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The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For

The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For

Is there a such thing as ‘Best Advice’?  We’ll see…….

It’s a different sort of Monday in the jungle today, raining off and on…… refreshing!  So, what’s this best advice?

It’s 3 pieces of advice.


First…….Wake up!!  Yeah, I know you say you’re awake.  After all you’re reading this right?  Does that mean that all the people that aren’t reading this aren’t awake?  Has a slight bit of logic to it……

Wake up!!  Not just from your sleep but wake up your existence to this day!  I know, oh ‘what the fuck’ here we go with some fuckin’ rah rah speech.  Nope.  Not at all.  There’s a part of this day that’ll demand our best and the sad part is that we won’t even recognize it because we’re just going through the motions.  Me too!!  Our encounters have become mundane, and we’ve become like robots carrying out some ordinary task.  When what the moment calls for is a lopsided look, followed by a lopsided reaction.

Now, the odds are we’ll not be found with favor for our lopsided reaction, but the new options that avail themselves will not only make our lives and livelihood more challenging, it will make it exciting too.  (That’s a long ass sentence!  Gotta be awake to read that one!)

By ‘being awake’ I referring to be out of that robotic mold that tells you that you only have 5 more days to the weekend, so just do whatever it is you do.  Happiness not included.

The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For

Second…….Be happy!!  Voltaire wrote, “I have begun to be somewhat merry because I have been told that that is good for one’s health.”  I think it’s worth the effort!!  Surely not being happy isn’t a desired state of being??

So what if we purposed to be happy today and every ‘today’ thereafter.  I believe that both sadness and happiness are powerful forces.  So, just by appeal, I’d like to use the forces of happiness.  Once again, I’m not talking about some rah-rah canned shit.  Feel happy.  Find the things that make us feel happy and just bathe ourself in them.  They become the center of our focus and touching everything else in our lives.

There’s another thing about being happy.  It’s like a secret weapon.  People that don’t like us, they can’t stand our happiness!  It makes them MAD!!! And all we did was project and live in a state of healthy happiness.

I’m not sold on the idea that we can be happy all the time, nor am I sold on the idea that we can’t be happy all the time.  So, I’ll just put out the effort and let the cards fall where they may.

I can tell you of something I’m not happy about right now……but I’d rather tell you of the thing that I am happy about.  That’s much more pleasant.

 The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For

Third (and final)……Stay busy!  Even if that Busy is relaxing.  Sort of a dichotomy but I’m convinced by my personal experience that relaxing is being busy.  And there’s other busy too, I just like relaxing.  I put relaxing up there with ‘happiness’ and being busy means that we are ‘awake’.  This is really coming together!  I probably couldn’t have done this if I tried.

I just stayed busy at it.

Here’s how you can tell if you’re not busy……you’re bored.  I can’t see how being busy and boredom can coexist!!  Maybe you could reason that out to fit that sort of opinion but get busy, buy doing what you want to do, what makes you happy, what wakes you up and you can’t possibly be bored!

Some of this shit is just too simple……  Yeah, I know.  Al Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  That’s me.

Staying busy isn’t being hectic and it’s not about activity……it is about accomplishment.  I know, you can’t accomplish without activity and sometimes that gets hectic.  When you’re relaxing, you’ve accomplished.  And I’m not necessarily referring to having gotten a task or job done……read; accomplished relaxing.

Eventually relaxing becomes effortless.

The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For!

Peace, love, and beaches,


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The Best Advice You Didn’t Ask For


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