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I Took The Day-Off Yesterday

I Took The Day-Off Yesterday

I took the day-off Yesterday.  Why?  Because I could!

I did a whole bunch of extra nothing.

Because it was there not to do.  Simple.  I love simple and do simple.  I’m thinking of this as my next profession…..along with my foot and toe modeling that is.

It was a bright sunny beautiful day to do absolutely excessive nothing.  Well, I did watch some Amazon Prime TV shows.  I find mind to be amazingly creative this morning.  Yoga first thing and the thoughts of ideas to write just kept flooding!!  Fortunately my iPhone was nearby and I was able to capture most of them…  Life is good.

Today.  Today is much different packing for our trip to Puerto Rico.  Busying about.  I seem to always be scurrying about the day before a trip.  And, I like to keep it simple.  Simpler this time.  The clothes on my back and 2 changes in my carry-on, my MacBook Air and my iPhone.  That’s it!  I’ll make it work.  I’ve other travels to take later on and it’s imperative that I scale things down to the minimum.  Simple.

So I took the day-off yesterday and I think it rejuvenated me.  I feel just wonderful this morning.  Didn’t hesitate to hit the yoga mat, followed by coffee and right here promptly.

Giving myself multiple breaks today.  Also Playa del Carmen to the dentist to get the stitches removed.

I’m sure I’ll do a bit of walking since yesterday was a day-off.

I enjoyed yesterday so much I think I will do excessive nothing a bit more often.  And yesterday also included 2 siestas.  Overnight, more nothing…..just slept.  9 hours of that stuff!!!  I loved it!  Not a shabby way to love life.

I Took The Day-Off Yesterday

Oh you say… could never do nothing!  You’re just not lazy by nature.  No, your doing has nothing to do with nature but being programmed by society.  You’ve swallowed the propaganda that you must ‘show others’ how good you are.  I’ve merely regurgitated that shit.

Doing nothing looks easy.  Well, I make a lot of things look easy.  That’s like an iceberg… don’t see the foundation, what’s underneath.  Lots of battles go on to get to this point.

How much nothing can a person do?  I think as much as they desire.  I know personally my desire to do nothing seems to have a fire lit under it!  Yesterday I found to be such a special ‘do nothing’ day.  I rejuvenated my mind.  There’s all sorts of questions to be pondered on life and love and all within.  But we never take the time to explore and appreciate.  Some sacrifices along the way shouldn’t be played out.  What are they?  I imagine there’s 2 types; 1.) the ones that we share 2.) the one’s that are specific to our lives.  Easy way to answer that question.  Not necessarily.  Try exploring the second one.  You’ll come up for reasons to justify those sacrifices……sadly.  But then you must.

The short of it here……and I hope you’re open minded enough to understand.  When we sacrifice for others we may have cheated them of the best we have.  Putting others first seems valiant.  But should we pursue our personal desire, the benefit potential is far greater and it’s in there that the better benefit is found.  It’s hidden by a belief that was handed down and we embraced.

I Took The Day-Off Yesterday

So I took the day-off yesterday.  It was the best!!  No stress to deal with!  Not even ‘do nothing’ stress.

Getting accustomed to doing nothing is a challenge.  It doesn’t appear to be productive.  Yet, it is the best time spent.  The mind clears, the muscles relax, the hearing is quieted, the breathing is slowed, the current that runs thru the veins have calmed……..this is a good thing.

Why deprive ourselves of something so good?

I’m so, so astounded at the results!  Don’t get me wrong, the demon of activity was talking to me.  I’ve acquired the strength to ignore and resist.

I feel strong today.

I love this life.  It’s simple.  All before no longer applies.  I don’t fill my days with being busy about something.  I want nothing to fix, and that sort of crap.  No redeeming value?  If one’s worthiness is gained from that, that doing…….have at it.

The undoing of a life of doing is not one for the faint hearted.

Don’t misunderstand…..I’m a very active person.  I’m heading to trek thru Puerto Rico and a few Caribbean islands.

It’s another life… that I wish I’d have discovered much sooner.  The structure of society unfortunately needed the busy version of me, it needs you and when we’re done being useful, or dead… will continue with the waiting generation.

Don’t ask me the questions.  Ask yourself the questions.

Me, I’m doing a lot of nothing today.

Peace, love, and beaches,


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I Took The Day-Off Yesterday


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