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Hi, y’all

Wow, seems like yesterday was New Year’s … and here it is almost Memorial Day.

There’s been a ton of changes but I Honestly had not felt like writing anything all this time. Work is insanely busy with several projects, one of the biggest is moving some of our business-critical applications from Lotus/Domino to Salesforce. This pains me for lots of reasons, but none of it is in my control, so I’m trying to let go of my discontent. (HAH! Me? Let go of something? I’m trying … ) The other biggie is the upcoming GDPR implementation deadline. If you work for a company who is not impacted by this, LUCKY YOU! Anyways, so .. fun stuff … not really. Work is insane, as in busier than I thought I could ever be and still keep my sanity intact. (or, I think it’s still intact! Check with me again in 2 weeks!)

I did manage to take some time off a couple months ago though. Donna and I took off for the coast for St Patty’s again this year. Was very fun! :) Saw lots of waves, sand, and drunk dudes doing stupid things on the beach. Ate my weight in crab claws and steaks. Visited a military base to see a really old lighthouse (had a panic attack going halfway up, not fun) and a lot of really old (COOL) airplanes. Sipped cocktails in the hotel hot tub and chatted with strangers. I could have stayed for a month easily, but pretty sure Bruce and Selina would have destroyed my house. They were VERY happy to see me when I got back!

My life has been pretty quiet other than work. I broke it off with my guy some time back, and have not in a hurry to jump right into another relationship. Honestly, I’m just sick of men’s shit in general right now. I don’t know why some people have such a problem being honest with me. Seriously! Even worse, I have had to block several guys because it goes from friendly to down-right creepy in nothing flat. No thank you. I mean, if I say “Dude, stop, that’s creepy af” I’m not being cute or playing hard to get, and you’ve just lost whatever chance you had with me.

Congratulations, pal. Welcome to Fuckoffsville. Population: You.

So I meetup with friends after work every week for drinks and sometimes dinner. I go out to movies with friends and coworkers. We are not allowed to go to the movies anymore as a department at work (some asshole complained about how it wasn’t “fair” … nevermind that IT puts in more hours than anyone else on the floor), so a bunch of us get together on weekends for Movie days. I love my peeps. They are without a doubt what helps keep me grounded. (or as near to grounded as I am going to get?)

I’m not doing a ton in the way of hobbies right now. With work being so chaotic, I am too mentally exhausted to do a whole lot and I’m kind of MMO’d out right now. I login to Guild Wars 2 for rewards and might do a few metas now and then, but I’ve lost pretty much all interest in my raiding and PVP teams. Not that I was doing either really hardcore, but they’re fun when I’m in the mood and have the energy/time for them. I guess that’s what I don’t miss about Aion and Revelation Online … those got to be second jobs in a hurry. (I do miss my AE fam though!) I’ve been playing various Steam games here and there when I have time. Last year I bought a TON of games during various sales throughout the year and am just now getting through them all.

Let’s see, what else? I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, but honestly I’m completely knackered. I just fired off an email to my therapist regarding some stuff she gave me to ponder (she gives me homework lol), and I think I’m going to curl up with the kitties and watch a movie. It’s thundering and I’ve been fighting a headache all day. I still get headaches from the barometric pressure jumping up and down. What’s worse is despite no longer experiencing migraine pain, I think I’m still having them. I still occasionally see the aura side effects that I used to see with migraines in the past, and will sometimes have the olfactory hallucinations. Something to address in my doctor’s appointment next week … oh joy. Bleh.

Anyways, have a good week, y’all!

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Hi, y’all


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