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I’m Having Second Thoughts About ‘Excellence’

I’m Having Second Thoughts About ‘Excellence’

I’ve stepped up my reading as of lately.  I’ve plenty of unread books in my Kindle library and in one particular book, there was the subject presented to me about ‘excellence’.  This got me to thinking.  And here’s my thoughts, pardon me if a ramble a tad.

My thought basically revolves around that excellence is outside the range of ‘norm’.  When ‘the norm’ could very well be an underperformance.  That sounds harsh I know.  But come along for the ride, please.

We all seem to be happy to achieve in whatever we do, normal results, average results.  There’s a lot of contentment that comes with that achieving.   And this reading that I was going through prompted my thoughts to the gap that lies between normal and excellence.

What’s the big deal between the two?  Is there a lot of distance, Effort, and ability between the two?

How about the times we perform, achieve above normal and perhaps attain excellence?  Was that just a brief flirt with going beyond the norm?

Or is the fact that we can achieve above the so called ‘normal’ range of achievement mean that we are not achieving the actual ‘normal’ that we are endowed to achieve.

Sort of makes it easier to accept ‘normal’ as the substandard by putting excellence in the arena of a super achievement.

So, what I’m suggesting here is that when we see ‘excellence’ that we are actually seeing what the norm should really be!

Think about this…..if we elevate normal results on a somewhat regular basis to what we now classify as excellence….the level of productivity, activity, and happiness will multiply!

I’m Having Second Thoughts About ‘Excellence’

Can we just jump from normal to excellence just by thought and will?  I don’t think so.  I do believe we can elevate to a new norm incrementally though.  Each day just asking a little bit more of ourselves.

I would also suggest looking at what we are doing and considering our talent and level of interest or passion for whatever it may be.  Why invest ourselves in something that we have very little interest in?  That thought right there may challenge us to the sleeping desire that is within each of us.

This is something that I’m working on in my life.  At times frustrating but, the results are enjoyable.  All I’m doing is putting forth a bit more effort each day…..even if it’s just two percent.  I’ve found it to be worth it. All this extra effort and time builds up and I can actually see the reward.

Here’s something that will accelerate this for you……reading.  Add reading to your day!  No, I’m not referring to a Harry Potter book.  Look to what you’re interested in.  I’m not traveling and calling Mexico home this year because I thought it was a great idea one day and just packed my bags and left my home in Florida.  It was an incremental effort that involved a lot of reading.

I’m also interested in photography.  I’ve just added several new photography books to my Kindle collection that will feed my mind with new thoughts and directions.

This sort of stuff is fun.

Then one day I will sort of happen upon excellence.  But that excellence will actually be my new norm.

I’m really not interested in my just fitting in with what others declare as the norm.  I flat out want more.  That’s a matter of my will, no one else.

I’m Having Second Thoughts About ‘Excellence’

I don’t know enough on my own.  I’m always reading and asking questions.  My concern in traveling is safety. Believe me, it wasn’t the first thought when I started out.  But, there are places I’ve found that aren’t in my best interest of safety to venture.  I’m not going to Venezuela or Iran anytime soon.  But, I may be in a neighboring country.

I think there’s excellence in traveling and at this moment I am nowhere close to that……I’ve not even achieved the norm classification.  And don’t think because you can hop on a plane and arrive somewhere that it’s that simple.

I feel I’m striving in all areas of my life for a new norm.  I know from that experience that it is rewarding. Then there are those areas that I need a lot more work and to show myself a bit of bravery.  I’m thinking right now about my music.  Today, I’m dedicating myself to that pursuit.  Not just for one day…..but today I’m flat out shooting for excellence!  I imagine I will achieve much more than a mere 2% increase with my efforts today.  And I’ll add what I can tomorrow, and then all the days that follow.

It’s a love I have.  A talent.

I hope that you finished reading this and have come to the same conclusion of not accepting what others call norms for any accomplishment.  And that you too will join me in putting forth just a fraction more effort each day……leave this ball of dirt having lived a fulfilled life.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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I’m Having Second Thoughts About ‘Excellence’


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