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Odd Stuff I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition

Odd Things I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition

I spend much of my time worrying about one thing or another and I mainly put this down to my Anxiety and fear of offending anyone.    I do, on occasion, break free of this and lose my temper, but this is quite rare and I tend to keep things to myself for the most part.   

I tend to think of myself as very polite and I'm the person who apologises to everyone for all the things I haven't done wrong.    I always worry about people's perceptions, which tends to cause me more stress than is necessary. I am continually concerned about upsetting anyone and, usually, this ends up with me being the upset one and chastising myself for the stupid things I do that no one else seems to.

I've been thinking about this in the context of one of my greatest causes of stress: going to the Supermarket.   These are the situations that cause me most anxiety.   Please tell me I'm not the only one who does these things? 

Taking Stuff Back to the Proper Shelf:
Yep.   If I'm in the Supermarket and I pick something up and then change my mind about it several aisles later, I will take it back to the exact place I found it.   I hate stuffing products back where they don't belong; even though I know that there are people on hand to deal with such obscenities.  

I'm not sure if it's slight OCD or whether it's just out of sheer politeness, but I feel compelled to take things back and put them in their proper places.   LT, on the other hand, will happily leave his initial purchase, carelessly ditched on a shelf miles from its home, and wander off into the sunset without giving it a second thought.    I wish I could do this, but I just can't.

Odd Things I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition
I hate a messy shelf
Putting My Trolley Back:
This is mostly just because I'm a fairly decent person and I spent my youth walking my dog past abandoned trolleys in my home town, wondering why the HELL anyone would steal them and launch them into the River Almond.

I always put my trolley back and I can't even just leave it in the vicinity of the trolley park.   It has to be properly put away in a neat row with other trolleys of its size.    It's like a kind of weird trolley reunion, where I imagine that my cart hasn't seen the others since Trolley High School and they're FINALLY getting the chance to catch up.   And, obviously, this can only happen if I put them away correctly.

Apologising for Using a Token:
Also: I use a token in my supermarket and always end up apologising to the person waiting patiently behind me with a pound coin who is secretly cursing me for not offering them my cart.    I feel compelled to say 'I'm sorry, I have a token', like some random stranger I'll never see again is deserving of an explanation about my actions.     

Never Park My Trolley in the Middle of an Aisle:
I NEVER, I repeat NEVER leave my trolley abandoned in the middle of an aisle while I pop back and pick up the cherry tomatoes I forgot to lift.  It's one of my pet hates, along with people who meet in the store and have a catch up, blocking the aisle for other shoppers, forcing them to pretend they're Pacman as they desperately search for a route to get to the skinless chicken thighs they need for tomorrow's dinner.

I don't understand why anyone would do this as I think it quite rude.  Simply move your trolley into a corner that sells things that no rational people would buy.   Like liver.    Or Cider  that isn't Welsh.   That way, you won't be bothering anyone and you can continue to compare your children against each other in peace and quiet.    

Odd Things I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition
If I can't find the apples, I'll just have to go without. 
Ask For Help:
I will walk round the supermarket for EVER if it means I don't have to ask for something I can't find.   My usual response is 'they obviously don't stock milk/bread/cheese' or whatever it is I can't locate.

LT, on the other hand, will drag someone around the shop until they point out what it is he wants and understands that they are also paid to do such things for stupid shoppers.

I just wish they'd stop moving stuff.    There's nothing worse than visiting the store on a Saturday morning, knowing what you need and knowing where it all is only to rock up and find the whole place is now backwards.   Why would you do this, supermarket??  It's the work of pure evil.   And, no, it doesn't make me buy more stuff; it makes me buy less.  Also: it makes me grumble under my breath for the entire duration of my trip.   

Never Park in Busy Car Parks:
When I lived in Scotland, I was fairly close to a massive Morrison's store, which regularly sold my favourite wine at cut price.  This would have been perfect for me, but it was located just off a massive roundabout with twenty lanes and traffic lights, like, EVERYWHERE.    

Unfortunately, my anxiety simply cannot handle the logistics of getting from one side of the roundabout to the other. I also tried approaching it from different directions to see if it would make it easier, but it didn't.    My solution:  go really late at night when there was hardly any traffic, bolt into the store, grab as many bottles as I could carry and go home and open one to congratulate myself on being so brave.

If I know LT and I are visiting a supermarket when it's likely to be busy (everywhere in North Wales during the school holidays), I will often force him to drive there and park.    I can drive home because I'm already in a space and I can just about cope with getting out of it.    

Odd Things I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition
If it's wrong, it generally stays like that.
Point out Mistakes: 
This is something I never normally do, but broke with my tradition recently after being charged full price for Go Ahead cookie biscuit things that were on offer.    Usually, I just think 'oh well, that's the normal price of that mascara, so I'm not really losing money', instead of 'I only actually picked this up because it was on offer and now I've paid full price.  I must point out the mistake of the billion pound chain I bought it from and get my money back'.   
No.  I just tend to walk away, worried that I'll get someone into trouble or hold up a queue so that people behind me will get all restless and annoyed.   The anxiety this causes isn't generally worth the effort to rectify the problem.

The only reason I broke my tradition recently was because the supermarket in question was empty and I knew I wasn't getting in anyone's way.  As it turns out, I got an effusive apology and an explanation that the offer hadn't been linked to the tills.  Everything was fine and nothing terrible happened.    Who knew????

I realise that some of the things I do is down to being a decent human being, but others are the source of considerable anxiety and I often watch people sauntering through the store, unconcerned and, dare I say, actually *enjoying* the experience.   These people are my heroes.

Do you have similar issues in the supermarket??  

Suz x 

This post first appeared on A Scot In North Wales, please read the originial post: here

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Odd Stuff I Do Because I'm Socially Awkward: Supermarket Edition


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