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While You Were Asleep!!!

Do you know what you did while you were asleep?

It’s something we never think about. Why? Well, for one thing we may not know, more than likely, unless we have a significant other that is keeping track of our nocturnal escapades.

I’m less fortunate….I wake myself up in the midst of whatever it is that I’m doing!

Yep! I wake myself up! I’m thinking that I’m stalking myself and playing cruel jokes on myself just because I like to have fun.

Silly, but true.

But, what about you? While you were asleep last night, what drama did you contend with or produce?

Here’s a few likely scenarios. Some of this will be fun, and some serious.

You walked in your sleep.

About 8.4 million American’s walk in their sleep each year. This can be humorous. But, it can be dangerous too!!

Do we know that we walked in our sleep? No, not unless we stubbed a toe, bumped our heads, or maybe just ended up on the sofa instead of in bed. If we live with other people, they will let us know. Yeah, they’ll joke about it a bit but, we also know that they watched after us to make sure no harm came to us.

Feel like we are falling!

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me!!!

Hypnagogic jerk, it tends to happen as you’re falling asleep, supposedly. I think it can and does happen at any time during sleep. I’m not sure what’s behind this although I’ve done a little reading.

Freaks me out!!! I don’t envision myself falling from an object or perch, I just sense ‘falling’! It is thought that you are overtired, sleep-deprived, or stressed when this falling episode takes place. I remember once the feeling of falling and then suddenly I was lifted as if I were aflight!! Cool

Talking in your sleep!

About 5 percent of us talk in our sleep, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It doesn’t last long, only about 30 seconds on average.

I’ve been told over the years that I ocassionally talk in my sleep… a different language. I’m thinking more like a bit of jibber jabber. I can only speak a few meaningful sentences in about 3 or 4 languages including English.

And no one has ever been able to tell me what I’ve said. Hell!!! I’m curious!!!

Sexsomnia…..Wet Dream!!!

I can’t speak to women on this…..but of men I know what it feels like to be awakened from a ‘full-throttled orgasim’! I am a bit confused after because, I’m not privy to that dream as to who was my accomplice!!!

I’m also curious did I make noises and shout out someone’s name???

I could very well have these 2 terms mixed up too!!!

Anyway it goes, they could be equally embarrassing and satisfying. I’m gonna have to revisit this for a separate blog.

We pass gas…..Fart!!!

I’ve never been accused of this although I do know that I’ll let a few rip before hitting lala land. I’m undercover and it gives me this warm feeling.

I’ve read that this happens due to the body relaxing. Maybe I don’t do it during sleep because I do it before sleep.

Who knows!

Brain Dump!

This, I’ve never heard of before but it comes as the results of a study!! It seems the brain gets rid of useless information by “cutting down” the synapses where the information is held.

I wonder how it decides what’s useless and what’s not???


We’re all too familiar with this one! Nightmares. We all have experienced nightmares at some time in our lives. Some people I know have these on a regular basis and have grown accustomed to their nightmares. I’ve even been a part of their nightmares!! I’m not so sure as how to interpret that!

I know people that really should write about these unique experiences. You know, like…..’move over Stephen King’ type nightmares! WOW!!

I’m gonna have to write about this on an extended blog after doing some research….. I just thought I’d throw some stuff together for a bit of Fun today!

See ya in your dreams!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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While You Were Asleep!!!


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