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Bye bye Chris and Carly.

 And then there was six. Goodbye Chris and Carly, we hardly knew ya.

Poor Chris Christie must be kicking himself for two things: Bridgegate and Donald Trump. Let's face it, Christie was trump before trump. He was that brash shoot from the hip straight talker who hated political correctness.

Carly was just a liar who thought that she would be the republican's version of Hillary. At times she seemed to know what she was talking about, and she actually did a good job at some of those earlier debates, but her blatant lying to score political points was a bit much, even for a politician in 2016.

So anyway, now it's on to South Carolina, and trump is clearly in the driver's seat. Fortunately for him,  there are still enough candidates in the race to make his 30% of the voters enough to give him enough delegates to leave Cleveland as the republican nominee. If he wins the plurality of the votes in all those winner take all states, he will be hard to stop. Chris and Carly can do the math, so they hit the road.

On the democratic side, last night Bernie beat Hillary like she stole his Larry David autographed baseball hat. It was ugly. If you are in Hilary's camp you have to be wondering how you are going to get all those young people to start voting for you. 

Hillary and her peeps couldn't wait to get out of New Hampshire and head to South Carolina. This is where she has her so called "fire wall" propped up with black support.

But not so fast. Bernie has made it known that he will be going after the black vote, and he met with Rev. Al today in Harlem to show his Negro cred.

"I've asked him very bluntly about Flint. I've asked him very bluntly about affirmative action," Sharpton said of the conversation. "I've asked him very bluntly about the issues of police brutality and police misconduct, things I want to hear."'

The meeting was arranged at Sanders’ request, according to The Washington Post."

OK then. I am not sure how many black votes this little trip to Sylvia's will get Bernie, but it's nice to see that he is reaching out. Although he might consider someone else from the black community to reach out to. I know that to white folks Al Sharpton is black America, but you have to believe me when I tell you that he is not.

"Observers said the meeting is Sharpton’s way of telling the Clinton camp it should not take his endorsement for granted.

Bronna-Helm said she supported Sanders over Clinton because of her husband’s harsh policies in the 1990s that led to a surge in people of color behind bars. Bill Clinton has since said the legislation that led to a surge in new prisons and tougher sentences was a mistake.

“Her husband's policies effected my community in a very negative way,” she said. “I think the Clintons have taken the African-American votes for granted.”'

Oh ohhh. This could be a long primary season on the democratic side as well.

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Bye bye Chris and Carly.


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