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Let’s Just All Feel Good!

Let’s Just All Feel Good!

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

We’re here today……and later on today we may be gone.  We have right now……alone or together, we have right now.  There’s lots to be pleasured in this moment.  It’s a matter of looking for it.  That’s really not that much effort.  If we look for pleasure and it ain’t there, either we look longer and deeper or just simply create it, after all it is ‘our’ moment.

“I have reached the age when, if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.”  Albert Einstein.

I like to turn to music.  Music always makes me feel good.  Yeah, there’s songs that bring about melancholy or longing feelings but I stay away from those!!  I want to feel good, I like to feel good.  I found that feeling good is a lot better than not feeling good.

I’m not a moper and I don’t like to be around moper’s.  Moping is pathetic.  Why?  Because the moper has in their control to just feel good, but they opted out on the good of life.

Well, life’s circumstances don’t allow me to feel good.  No, that’s a matter of choice.  You may feel that feeling good in those circumstances might be callous.  Poppycock!  Bad way of looking at things.

I have good friends, I keep good company.  These friends and company are people full of life, Love, happiness and traces of flaws.. I find myself in good company.  Should I say something that would be less than what they expect I’ll get a “bah hahahahaha” moment from them and my world is righted.  Me to them is to also in a different way express that the expectation of their best may be a bit compromised.  And they respond with affirmation of how they should be and carry on with their jovial lives.

“Stop holding on to what hurts and make room for what feels good!”  Anonymous

Let’s just all feel good.

I’ve reason(s) to not feel good today.  Seriously!   Some real big ones too!  Right now, it’s not hard for me to focus on something that promotes less than feeling good.  For one thing…..and I’m being serious here.  I bought this healthy Cereal (it says so on the box!), I poured me a bowl and added milk.  The first spoon was a disaster!!!   The second brought about the same results!!!  What the HECK!!!  The cereal with milk added embraced the texture of unflavored meat!!!  YUCK!!  I’ve reasons now!!!  I’m just choosing otherwise.

But John, let’s be serious you may say.  (Actually I am along with being truthful, that cereal should be ashamed to call itself cereal!).  You may say that your dog or cat is ill and that it’s breaking your heart.  I understand.  Happiness is the best medicine for anything that ails you or a loved you.  Find what makes you feel good and live that with the one that ails.  It’s not lacking compassion.  You’re being who you should be, who you were born to be with those you love and your dog or cat seeing that in you is good medicine for them. And grandma too!

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

Transformation is a natural cycle of life.  Let it happen.  Don’t feel bad, feel good.  Do we really know what’s on the other side of the Transformation.  Or do we choose to hold on and be selfish.  Because we ‘ARE’ being selfish.

Enjoy the mysteries of transformation in this mysterious life we all live.  Live it feeling good from one transformation to another.

Let’s just feel good.

Much, much love to you all…

Peace, Love, and Beaches,


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Let’s Just All Feel Good!


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