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I’m Always Fighting Complacency

I’m Always Fighting Complacency

I swear…..sometimes I’m like today is the last day on earth and I gotta be doing new stuff!!!  I think it’s just my way of Fighting Complacency.

You see,I really don’t want to miss anything…….I like to be doing, going, Experiencing!

But I also found out how much I enjoy ‘relaxing’.

I had never really appreciated ‘relaxing’ until I moved to Mexico.  Now, it’s juggling the sightseeing and the relaxation.  Fortunately with the accommodations that are available today, those 2 can be combined without breaking the bank.

Heck, I’ve done it and haven’t even used my bank!

Driving down here to Mexico it was nice and convenient hotels (some really, really nice too) that were ALL inexpensive.  Nothing compromising comfort of safety.  But, once you’re near the coast, the inexpensive part goes away.

There’s other opportunities……for travel.  Airbnb. com and and some other sites that make travel unique, affordable, safe, and luxurious(?).  It’s a new world to explore.  By the way, read reviews of the places you choose to stay if you do so……..if there’s no reviews, I usually stay away.  Keep in mind that if you’re looking for perfection you’re in the wrong world.

Do I need to be doing something all the time???  I feel that way.  I don’t want to be living in Mexico like I did in the U.S.  Reliving a not bad lifestyle, but not adventuring and changing.  And, I don’t want to limit my experiences to just Mexico!

There’s something new and different to be done.

I’m looking for the balance to avoid exhaustion.  Constantly being on the go, would be exhaustion.  At least at this point.  There probably needs to be a build up of endurance.

I’m Always Fighting Complacency

Living here has such an astounding positive effect on me.  It’s hard to explain and probably hard for you too imagine.  While being sick the past few days my being was filled with optimism that this illness wouldn’t last long.  It’s probably the same space of time as in the States, but it’s the location that just sways me heart, mind and spirit.

My dilemma is daily.  There’s is so much that I want to do here!!  That includes the beach!!  I finally got a real beach chair.  My book reader isn’t conducive of outdoor reading…….glass just reflects.  But, I did bring me some hard copy books.  I still love handling a book.

I have my technology set up.  I’ve got portable charges fully charged and ready for any excursion.  Some excursions I already know will not have internet available…..but I’m not shying away.  That’s the good ones!

Then I have to consider my anxiousness.  Yeah, I get anxious.  Here’s an example.  I go to the beach with my beach chair, snorkel gear, underwater camera, my cell phone (which is my camera), some cold beer with the intent of just relaxing and reading.  Yep, I’m gonna start out reading……..the the water, the breeze, the people, the sounds, the sandcastles, ………..the beer.  I gotta put this stuff on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.!  It’s ROUGH!!!

I’m Always Fighting Complacency

I don’t have the greatest attention span.  I’m bouncing from one idea to the next, and if the idea isn’t there, I’ll create it.  You might say I was hyperactive, but I think that’s relative to the others activity.  Besides, I not remotely interested in finding something else that could be considered wrong with me, my plates full to overflowing already.

This is all a learning experience. Nothing right, nothing wrong.  Just an experience.  I make adjustments by those experiences. What’s interesting is looking into the future based on those experiences.

This is the thing…….a pronounced thing about not being complacent, other than the doing is that in the doing I realize how easy and simple this was (and often wonder why I didn’t do it before), but the doing allows me to see less boundaries in life.

I may be running amuck on this writing here……but listen in to this just one moment please.  Find a way to do something you want to do, you’re unfamiliar with and take yourself completely away from your present daily lifestyle.  Maybe you had to use a large chunk of savings….that’s alright.  Focus on the alternative you’ve put yourself in and you’ll realize that this alternative doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime.  It can be!  As you’re experiencing this ‘alternative’ you’ll see and experience differently and if you’re really in there, you don’t want it to end… see how you can make this happen.  You’re seeing from a new vantage point.  Fear is removed.  There’s a clarity in your creativity.

I’m Always Fighting Complacency

I have found, just by doing something by accident, unknowingly that I can do things I really want to do!  It’s not just me!!!  It’s you too.  Just be willing to screw up.

I’ll go and lay down on the sofa and fall asleep.  I’m at the patio door, with the Caribbean breeze loving me……siesta just takes me away.  That’s relaxation I’ve never known in my life……not Complacency.  I

I’m finding out that is the midst of my embarking on various adventures that there’s this remarkable relaxation that accompanies.  I’ve only one point of stress…..well maybe more than one and I do my best at the moment to work thru.  The ‘one’ biggie is that my ‘temporary import permit’ has expired on my vehicle and I can’t seem to get a solid bit of information on how to proceed.  Sooner or later, I’ll get it.

For right now, I’ll remind myself of my travel schedule and realize that everywhere I go and everything I do has opportunities for relaxation..

ALSO!!!!!!   Also, relaxation is not complacency.

See ya down the road!

Peace, love, and beaches


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I’m Always Fighting Complacency


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