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You’re Waiting For Your Ship To Come In…

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You’re Waiting For Your Ship To Come In…

Have you ever heard of that saying?  Perhaps you’ve used it before.  It’s easy to say, “You’re Waiting for your Ship to come in…”.  No effort on your part, just sit and wait for the windfall.

My ex-wife would often say, “I’m waiting for my ship to come in…”.  And frankly, I was confused.  What ship was she talking about?  And, what was in this……ship?  I’m thinking now, did I miss my ship?

I think I eventually found out what her ship(s) were.  She was banging two other guys while married to me.  Funny she didn’t seem too interested in sex.  Was I that bad?  Wait a minute while I ask my hand.

I’m thinking…….I want a ship to come in.  Please.

This ship.  Will I be able to name the cargo that it will bring me?  Or, does it just come and says, “Here’s your ship load you’ve been waiting for.”.

I’m thinking I’ve been doing this all wrong.

I’ve another acquaintance that is on welfare and food stamps and he works, his wife does to for as long as she can hold a job.  On a weekend a while back he was booked into an ‘all-inclusive’ on South Miami Beach. Me, I was working trying to make some extra money to pitch at tent at a state park.

I’m Waiting For My Ship To Come In…

I like to play the Lottery, the Powerball and I like to go to the casinos.  Going to the casino is planned out, money is already put aside, I just wait for the casino to offer the right ‘comp package’ and off I go!  I’ve never thought of this as “waiting for ‘my’ ship to come in…”.  But, when I go, I expect and I play to win.  I have a system and some guidelines that I adhere to for my financial protection.  But….if I when….is that my ‘ship that came in’?

Should we just live our lives in general depending on the ‘god’s of luck’?

This may seem a bit odd of a blog for a traveler.  But, I’m not traveling right now and my blog is about me and my life.  I have no desire to be anyone’s ‘life coach’.  Get off your ass and make your own life.  Which reminds me……What little money I make is by you, the reader, clicking on an advertisement or two that’s of your interest. There’s no purchase necessary, just click on one of the banners and BOOM, I made a few pennies.  I sure hope that’s not my ship coming in!!!  Hehehehehe.

Back to that ship coming in…..

I really want to say more, but I’m sort of limited by potential readers.  What?  Nevermind, they don’t read.

I’ve seen where, in particular where this one employee, a new hire felt that he should the district manager’s sidekick and acted as such.  I’m not sure he lasted, but maybe his ship came in.

I’m Waiting For My Ship To Come In…

Then there’s the person that’s stuck in a ‘deadend’ job.  That ship has to come from outside their job.  But what are they doing on their own to get themselves out of their predicament?  They are ‘stuck’!  Life is not gonna change by their actions because they aren’t putting out any actions!  They are waiting for their ship to come in……   By the way, they are still waiting.  I’m sure in a year, two or five, they will still be waiting.

I really think some people are waiting for me to die thinking I’m their ship!  HA!!  What I got, I’m gonna use up, it’s for me!  And if there is anything left, it’s being intentionally designated to where and who it goes to.

I’ve some serious shit going thru my mind that I’ll be taking care of shortly and I’ll share those adventures right here as I go along……Not everything is ‘Good’ in a ‘Good life’.

If you can help here, even in the smallest way and share too I’d appreciate it deeply:

I’m not anybody’s ship.  Well, maybe for two people…..but those two people would rather me hang around than to sail off.

Peace, love, and beaches,


P.S. Don’t forget to check out an advertiser or two.  Not the ones on the sidebar. The ones in this article.  Thanks!  I’ve got to take some time to get some new ones here shortly.

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You’re Waiting For Your Ship To Come In…


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