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2016-08-28 11:00
Aging is a natural process in all animals. However, it does not necessarily mean a loss of quality of life for most dogs. The Bichon Frise is a breed that will stay active, energetic, and ha… Read More
2016-08-26 15:30
On the road with your Bichon Frise: As a Bichon Frise owner, you should take special care to see that even if your Bichon Frise is excited to be in the great outdoors, yet it should not lean… Read More
Understanding Bichon Frise Allergies
2016-08-25 08:54
Owning a Bichon Frise means having a constant companion to bond and play with. Aside from the joy and laughter that a dog can bring to your relationship, he can also bring health problems th… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Pit bulls sometimes get a bad rap. While there are some unscrupulous people out there who train these dogs to fight, many people have good-natured animals that just need a little obedience t… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
If you have a Shih Tzu that loves to jump in your lap all the time or paws at you, this does not necessarily mean that he trying to do anything bad. Rather, it may be your dog’s way of… Read More
2012-12-06 00:15
Seeing a dog sneezing can be funny when it just happens once or twice, but if your pet is starting to sneeze a lot, you may begin to wonder why. Is it just a normal part of a dog's life, or… Read More
2012-12-05 15:51
A dog not eating can be worrying. Clearly, a dog who does not want any food is not the healthiest of animals. But what is wrong? In this article we look at some of the possible causes of a d… Read More
2012-10-19 20:55
Animal physical therapy first got its start in the big-money sport of horse racing. When you drive horses hard as all that, of course, there are going to be injuries. Since there is a lot of… Read More
2012-10-19 01:22
While all breeds of dog have a great personality, not all tend to health in the same way. Some breeds, such as the boxer, have some particularly worrisome health tendencies. What do you do… Read More
2012-10-18 16:17
Just the very idea makes a lot of sense to a lot of us. We do worry about what we will do come the day that our cherished pet needs expensive medical attention. The kind of treatment options… Read More
2012-10-10 09:30
Bringing home an adult dog is quite different from bringing home a puppy. His adaptation to your way of living will largely depend on his previous treatment and environment. In most cases, f… Read More
2012-10-09 18:39
The dog vomits with ease, seemingly at will, and often without apparent cause. One thing that almost never causes a dog to vomit is eating too fast. Bolting food is the natural way for a dog… Read More
2012-10-05 20:01
It isn't an easy thing to transport an animal. Not if you want to do it in a way treats the animal well. If your problem is how to make those dog transport arrangements in such a way that yo… Read More
2012-09-24 04:08
We will call them "dog tear stains" so that we are in agreement over what are talking about; to let you in on a secret though, they aren't really tears. Those distressing stains on a dog's l… Read More
2012-09-23 05:24
Of course, any flea infestation is a problem. It can drive a dog completely insane even to get a couple of fleas on his coat. An infestation of this kind rarely goes any farther than being a… Read More
2012-09-08 15:43
While the previous three commands are good to start at any age, there are some things that you need to start as early as possible so your puppy can grow up with these habits. One of the firs… Read More
2012-09-07 22:36
Everyone’s Favorite: "Fetch"The fetch command, also known as retrieve, is one of the most popular commands that people want to be able to teach their dogs. A quick game of fetch is a f… Read More
2012-09-07 08:28
The "Stand" CommandThe stand command is a very handy behavior for you and your dog to have in your repertoire. The stand command is a behavior you will call on in many different situations… Read More
2012-09-06 16:40
The "Leave It" CommandThe "Leave It" dog obedience training command is a very useful behavior to teach your puppy or older dog. You'll be surprised how often you find yourself calling on thi… Read More
2012-09-06 03:30
The "Go To" CommandsThe Go To Your Spot command a fantastic behavior to teach your dog.I find the "Go To Your Bed" command to be one of the most useful and most used of all of the dog obedie… Read More

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