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Ekantik, Gaurasundara And Sanjay Dadlani

Sanjay Kishore Dadlani
Middlesex University Student Residing In The UK

Sanjay Dadlani systematically attacked me regarding my involvement on Wikipedia (in relation to the Sathya Sai Baba articles) for many months. Not only did Sanjay attack me on the SSB2 Yahoo Group, he created a blog (named "wikimoreno") that specifically targeted me based soley on my involvement with Wikipedia.

I first became aware of the Wikipedia user "Ekantik" back in September 2006 when he secretly and deceptively attempted to get Freelanceresearch (Lisa DeWitt) banned from Wikipedia behind her back (Refs: See Green Segments: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06). I immediately suspected an Anti-Sai Activist and informed Lisa about it.

On November 19th 2006, Sanjay created the user-name "Gaurasundara" (a name he uses, and has used, on numerous forums and blogs). He created this user-name to vote to keep Robert Priddy's user-page (Ref). Since Sanjay only made two edits (at that time) under the name "Gaurasundara", I didn't give him too much attention and soon forgot about him.

Not too long thereafter, Ekantik began editing the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia article and immediately began attempting to bully me by repeatedly accusing me of using Wikipedia as a "battleground", "soapbox", etc., and began flaunting Wikipedia policy in my face like he was some sort of Admin. Consequently, knowing Ekantik's past history with Lisa, I decided to research his edits (which anyone can do at any time because one's edits are public domain).

Based on Ekantik's edits, it became very clear that "Ekantik" was into Gaudiya Vaishnavism and I immediately suspected he was Sanjay. I noticed that he added AC BhaktiVedanta Prabhupada as a "Notable person of the 20th century" (Ref), added "motorhead" on the same article (Ref) and made an edit regarding Lemmy Kilmister (Ref). Since Sanjay devoted an entire blog to Motorhead and Lemmy Kilmister (named "WhoreHouse Blog") and is a Gaudiya Vaishnava (with a blog named Gaurasundara's Musings and is an editor on Gaudiya Kutir Wiki), this all but convinced me that "Ekantik" was Sanjay. I promptly emailed Lisa with my suspicions although I still had some doubts because "Ekantik" claimed he had a basic speaking command of Telugu, French, German and Italian (which Sanjay never publicly professed knowing before).

Then I discovered two edits that confirmed my suspicions. Sanjay changed his name from "Ekantik" to "Gaurasundara" on two separate occasions (Refs: See Green Sections: 01 - 02). I promptly confronted Sanjay with these edits and filed a sockpuppetry claim against him on Wikipedia. After filing my complaint, Sanjay immediately went into a frenzy and attempted to do damage control by changing his name on his "Gaurasundara's Musing" blog from "Gaurasundara das" (a name he has used since August 2005) to "Dark Knight".

After counting his losses, Sanjay reverted his name back to "Gaurasundara das" and admitted on Wikipedia that he was using the sockpuppet-name of "Gaurasundara" (Ref). Sanjay clearly attempted to pass himself off as two separate editors (he even greeted his "Gaurasundara" sockpuppet with his Ekantik account: Ref). How's that for deception?

Further sticking his foot in his mouth, Sanjay Dadlani (aka "Ekantik" aka "Gaurasundara") claimed, while incognito, that he was not a POV (point of view) editor (Refs: 01 - 02 - 03) and claimed that the primary reason he began participating on the Sathya Sai Baba article was based soley because of various Requests For Comment (Ref).

Of course, these are blatant lies. Sanjay has a wholly critical and negative POV about Sathya Sai Baba (unremittingly referring to him, even to this day, as a "homosexual paedophile" 01, "faggot guru child rapist" 02, "murderer" 03, among numerous other defamatory slurs and libels). Sanjay had been keeping watch over the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia Article for many months and often criticized me about my edits there. Sanjay attempted to portray himself as someone who was not involved in the Sai Controversy and engaged me in debate incognito. When I revealed Ekantik/Gaurasundara's name as "Sanjay Kishore Dadlani", he threw one of his typical flaming, shrieking and girly hissy-fits, frothing at the mouth and posting all sorts of warnings on my user-page. Boo hoo!

Keeping in tune with Sanjay's pornographic inclinations, he put the following quote about pornography on his userpage:
"Wikipedia is one of two good things on the internet. The other is porn." ~CaughtThinking (Ref)

Sanjay also has a userbox that states "This user rejects any violence towards women." Now read my article about What Sanjay Really Thinks Of Women and how he continually refers to women as "sluts" and "bitches". As a matter of fact, Sanjay made the following comments about women:
Fucking bitches, they owe me something. And every day that passes ain't helping their fucking case. Oh boy, am I getting madder and madder by the day. Oh boy, am I gonna burn them alive or what?

Fucking women, I decided today that I think all "hot" women fucking can go fuck themselves. Fucking snotty bitches, fucking little teasers, they can go die. Little bitches, brought up as sluts. fucking shitty females, my ass. They can go die.

Women as a whole are really starting to piss me off. Why don't they just go and fuck off? You either get "hot" women who prance about thinking that they're all that and how incredibly lucky you are to even be in their presence, or you get the ugly bitches whose tongues hang out for you all over the floor.

Usually I treat girls like the fucking sluts that they ARE.

Not only did Sanjay make these comments, he created a StreetBitches Blog where he stalked women and filmed them with his digicam under tables and up their dresses and which was aptly entitled "They Want It: Everywhere I Look, I See Bitches". Needless to say, another webmaster (a Gaudiya Vaishnava often praised by Sanjay) also caught Sanjay engaged in his deviant behavior on the StreetBitches Blog and wrote an email for me to forward to University officials to support my claims.

Sanjay believes that because I used the word "poo", I have some sort of "fascination for faecal material" and am a "toilet sex pervert". Well, Sanjay apparently suffers from the same "fascination for faecal material" and is a "toilet sex pervert" becuase he often uses the words "shit" and "bullshit". I discussed this in my blogged article entitled Sanjay's Disgusting Feces Obsession. Funny enough, Sanjay has a user-box on his user-page that states:
This person does not understand Bullshit (or understands it with considerable difficulties or does not wish to communicate in Bullshit).

As a matter of fact, the "bullshit" user-box was the first user-box that Sanjay included on his user-page (Ref). Sanjay, what is that again about people having "fascinations for faecal material" and being "toilet sex perverts" for simply using words that refer to feces?

And to top it all off, Sanjay openly professed being filled with bitterness and poison, having a serious drinking problem, being scared that he was becoming "unstable and psychotic" (Ref), having a Jesus-Sex-Fetish (01 - 02) and wondered about cutting his flesh with razors and thought it would be "quaintly romantic" to purchase a gun, put it in his mouth, lick the barrel with his tongue and blow his brains out (Ref).

It is nothing short of absurd to think that the one of the most vocal defamers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba is free of ulterior motives and is dedicated to neutrality on Wikipedia in relation to Sai Baba. Funny enough, that is exactly what Sanjay (aka "Ekantik" aka "Gaurasundara") wants others to believe.

I don't believe it or buy it for one second.

This post first appeared on Sanjay Dadlani Exposed, please read the originial post: here

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Ekantik, Gaurasundara And Sanjay Dadlani


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