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Now What???

Now what??? What am I talking about? Could be just about anything……but, it’s not just about anything. It is about……what will I do next. Or it really should be where am I going next?

This makes for a strange blog. It’s not strange in the content, just the ‘classic blog structure’ or ‘appropriate blog structure’. But, then I don’t think any of my past postings ring true to those structures either.

But anyway… what is the premise.

The wheels are turning. That’s a good thing because even if I don’t know the particulars at this time, my brain and being is figuring this out for me.

Yep, that’s how stuff happens with me.

It may not be the most secure feeling in the world, and it’s definitely not for everyone, it is how I’ve run my life. I’m sort of accustomed to it by now.

I woke up with travel on my mind. But where to??? The first place my mind always takes me is the Caribbean….in particular this morning the U.S. Virgin Islands followed by Puerto Rico (which was strange because it wasn’t one of my favorite places I’ve been and I didn’t find much in the way of food).

Then there’s a serious desire to get back to Europe. I feel after my blunders there that I’m much wiser and would be a smarter traveler. This time around I want to include Great Britain.

But, then there’s the far east too!!! Thailand, Vietnam, and some of those exotic islands. There’s a few other places that I’m like to visit…..India, Tibet.

I feel so much better when I allow my mind to just take control and then I follow.

Now what… where???

What comes next isn’t a problem nor a hinderance, it’s what I must do.

Before I left for Mexico back in 2016, I had started a project that I’d not finished. Since then I’ve added 3 more projects that either I’ve broken ground on or haven’t got it started.

So, my adventure now is to complete all 4 projects (promising myself not to add any more) and then hit the road. I’ve a timetable…..and it’s rather ambitious but I’ve begun and that’s important.

I’ve got a CD to finish that’s the Big One, then I’m curating my photography for a book (an ebook), I’ve a travel book for the states for emergencies and I’ve a daily pictorial book with affirmations. Working deadline is for March. There’s deadlines per project that are before this March thing….that’s when the last which is my CD should be completed.

The above is a link to some of my photography which I update a few times a week….

Meanwhile in my downtime I’ll be able to do some research and hopefully make a few getaways to keep myself in a fresh state of mind.

I’ve found that if I rush myself, I’ve made the wrong decision and I’ve got problems on my hands. This time, I’ve got my working time frame and by the mid to end of September I’ll be able to better foresee what and where.

Oh, I’m Gonna be a bit more descriptive coming up as to the projects and the time table, but first I’m gonna solidify the terms of that time table. Then, I’m gonna write as I go along the adventure for two purposes. The first is to share my adventure and the second is to show people that adventure can be right where you are, right now!!

Putting my actions where my mouth is…..

Just posting this is scary, because…..well, you know… this society today people love to point out another’s failure(s).

So, I’ll be hanging myself out there.

Getting There From Here…..

All the while I’ll be also dealing with my health. It’s not bad, but it needs some improvement. You see, I’m overweight (down from obese), I’ve a problem with hypertension (high blood pressure) and elevated blood sugar. I’ll have to tackle these in a conservative way due to a lack of insurance (which is a screwed up story that I want get into because it elevates my blood pressure even higher). None of this is really bad and it’s not like I don’t have an understanding of what I’m doing (I’m gonna use my previous experiences with my physician’s….using their previous advice along with my experience in healthcare). Plus, I’m continually educating myself on the above issues and more.

Thus far, I’ve been able to work on my problems and lowering the contributors to those Health Issues. The thing is it’s an on going issue, even once I arrive at that Eutopic state of the 3 afore mentioned health issues.

I try to keep things fun and don’t beat myself up at my short comings. There’s enough against me without adding myself to the list.

I keep my sight set on the goals…..

The greatest encouragement I have, is in what I’ve done.

Let’s see how I do!

Thanks for coming along….

Peace, love, and beaches,


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