Read More
2006-11-11 17:59
Dear WTMs, Read in the news about a guy that sued for $2.7 million because someone tricked him and served him dog food as a prank. While I am not trying to take away from this man's situ… Read More
2006-11-09 17:15
Dear WTMs, I know it's far too early for WTMs to be thinking about holiday cards. However, I found this on DIGG----The Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator. An excellent way to waste… Read More
2006-11-06 18:22
Dear WTMs, As I have mentioned before, the idea of "Trust but Verify" is a big part of my parenting philosophy. The phrase "Trust but Verify" was used by The Gipper, President Ronald Reag… Read More
2006-11-06 16:49
Dear WTMs, Another story about a great American mother. Quizlaw brought a news story to my attention. Quizlaw is a great blog, if you don't read it. The story-There was a recent Florida… Read More
2006-11-02 20:57
Dear WTMs, One of our own is a published book author! Melinda Roberts, who writes THE MOMMY BLOG, has a new book out! Book is called MOMMY CONFIDENTIAL: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of… Read More
2006-11-02 20:38
Dear WTMs, Are you with me on the magnet? I have some excellent news from my daughter's new school. She is doing great, making friends and is very happy. Let's chalk one up for the home t… Read More
2006-11-01 15:29
Dear WTMs, I am Catholic and today is a Holy Day (All Saints Day). In my own WT way, I am being a good Catholic by sharing with you a recent Catholic joke I received from one of my best f… Read More
2006-10-31 22:52
Happy Halloween. Or Happy HELL-O-WEEN as I like to say. Only a few more hours until our kids will be high on so much pure sugar they will take a week to "detox". WTMs, there is a WT crisi… Read More
2006-10-25 04:44
I'm such a clutz that I recently fell off a piece of exercise equipment. I think I was so proud of myself for actually making it to the gym that I got too big for my britches (if that isn't… Read More
2006-10-24 17:59
Good Afternoon to all the WTMs:Today I read DEAR ABBY. Here is one of the letters with her reply. After you read her reply, please read White Trash Mom's reply. I am confident that you gu… Read More
2006-10-24 00:51
Dear WTMs, I now know the location of "the muffia" headquarters. The evil ones operate at a small, out-of-the-way grocery store and deli, near my favorite liquor store. Read on for detail… Read More

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We've Moved! As of 1/1/07 find us at Visit us!


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