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meds and down by around 627 before the seconds line starts. Daryl comes out with two female residentss patricia amd another a aa with frizzy hair. Patricia speaks pretty good english but says things like she borrowed me he cell phone. I think there is always more time that could be spent in esl classes on the lend borrow diff. They have been going at it I don’t what exactly maybe for weels. Darryl has them separated before the recep desk and wants them to stop sniping they aren’t coop and heis sayinh angry this is no discussion between you just you and me it doesn’t go well jhe is threatening to kick them out of the shelter. Frizzy hair refuses to be quiet with a last word she goes down the halllway when the threat of expulsion and patricia is exiled to the dark office. Someone says she should gp to the tv room where she is can be safe. Then ms frizzy comes out and threatens to call immigration so darrly has had it and it calling the police I gusss to have her thrown out. I go eat diner before ir is too late and get scolded for being late. One of these days youll get down herer and there wont be anything left. Green beens and macaroniwith chivken. I get me meds and head to my laptop after a shower. I have a nice blue track suuit that my son gave e me yesterdy we have five people in wheel chairss, one with sclerosis, one from diabbetes one because she is sick and weak with somethiiing doesn’t push herself, a nd two broken feet. I ocasionaally played in synphonies for years and 6 with the ut symphony I enjoyed it a lot I occasionally played under window sill of girls on the Dorm. I stayed with sylvie for more than a week in her room at the dorm. One day I went down to the city and rented a violin from a 2nd story shop for 60 francs 10 -15 dollars plus leavinf my passport. They were trusting and I explained I wanted to pay it for syl vie. Pour amour. There are hills dry scrubby behind the dorm and I went out there to practice a couple of tunes,, summertime, vivaldi a minor I paused when I sensed something behind ne and say two james hears mat using bad words in the cafeter, watch your filthy mouth ther are ladies in here. Matt ignores him anyway, james says you are a jail bird fly away, matt laughs anyway and goes away I used to hang on the wekends at friends houses to plaay in iformal string groups. One family had three brothers enough for a trio. We would take a break aat some point and eat donuts provided. I made the mistaje of leaning back on a chair and it

I am reminded that the evening meeting will be in the tv room on the sec fl you have 7 minutes left, so I change over my laudnry and head down staairs and am reminded to sign my name s— to save a letter I look f ro a seat. I guess now they were just doing the meeting for people in the dorm not hypothermia yolabda says those are tripping shoes to someone some one else says are the tommy hilfinger skippy walks in and says is it movie night previous woman says to someone my sister is into mamams the enemy someone says no m7ms collections bowls what if it melsts it aint n candy. Brad comed don and harps on the three person at a time rule for smoking outside the neighborhood didn’t want us here so we can’t have a lot of people o looitering especially further down near the businesses near te corner. Complain that the dorm is messy and that stuff will get swept up if it isn’t in the right place I get told to do chores the kitchen I ask if the mop is downstairs told talk to staff downstairs it’s not, in fact right behinf me I don’t notice. I guess there were to mop buckets. The staff say it’s upstaris I go to get it and ahmas says just do the wiping and sweeping doing while people are putting up the rchairs, hypos back upstairs erica is distributing mail someone say is your name erica, she syas it has been all day I get my meds from her my little oueole purp;e tray with three meds she can’t find it at first but gives it to me and then complains somebody is messing with my trays. Instead of writing the meds down it the book she starts arranging the tray then i’m done with that I used to play my viiklon on street corners near metro of the mall. Younger people gave more than older, es[ecially mmiddle aged coujples I never noticed any other differreences I would play jingle bell s when I say kids that would ususally earn a dollar. Amazing grace did well I sosme times let the kids try the violin. You also always put a dollar may a five in the case from the start to teach them what to put in. we had salad and Mixed Fruit yesterday today we had tangy fuit cupsss my insurance with my wife ran out as we are not married so I shall be using a local clinic free, get my foot checked, they have their own pharm I don’t have medicaid because I earn too much with ssi.n somebody called chef’s strata with heese mushrooms and spinach lasagna again and he took issue with it. I took two servings. I was intent on studying music ans being a muscian but got interested in geolog fto, a professor no teacher at hs. He liked my report on the collision betwee india nd asia using a tube of tooth paste with a finger jabbed in it. didin’t go very well in college so I changed to rus and eng and made love to it in the desert. I was playing 3 hrs a day annd in four orchestras by my senior year and auditined not wel at bucknell went to italy for a summer to stay with high school esxchange friends then came a back. Was at a party with my violin playinh griends and out families to greet me home music foof rachels father sining songs at the piano, my mother entranced and my dad with two coll accepted ut and ud delaware I had been reading a book about geology and thinking about some other option besides ud. My father pointed out the author was a prof at ut so I got in on fairs grades and great sat rachel was not stayingat home so I wasn’t gpoing to I signed the acceptance to ut and our whole family moved down there. 2nd sma;;edt to second largest. When asked how big delaware was in comparing I said it fits between waco and austin you have geard of company towns well de was a comp state with dupont the first state beat nj by a faster horse I guess to rat the const we have a statue of ceasar rodney in wilmington on a horse riding to break th e de tie vote, even though he was ick and rode in a carriage everyome from out of town thinks he is a missplaced revere thought the stat is in rodney squ. I noticed that delawar has the smallest state street pretty much one block between ist and const our state bird if a blue hen, because our rev sold took chickebs into bat with them for fighting gaming and fougth like them as well the main campus at ud would fit in the area around the ut stadium. We have a joke what did delaware a new jersey a little nicer than why is texas still in the union because ou sucks also delawhere? Delaware is right on the md line and was split in who went where in the cw the indus north to the union and slacoholder sons to the south I did noy go t the southern cos much mostly we went to the jersey beachs, since we lived in cape may a while you got the right schedule you work when I am sleeping and I work when you are sleeping skippy says to somebody are you ready to have a good day, no. those are some nce shoes thanks do you want to trade what size are you eigtht no not really did you evr hold a mac you can shoot better with 357 I just want to know what you held rob I neverr held anything like that if you stab a n in the heart with a potato knife you could kill him I never killed no one that’s life

collapsed I almost lost my donnut portioooon for that in the ca men with bigs dogs watchinh me as if I wer crazy again the explaination pour amour I had left open the window, sliding and pulled down a Metal Curtain, so sshe would go to the window and see me ddown in the back of the dorm. I had forgot about the mistral, that blew threw the metal curtain and knocked around just aout everythiiiing in the room. The mistral can actually drive b people batty since it usually doesn’t stop. I heard ca menerve. She rolled up the the curtain and I began to play uncertain now as I suspected something had happened but she wans’t angry when sshe saw me playing and a;; the other girls were sticking theire heads out of the windows wishing the’d met me on the train yolanda like me all of a sudden they tol me I had problesm with the staff thatis what the dud who used to sleep here used to tdo somebody who reallly likes me put in wprd fpr me angia who used tp run th4e meeetings she change when you left she changed

we are dealing with somethiiiiig now, come back after dinner and i’ll give you your medds doing laundry cleaning my wate bottle sald mixed fruit and chicken tettrazini chef ca;;s me eatalot chef like people who are hearty eaters but the food is too salty i asked a master chef at a hotel buffet in vienna if i could comment on the delic food he said yes and i said a bit too salty he see,med to appreciate it it’s hard to balance low salt americabs with the rest of the world

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